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Christmas Card Wonderland

I know this "how to" is a little late but I just had to share.  So I made my Christmas Cards this year.  
Basically I took White card stock Damask ribbon Green and Red Ribbon (47 cents each! HOLLA!)
Which I attached with.... This awesome glue pen... there are two ends (fine and thick) which worked out well with the different sized ribbons. Two Stamps...outside and inside of the card. So the Merry Christmas Stamp was a bit pricey ($8) but the Warm Wishes stamp was $1! Awesome ink pads....the ink really did dry fast!!  And they were the cheapest brand! This marker was great....only 99 cents!!

And then the Piece de Resistance..... SPRAY GLITTER priceless folks...priceless! I will say that the glitter did come off of the cards so.. sorry folks but come on... it totally tied it all together!
Grand Total....too much!  But the end result was great.   I think I'll be making cards similar to these for awhile.
I made one similar to this one for a co-worker...this one wasn't sen…


So for Paul's Christmas party I was determined to rock some Kardashian Hair.  So I headed to Regis salon to have them work their you can see below.

So here was the result from the salon...great right.
The curls were a little tighter than I'm wearing them.
He did them tighter because my appointment was
at 4:00 and the party was at 8:00. 
Well it's always great when you can have someone do your hair for you but what about recreating it on my own.  So far I have had no luck.  Seriously I kept starting in the same spot that I literally damaged my hair on one side and it no longer curls on it's own.  So I felt helpless hence the trip to Regis.  So I told my hairdresser my curling iron woes and told him that I had literally given up on doing it myself.  He asked what size curling iron I was using.  I told him 2" and he told is too big!  That I need a 1" which is what he used.  So on my way home I made a quick stop at CVS drugstore and bought …


So here are a few pictures from that exciting day with the zoo trip, playground...more playground....

Creepy yet Cool

Season No's

Let me just say that this post might hurt some feelings but I just have to say that what I am about to tell you is the sad truth because so many women in the world have abused these "fashions" so now no one can wear them.
#1 Boots....

Okay so if you look at this picture and think...what is wrong with these?  I am here to tell you.  Let me just set the scene....slightly cool day in older (like grandma status) office lady wearing THESE with Bermuda shorts,  black nylons (her boots were slightly lower than shown above), flowly top, peacoat jacket and 80s white girl fro...full on poofy bangs and the sides pulled and sprayed straight out ....yes all of this was her work wear.  This folks is why these boots are a NO.  No matter who I see wearing these (majority of these women are at work) it just never seems appropriate.  Yet you see women on tv/movies wearing them all the how is it that everyone I see just looks like a day stripper or a go go dancer…

Shopping with Paul woes....

I'm literally standing in Best Buy typing this blog on a demo laptop...who needs mobile stuff just go to your local Best Buy and use theirs.  Okay I wanted to come here at first.  I wanted to see the iPad because words cannot describe how bad I want one.  Well after browsing and knowing that I'm not going to tap into J Fund money to buy one I was ready to go.  Well, Paul is not.  He can literally walk around Best Buy and talk to an employee for hours.  I do mean hours.  So I decided to be productive and write a blog.  Well first I put every laptop on my blog so that when people check out the laptops they will be checking out my blog too.  I know .... GENIUS!  Okay seriously Paul is still talking to the guy.  GRRR! And men talk about women taking forever....hello!  Okay well signing off a worker bee is standing over me.  Muah ha ha Shia got a way with it....LOL!

Training for running a 5k (Week 1)

o today Taller and I discussed working on getting me to a point where I can run a 5k without stopping. So here's how I am going to do it....

Week 1

Start with 5 minute brisk walk then 60 seconds of running then 90 seconds of walking. Repeat for 20 minutes.

Well I bought a cheap Timex (kids) watch with a stopwatch and I've been timing myself to see how long I could run. So how am I supposed to keep track of 20 mins of this run/walk sequence (see table below) but using the stopwatch I'll time the 5 minute brisk walk. Reset the stopwatch run until 1:00 then walk until it reads 2:30, etc. until I reach 10 mins then I'll turn around and start again. (I know ... genius ... lol)

Week 1
5 min brisk walk (bridge)
Run 1:00 Walk 2:30 Run 3:30 Walk 5:00 Run 6:00 Walk 7:30 Run 8:30 Walk 10:00 Turn around - Repeat 10 mins End 5 min brisk walk (bridge)

Perfect Storm

So last week I was a mess. I seriously thought about posting it on my blog ... listing all the stuff going on and how I was feeling but I was seriously afraid that it would read like a suicide note. Literally folks, I cried like EVERYDAY (Shia doesn't cry...just ask Taller... I think I even freaked her out with hearing/seeing me cry...thanks for dealing with me Taller) and when I thought to myself..."am I depressed?" I cried even more. I seriously thought I was going to lose it - quit my job - get in my car and just drive away. Well happily I can say that I am better but while it was happening I felt like it was just getting worse and worse. At one point, I thought if I told my mom - her response would be - is it your period? My response then would be NO MOM! I'M DEPRESSED! So alas it was the perfect storm....too much work stress....too much family stress....too much football (and Paul watching football...OMG is the superbowl here yet?!?) ...full moon (yes pe…

Me Motivated?

So I would think that if people I know were asked to describe me that they would say that I am the most motivated goal oriented person that they know. However, even I have a mental "to-do list" that I feel guilty about not doing.

Things on that list:Writing - I need to write MORE!  If only I could just plug a USB port into my brain and transfer all of it to the blog.Exercise more - Taller and I run/walk almost every weekday at lunch - but I feel like I need to do MORE!Work LESS - NO MORE OVERTIME!  JUST GO HOME LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES!Weekend woes - I feel like I need more motivation on the weekends - because I'm on "mileage restriction" (click to see blog post) I feel like now I am turning into a sloth on the weekends.  I watch TOO MUCH TV!Get a hobby - I don't think I have ever been able to answer the question "what are your hobbies?"  Any suggestions?  No....NO SCRAPBOOKING!!!Save MORE money - The "J" Fund (click to see blog post) is…

4 year olds.....

The amount of energy my 4 year old niece has is amazing.  Today she got up early like 7 am to meet have Christmas pictures taken...then trip to Santa...more pics...then Circle and Marissa off to the zoo...playground....more zoo...ride to Circle's house...napped in the car for about 45 mins....playground...played on the steps in the pool...more she's running around the living room with Daisy.  How does she have all this energy?  It is INSANE!  Nicole we need to figure out how to bottle this and become millionaires.  Now the Wizard of Oz is on TBS...hopefully this wears her down...PUH=PLEASE...Aunt Circle can't keep up!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

(Paul's favorite...The Peanuts.)  What am I thankful for? I have four days off from work!  HOLLA!!!

It's the most gemy time of the year....

Nobody wants to get sick especially me and this year I have even more reason to stay healthy.  My boss is currently undergoing some serious chemotherapy and I see him about every other day to swap files and stuff for him to work from home.  As you all know we seem to be amidst of cold and flu season, I can already hear tons of people coughing up a lung at work.  I need to work on staying cold and flu free to not inadvertently pass it on to my boss.  However, if I do come down with something I will definitely tell him and have someone germ free take and pick of the files.  But for now, I have been researching what I can do to stay germ free and this is what I have found. 
In the November issues of Shape and Self, each magazine stated that exercise and/or dieting helps the immune system.  Self says if you want to stay healthier this winter - cut calories.  People who are dieting by calorie counting and dropping pounds have stronger immune systems with better functioning T cells to fight…

Why is it

anytime I feel like I haven't written a lot of posts I feel the need to explain myself or apologize on here. I mean let's just face the gets in the way of blogging. Sometimes there's tons of time to blog and other times not so much. Last week I literally worked 12 plus hour days and no I'm not a nurse or a cop. I work in an office - yes boo hoo Shia but OMG if you only knew the hell those 12 plus hours a day were you could sympathize. So anywho, I haven't blogged about anything real in a while. I think I'm still sort of struggling over that whole instance I wrote about under "doormat." I've been trying to do some soul searching because apparently my ego has been damaged and I have tried to step back and look at the situation and it me? Am I just mean to people with drama? OR could it be that I really am just surrounded by self centered and bitchy people? I mean really, I offer up kind words to a friend and I receive…


Kashi Go Lean Toasted Berry Crumble

So all you see on TV at the moment are these commercials that this cereal has as much protein as an egg and will keep you fuller longer.  Well folks, I bought some and honestly one day in and I am a believer.  First off let me say that I HATE HATE HATE cereal.  I just feel like it is a waste of calories and you get such a tiny amount for the serving size listed on the box for nutrition facts.  But I thought I would give this one a try since it states it has all this protein perhaps just eating at 3/4 cup of cereal will work.  And it DID!  Plus it was mighty tasty.  I got the one pictured above and it had cranberries and blueberries in it.  It was awesome.  I am totally adding this to my healthy new if it would only go on was like $4.00 or so for the box...hello PRICEY!

I Voted

So let me just preface this with what I am about to say might come off as "un" American to some but guess's NOT because it is my First Amendment right to say whatever I want - you know FREEDOM of speech - so technically by that definition this post is truly American! Yes folks I have voted and now I am up on my soap box -- hold on because this is a three part rant...
1) "un" American - how about calling out all the people that didn't vote. That's pretty "UN" AMERICAN! How can you say that you "support and love" your country when your sorry butt didn't go out and vote! Let me guess the million different ways of doing it weren't enough...PUH-LEASE! I voted last night at 6:45 pm! I made it happen after a long day at work and a LONG drive home with bumper to bumper traffic! I haven't missed an election since I turned 18 and could vote. Also, I was pretty disappointed that I turned 18 AFTER the presidential …


Do I really need a countdown to my birthday on my Starbucks card? Do I need to log on to add $ to my card and see exactly how much longer until that inevitable day. Yes I am old and about to get older thank you Sbux for reminding me EVERYDAY. Yes folks here comes the new year and an older Shia. Scratch Sbux card is counting down to my ring. Paul and I are STILL looking for my ring. It's seriously the biggest pain in the ass ever. I think we FINALLY found it but of course there are like a million things to check to make sure. Anywho....Paul says that I will get it no later than January to which I added sure then in January will he say February. I think his feelings actually got hurt because he said....ouch why would you think that. Hello...have we met...I like to keep it real and would rather just know than to keep my hopes up for something that is never going to happen. He has reassured me that it will be on my finger in January!

Happy Halloween


So as you all are fully aware...I subscribe to Self magazine and I write about A LOT of stuff from it. Well in the November 2010 issue it seems like Self was using my blog to get some of their ideas.
Look familiar? It should it was my Sept 18 post for a Christmas Gift Idea for my family.
Check here if you don't believe me...Shia said it FIRST!
Okay I know what you are thinking. So what white watches are in hence why Shia wants one and duh Christmas is coming up and they are giving out gift ideas...maybe it's just a coincidence.
How about this one....there is no denying that Shia did this first.....
Come on people you all know that I went on a closet organizing frenzy back in AUGUST!!! Hello...this closet is like seriously close to what happened in my very own closet. If you don't remember check it out here! All I have to say is....why the hell am I not writing for a magazine because even my OWN thoughts/actions wind up in the magazine anyway! I could have gotten …

My Blog is 1!

I can't believe it's only been a year.   I feel like I have been writing this thing FOREVER!   Well happy birthday blog... here's too many MANY more posts!

What's that saying...

Don't piss on my leg and tell me that it is raining? This is exactly how I felt this morning when I heard on the radio that "studies" show that the oil spill in the Gulf isn't as bad as they thought it would be. Really?!? I'm supposed to believe that the Gulf spill wasn't "that bad"? Here's another saying...that is sooo funny I almost forgot to laugh!
This dear readers is why I hate the media. They will tell the public ANYTHING and most people JUST BELIEVE IT! I mean the NEWS said it so it's gotta be TRUE...right? Um NO! I'm no marine biologist but I'm pretty sure that tons of oil pumping into an ecosystem isn't GOOD no matter what!

When it rains it pours ....deux

So I originally wrote this post when I felt like a friend needed some encouragement. Well homegirl here needed some encouragement herself so I scrolled through and found it. Seriously it helped. I was like yes Shia you can overcome this crap that is currently festering in your life. So in case you missed it or need a refresher like myself ... check it out! 
Also I just want to say that when all is going wrong at work I get a phone call from a jeweler regarding some sapphires for my "custom" ring with encouraging news...what? sapphires don't cost more than diamonds...nooooo (pretty sure I was already aware of this...why weren't you).

What a waste...

So this morning I am walking to the elevator in the parking garage and this girl comes around the corner in this old grocery getter with a Harvard badge on the back. Wow Harvard impressive but went to Harvard and ended up downtown in Jacksonville driving a beat up grocery getter....REALLY?!? Wow that totally sucks! I mean would think you would have more job opportunities than just Jacksonville. I mean come on if you just wanted to work in Jacksonville you could have just went to the University of Florida like the rest of us. I mean it is the "Harvard" of the South...yeah I couldn't even type that without laughing that's what they were constantly telling us while I was there and somehow I never quite believed it....oh well. But anywho .... I guess it's hard for Harvard grads to even find jobs!

It's a mad MAD world!

So is it me or is this world just full of douches?  I mean I feel like I'm confronted DAILY by tons of them.  Is this what society has come to?  I made this comment yesterday to Taller while we were running, how are we supposed to concentrate on saving the planet when most people aren't even civil to other people?  I mean think about it...think about all the douchey (yes it is a word...the act of being a douche) people that just do douchey things on a daily basis to piss you you think that these people care enough to not throw their beer can in the river?  No!  Cuz that is precisely the reason that they are a douche in the first place.  Look I can't say that I love people.  I truly truly hate most people BUT I am not a douche and the people that I hate well they are douches!  I don't just stop in the middle of the flow of pedestrian traffic or talk on my speaker phone all day with personal calls or merge into lanes without checking or cut in line at stores or…


So we all know that I gave up sweet and low. Yep, it's been a while my friends and I think I'm pretty solid on never drinking that stuff ever again. So I've been making a mint green tea at home and adding a little honey to it as a sweetener. Well I just read in Shape magazine that honey is an immunity boosting sweetener, which is also ric in cancer-fighting polypheols. Also, it says that if your supermarket offers varieties that you should opt for buckwheat version, which has more antioxidants than the lighter colored stuff in the bear-shaped bottle. So finally...a sweetener I can drink and not feel guilty about it. What's the chances of getting honey from Starbucks for my iced green tea?

Minus the 60

OMG isn't this clever and pretty?


So as you all can see from one of my last posts, Paul and I are shopping for my engagement ring. It's really not a big surprise I knew we would be getting engaged at Christmas this year but it's exciting that the moment is finally here. For two years I have been thinking about this moment where I would have to start making decisions as to the wedding, etc. and I guess I kept putting it off thinking...this is ridiculous I have PLENTY of time for all of that later.'s a little daunting now that I'm approaching the engagement. There's SOOOO much to do and the craziest part is...I don't even want a big wedding. Seriously, I'm thinking like 10 guests with their plus ones and that's it and if that many. Yet, there is still this massive planning to do. Oye Vay! Let me also point out that because the word wedding is involved the prices for stuff go up and up. For example, my engagement ring, I just want a three stone two sapphires and the diam…

Falling in Love with Fall

So it finally seems like fall is right around the corner. As another year begins to wind down I would like to stop for a second and just enjoy the moment. Every year there seems to be highs and lows. The holidays wrap up and start the new year fresh. What's to stop us from just pausing for a moment and enjoying it now? 
When I think of fall, I think of cooler weather, cozy weekends and comfort foods. It's such a pleasant thought isn't it? I think Floridians really don't grasp the true essence of fall. Sure it's 80 out with a nice breeze and it doesn't feel like 150 when you go outside but I seriously miss those northern things that make you think of fall. The trees turning brilliant colors of yellow, orange and red. Apple cider being sold at the stores or on the road side. Man I miss the North!
So since we're in a cozy place think about what the last 9 months have brought. If you're someone (like me) who thinks in January what did I accomplish …


Welcome Home Duckies! MALLARDS!  

Toe Update

Breaking news....I think my little toe is finally on the mend and ready to go wee wee wee all the way home. LOL No seriously though, next Monday Taller and I are running! Yes dear readers RUNNING at lunch. This sweat box called Florida has finally cooled off a bit and we're readying to kick it into high gear. I'm not gonna lie I'm a little nervous of how bad day 1 is going to be but Taller is a great coach and I know that we will be zipping along in no time.

In case....

it wasn't clear from the heading...this blog is about MY LIFE! So that would be things going on in MY LIFE, impacting MY LIFE, etc. Not what is going on in the lives of others so yes I can write about MY LIFE...if you don't like it...DON'T READ IT! because it shows that you don't care about MY LIFE!

Okay sorry to blog yell I just had to clear that up!

Too Cute!!!

Marissa and Leah napping...look how Leah is holding on to Marissa's arm...awe! Nicole sent me this picture from her phone...
I thought I would's just too cute!

Weekend Highs and Lows...

So, I'm becoming a biking machine. I made it about 4 miles before I felt like I was going to die on Saturday....YAY progress! (8 miles round-trip...I did the math for you Taller). Sunday Paul was off which rarely happens and I know you're thinking awe spending time with Shia....nope...he took it off for football...yep he drives me crazy with football. So, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I could drive his car on Sunday and went and did a little grocery shopping...I know too exciting for words that this is a highlight of my I could miss out on some of the screaming at the tv which takes place when he is watching football. So, I go to Publix and I'm excited because I'm shopping for Ginger Pumpkin Bread ingredients.  So, it sounds like I'm having a fabulous time at Publix....yeah until I killed my little toe. I was wearing flip flops and I stubbed it on the wheel of the cart. It hurt like hell and there was some blood. I literally thought…

Thanks Mom!

So last night I was talking to my Mom, she told me that she misses the time we spent when we went to Weight Watchers because we used to meet up, go to the meeting and then walk around and chat. I thought that was really sweet of her to say. Thanks to my Mom, I went to Weight Watchers and she was the best support I could have ever asked for. Of course, the weight crept back on but the foundation for losing it was set and I know what to do to take it off and keep it off. Maintaining is just the hardest part and I feel like I’m now focused on that and soon I will finally kick this hindrance in my life FOR GOOD. 
Also, my Mom joined Weight Watchers and stuck to the program as support. She didn’t need to lose the weight but she did it to help me. I’ve always appreciated her for that. I really wouldn’t be the person I am today without that initial step that my Mom helped me to take and stood by me and helped me through. 
She really is my biggest cheerleader! Thanks again Mom, that tim…

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Happy Birthday to my 1st little sister!

Christmas Gift Idea

So here is what I suggest...Mom, Debra and Nicole...pool your money and buy me this ceramic white fossil watch for Christmas!

My style?

So, while recuperating from my mini bike adventure I decided to watch Season 1 of Bored to Death. It’s a pretty good series on HBO. It’s about a writer who decides to be an unlicensed private detective on the side. Anyways, I digress. So of course while watching this NYC based show I look at the female characters and see that they have style and I’ve thought…what’s my style and do I have style? 
Okay honestly I’m thinking…no I have no style. I just buy what fits or is on sale. Does that make style? I see these characters and I see that they have planned out outfits down to accessories, etc. I’ve just never been that type of girl who is going to pay $29.99 or MORE for some plastic jewelry to accessorize my outfit. I mean to me jewelry is important not something plastic. 
For our first Christmas Paul bought me a three stone diamond pendant necklace. I wear this EVERYDAY because it means something to me. There’s no way that I’m going to trade off wearing my diamond necklace f…

Chicken Shi(a)t

So, as I've said, I'm on cutting back on my car usage. In an effort, to leave my house so I can remain sane and not feel trapped at home on the weekends, I got a bike. Well on Friday, I announced that I was going to bike it the 7.5 miles to Starbucks on Sunday. Well I thought, why put off until tomorrow what can be done here's Shia's first attempt.
So you know that saying...once you learn to ride a bike you NEVER forget? Well I don't think it's a 100% true. The beginning of my journey was a little wobbly. Literally! I thought at one point I was going to fall over. Don't even get me started on stopping. Apparently most of the time I forgot that I had actual brakes and just decided to throw my feet down and stop Fred Flintstone style and if you don't know who Fred Flintstone're too young to be reading this blog...LOL. 
Okay now I am realizing that I should have taken some pictures...but believe me I was just concentrating…


I feel like every time I go to write a blog that I want to start of with …..
So, ……
So (lol), I looked it up to see if I could find another word because I felt like I was overusing the whole “so”. Too funny….so’s definition is…..
Main Entry: so Part of Speech: adverb  Definition:Accordingly Synonyms: consequently, hence, then, therefore
ACCORDINGLY!!!! HELLO….World According to Shia! So “so” fits! SO THERE!
I'm gonna use so sooooooooooooooooo much!


I like to think of myself as an intelligent person so when I have a complete moment of stupidity I find it hilarious. Here’s what happened: All last week I was having trouble sleeping and felt quiet ill. Paul asked if I was drinking too much caffeine at work. I said no…Green Tea NO Sweet and Low or an Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Soy. Okay well here is the problem, since I stopped drinking Sweet and Low I’ve switched from Iced Coffee with Soy to an Iced Latte which has more “milk” and since the Soy is sweetened and has a vanilla flavoring I’ve chose more “milk” to offset needing to add sweetener. Also, I started drinking the Cinnamon Dolce Latte because of well the cinnamon and vanilla from the soy was magical. So anyways, I was under the impression that I was actually drinking LESS caffeine with the whole more “milk” in a latte. Um no, today I find out that a Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte has THREE shots of espresso….THREE! I was drinking like maybe a Venti and a Grande a day…

Woe is me!

There is/was this contest in Glamour magazine about writing about a real life event. I really want/wanted to write something and see what type of feedback I get. The only problem is....the past winners have had tragic stories. One girl had Hodgkin's and died before her story was published. Another winner wrote about how she overcame sexual abuse. Life is hard for everyone but I just don't think I stand a chance. Topics I thought about writing about were:
Being the child of a teenage mother...look how I've turned out (shut it Bill). Basically this would have been about how I am the person I am today because of my mom and that even if your mom is/was young it doesn't mean that she can't raise you right. My niece sisters are my half-sisters in a sense and it wasn't until like 4th grade when a schoolmate pointed that fact out to me that I ever even thought that. They have a different dad than me but we were all raised together. My sisters are…

Too much of a good thing?

So I’ve been thinking about my blog. Is it really random? Yes….well kinda. Sometimes I do talk about the same sorts of things over and over again, could it be getting old? I’ve tried to shake this fear with reassuring myself that I do break up the monotony with my random rants so all is good…right?
Well, I will have to say that Eminem being back on the scene has totally helped me embrace…if it’s working keep doing it. I mean seriously he is STILL complaining about the same old stuff. I can understand back when you hit it big and you were straight out of the trailer park from Detroit…sure complain and rant about your life. But now? Shouldn’t you have moved past this? I guess not. So thank you Eminem for the life lesson! Shia will go shelling out what works cuz if it aint broke don’t fix it!

Return of TMI Tuesday

On the last TMI Tuesday (click here if you missed it), I shared my Victoria Secret collection. Well I think it’s time for me to try some of those bad boys back on and see if they fit because today my regular plain -black boyshorts were falling off…literally! I was afraid they would wind up around my ankles because I’m wearing a dress. So, I had to take them off and wear my workout shorts (with built in undies) under my dress. Hello, can’t do it up Brittney Spears style at work!


Right now I feel like I am restricted from everything. As you know from my last blog entries, work has tightened up on internet use. Currently, our IT tech guy is working on getting my laptop running. He thinks I just need a new powercord. That would be soooo awesome because if not I am going to have to buy a new laptop or risk my job every time I post something. Because, hello…I can’t NOT post on my blog. 
I’m going to get a new car in April 2011. To insure that I receive the maximum amount for my trade-in Paul wants my Jetta to be under 50,000 miles so it will still be under VW warranty when we trade it in and since I live like a million miles from work I’ve now been put on mileage restriction so no long drives to Gainesville anytime soon and hey I think I deserve people to come see me. I obviously have made my fair share of trips over given the amount of miles I’ve put on my car minus my daily commute. So also to keep mileage down I’m limiting going anywhere on the weekend. …

Quick Update

Our firm has implemented a new...NO INTERNET policy and since I don't have a computer at home this is cramping my blog style. Have no fear...Shia is right now risking her job to tell you this...LOL....I'm working on getting SOME computer to do my blog on. Our IT guy is looking at my laptop please OH PLEASE let him fix it...Shia's problems would then be solved. Anywho, it's killing me because I have like a million blogs to post. But I'll get them up...don't worry!


Hold onto your seats folks there is a lot in store today!  I was telling Taller that I have sooo much to post that I wish I just had a USB port to transfer the info from my brain directly onto the blog to cut out all the blog preparation.  

Work is cutting down on our internet...stay tuned...greatness to come...just not today..womp womp wommmmmp!

BOOO-ise State

Boise State #3? I just saw on USA Today this statement "Florida fell three spots to No. 6 after a mistake-filled win against Miami (Ohio)." Really? How about Miami of Ohio isn't our hardest game this year...unlike Boise State. You wanna get ranked? PLAY SOME REAL TEAMS! Also, sure Florida didn't go out and steal the show on Saturday but how about the fact that Florida is a new team. No Tebow to carry Florida to #1 unlike Boise State that has nothing but returning Seniors. I saw a lot of mistakes by those Seniors of Boise State last night. Also, reality check they won by the SKIN of their teeth. If it wasn't for that penalty at the end (half the distance to the goal) they wouldn't have gotten that last touchdown and then boo hoo Boise State would have LOST! Yes, I know I should be happy because a little dog school has made it to the rankings but REALLY? Should we now just let everyone in for hype? Notre Dame has a legacy of greatness...should the…