Take a fake?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Originally Posted on July 12, 2011

So I read recently three tips on knowing if you are buying a fake designer handbag.  Well chances are if you are buying it off the street in NYC or from your local flea market it is indeed a fake.  Would you buy a fake?  Before you rush off and say no....what if you are getting a fake bag that looks real for under $20.  I'm not stating to purchase something for $100 that you indeed know is fake, but what if it was cheap and fake.  Would you care?  

If you go to NYC, you will get hit up from countless people trying to get you to buy a purse from them.  I bought a purse from a guy near Battery Park.  It was a black coach bag and had the actual store tags on it. I doubted it was fake...five finger discount maybe...or maybe it was fake, but for $15...who cares!  Plus, I now have a funny NYC street story to tell.  Also, if it is so horrible to have these bags on the market, why are there tons of them on sale on the streets of NYC, Fashion Capital and Capital for Fakes?

Also, my sister Debra told me about these Chanel totes being sold at a flea market here in Jacksonville.  I drove clear across town (which in Jacksonville is like 30 to 40 miles) to go to this ghetto flea market to get a Chanel tote for $10!  Honestly, this bag has held up longer than some Nine West bags I bought from an actual Nine West store for probably three times as much.

So real or fake?  Do you own a knock off?  Would you buy one?

Skincare that works!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Originally Posted on March 12, 2011
So I am the queen of knowing what products work.  I've tried practically everything and if there's a convincing ad - I'll try it at least once.  My sisters and friends have received many of my cast offs.  The bathroom used to be a nightmare - there was just so much under the sink and most of it was I never used.  So I pick through it - throw away the absolute crap and then give the rest away.  Things still get a little out of hand but now everything under the sink is actual stuff I use.  I've really narrowed down the products I use and now I rarely buy something new to try because what I use REALLY works.  However, occasionally there will be a new product bought.  The other morning I was getting ready for work and there was a pretty deep line on my face near my eye.  The first thing I thought was OMG I need botox which I literally found hilarious because I disapprove of any sort of plastic surgery but realized that when it happens to you - you totally understand the desperation women feel to get rid of lines and wrinkles.  So on my way to work, I stopped by the nearest drugstore, Walgreens, to buy some of the eye creams I've seen advertised on tv.  First of all this stuff is not cheap.  Luckily what I wanted to buy was buy one get one half off.  So I bought Garnier Nutritioniste - Ultra-Lift Daily Targeted Wrinkle Treatment - which states that it targets and lifts even pronounced wrinkles, plumps, fills and smooths.  See below.

Click here for Garnier's website for details.

I also bought Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew - Anti-Puff Eye Roller which states that it decongests puffiness and diminishes dark circles.  See below.

Click here for Garnier's website for details.

So when I got back to the car I put on the Ultra Lift and seriously by the time I got to work the line was gone and hasn't returned.  Today I used the anti-puff eye roller.  It itches a little but it also seems to have worked.  I don't get puffy dark eyes often but occasionally if I haven't gotten enough sleep I definitely see some dark circles.  

So I am definitely adding these eye creams to my daily regiment.  However, I need to wear sunglasses more.  I know the lines around my eyes is from squinting in the sun - so I really need to find a great pair of sunglasses.  I have some but I really don't like how they look on me.  However, until I find a new great pair I am going to make sure I wear the ones I have - dorky sunglasses is way better than lines and wrinkles.

What skin products do you swear by?  What skin issues do you worry about?

Is it a good idea to snoop?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Originally Posted on March 31, 2011

Have you ever thought about snooping?  You have a shady boyfriend and you want to look through all of his stuff the second he leaves you alone in his house.  Think before you snoop because you might find that dreaded something you're looking for. Also, why are you snooping?  If he's keeping something from you and you have a gut feeling....that is enough to go on.  You don't need validation for a couple of reasons.  First, he'll flip the script on're now the guilty party for snooping and second, if you find something there's no way you can forget it and move on without telling him you snooped.

Good relationships are built on trust.  If you ask yourself...can I trust him and the answer is no...then this is not a good relationship.  Sure we all lie to ourselves and try to make that not so special guy "the one" but sometimes you just need to realize...he's not "the one" and move on.  You deserve better.

Also, if you start snooping and don't find anything, you can go mad thinking that you're missing it.  It will start to show in your relationship.  You then start to make it obvious that you don't trust him.  Also at this point, you are the one with the problem.  You have trust issues that YOU need to work on.

Okay let's say he is hiding something because face it there are a lot of shady guys out there and you have that gut feeling that something is going on and you can't sleep until you know....ASK HIM!  Believe me you can tell if he is lying or hiding something just by talking to him.  Now I am not suggesting an interrogation or screaming ARE YOU HIDING SOMETHING?!?  There is such a thing as being subtle.  Before you ask him, think about the process.  Don't just confront him with a million hostile questions.  

I think one of the main reasons I knew Paul was finally "the one" is because our relationship was completely open from the beginning.  No secrets, no lies, just the honest truth.  Believe me...I'd been around so many of those shady guys that in the beginning I had my doubts but soon realized that Paul wasn't like all the rest but that was my issue not his - it's tough being single and single women tend to get a little jaded from all of the bad relationships, but when you realize that it doesn't have to be that way is sheer bliss.  

Being honest has to go both ways.  If you want him to be completely honest you need to be completely honest with him, too.  No holding back.  Nothing!  I mean think about it - you tell your best friend everything so he now needs to be your best friend and know everything.

Have you ever snooped?  Did you get caught snooping?  Did your snooping pay off?

My Hair Obsession Part 2....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Originally Posted on June 12, 2011
New Redken Products I Am Using....

A) Curl wise - This works great on styling naturally curly hair.  Just apply and let it dry naturally it has a little bit of hold so the curls stay put.

B) Thickening Lotion ~ This works great when blow drying.  It adds volume.

C) Shine Flash ~ I love love LOVE this stuff.  It is basically shine serum in a spray.  I normally hate any kind of shine serum because I just think it makes my hair look greasy in one spot and that it doesn't move well through my hair so it ends up clumping to my roots and making my hair look greasy.  This stuff is great because you can evenly cover your hair with shine without the build up in one spot.

D) Glass ~ Okay so I know I just said that I hate shine serum...however I just received a tip from a hairstylist to try it in wet hair.  Since I bought this and never use it because of what I posted above I thought I would give it a try.  It works pretty well now in wet hair but I'll stick with C.

E) Fresh Curls Leave in Treatment ~ I love this leave in conditioner.  It works well for that natural summer hair.  It dries soft and smells great.  

F) Real Control Creme Care Leave in Treatment ~ This doesn't work well as a leave in conditioner because it basically dries like if you left actual conditioner in your hair because this product is too thick.  However, this works great as a deep conditioner, like in my last post, put it in your hair cover your hair with a plastic bag or plastic shower cap and rinse out at least 20 mins later ~ remember the longer you leave it in ~ the better.   

Hair Dresser Tips I Thought I Would Share....

A) So I asked the hairstylist about this product.  It's basically supposed to be sunscreen for your hair and scalp.  So I thought maybe I should try it since I do enjoy going to the pool.  He told me to not waste my money.  He said to actually just use whatever sunscreen you use and spray it right on your scalp and in your hair.  

B)  This is the sunscreen I use and it works great in my hair.  It rinses out well too.

C & D) Another tip he gave me was about leave in conditioners, I told him that I was using that Redken Creme Care Leave in Treatment at the pool and he said using a leave in conditioner at the pool or beach helps keep the pool chemicals or salt out of your hair.  The conditioner soaks into your hair giving you a barrier and that way the other stuff won't be able to soak in.  He also said, forget using expensive leave ins...just mix half water and half cheap conditioner in a spray bottle and keep applying it after each dip. 

Let me know if you try any of these products or if these tips worked for you.

Are you using any new products?  Do you have a great tip to share?

My Hair Obsession Part 1...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Originally Posted on March 26, 2011
So I think like most chicks I am obsessed with my hair.  Currently my hair is at the longest it has been for a decade and I want to get a trim but live in fear of any length being cut off.  So instead I am obsessed with taking care of it and of course making it look good.  So here are some products I use and they really work.    

1) Redken Quick Dry 18 Hairspray - Before trying this hairspray...I thought hairspray was hairspray no difference. Not only does this hairspray live up to it's name but it doesn't get stiff yet it holds great. I use this when I curl my hair with the curling iron. I'll curl my hair, style it and then spray it and tada....Kardashian Hair! When you first spray it on it seems like oh no stiff but within seconds it's the slight stiffness disappears. {Price - I only buy Redken products from Ulta when they run Buy 2 Get One Free - 14.95; if you don't have an Ulta - check your local salon that carries Redken they run sales too!}

2) Bed Head Urban Anti-dote Ressurrection 3 - Okay did you do something horrible...overprocess? overheat?  This is the cure!  Use this shampoo & conditioner and it's like magic.  It really works to repair damage it totally brings life back.  The 3 is for extreme damage.  {Price - again I buy shampoo & conditioner from Ulta when it goes on sale and I stock up I paid $9.99 for this liter; again if you don't have an Ulta - look for it in your local salon - how I found out about this stuff was from buying it on a gift collection clearance sale at a salon}

3) Redken Anti-Snap - I've been using this product for YEARS and seriously folks this might even be the same bottle of the stuff.  This stuff is awesome and a little bit goes a long way.  It helps in flattening fly ways...cuts out frizz...helps strenghten strands to reduce breakage...this stuff is great.  It's not greasy and it's very lightweight so it won't weigh down body. {Price - BOGO Sale - 14.95}

4) Redken Iron Silk 07 - I'll admit when I first bought this product I hated it but I used a little less and now it is a must when I flat iron my hair.  It protects your hair from the heat but it also helps make your hair shiny (without greasy feeling) and smoothes it as you flat iron. {Price - BOGO Sale - 14.95}

5) Aveeno Leave-In Conditioner - I love this stuff.  It is a spray and it's great.  When I wear my hair natural it is curly and I just wet it and spray this in and it holds a nice curl, fights frizz and conditions. It's also great to take to the pool...when your hair gets wet just spray it in to keep your hair from drying out from the chlorine.  {Price - I usually buy this at Walmart or Target - Ulta sells it too and I only buy it from there if it is on sale - $6.50}

6) Bed Head Urban Anti-dote Ressurrection 2 - Slightly less intense than 3 but works just as great.  I overheated a section of my hair with a curling iron and it wouldn't even curl naturally anymore.  I bought this at a salon on clearance and thought what the heck I am willing to give it a try and after one application my hair had bounced back literally.  The size of the clearance items were small so when it ran out I was happy to see it on sale at Ulta for $9.99 a liter.  {Price - same as above}

7) Redken Satinwear 02 - This is a blow out's best friend.  If you want super straight hair this is the stuff.  It also works pretty well if you just put it in your hair wet - air dry and then use the straightener.  {Again BOGO - $14.95}

8) Bed Head Small Talk- Need body and thicker looking hair- get it here.  This stuff is great if you want that full thick bouncy hair after a blow out.  A little bit goes a long way.  {Price - this actually came in that Bed Head Clearance Set - but I just googled and found it online for $10.99 - I'm sure it goes on sale at Ulta or your local salon - look for a deal}

9) Organix Coconut Milk Split Ends Mender - This stuff smells great.  I love wearing it in the summer time.  It's a great all over leave in treatment for curly hair but works great on just the ends too.  It boasts that it helps grow longer hair because it fights damage.  {Price - $8.99 however I think I got this on sale for like $6}

10) Redken All Soft - This is the best shampoo & conditioner on the planet.  I literally have the softest hair in the world from this.  My mother even touched my hair recently and said...OMG how is your hair that soft.  {Price - I think a liter usually runs like $24 - 29 however I only buy this from Ulta on sale which ranges from $11.99 a liter to $13.99 a liter...and when it is on sale...I STOCK UP!}

11) TRESemme' Fresh Start Dry Shampoo - Dry Shampoo is a naturally curly haired chicks best friend when straightening...sure you want protectant, stuff to make it flat, but how about making it last.  Maybe you want to go two or dare I say three days without shampooing (since it is A LOT of work making it straight) but you don't want your hair to get greasy...spray this stuff on and you can make it to day  Before this product came out (it is new from TRESemme'), the only way of getting Dry Shampoo was to buy this really expensive brand from Ulta or Sephora it was like $11 for 1 oz and it smells like OLD LADY and it turns your hair white needless to say when this came out I was willing to give it a try.  I mean you get like a huge can.  It also has a light citrus smell - very pleasant. {Price - $5 at Target and I think I even had a coupon for it}

If you plan on trying any of these products out - don't forget the most important part...LOOK FOR A SALE!

What haircare products do you swear by?  What's your favorite and why?

What's in your bag?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Originally posted March 22, 2011

So recently I had a friend laugh when she reached in my bag to grab my car key for me.  She teased and said that I was like a little girl playing grown-up because my huge bag had three things in it...key, wallet and phone.  It is true that day I pulled out a bag from my closet and tossed in my cell and wallet and headed out of the house.  I will say that at the time I wasn't carrying a purse everyday.  I was just lugging my damask gym bag to work.  I recently got a new bag and I've been working on my blog at lunch so no need for the damask gym bag at the moment.  So here's what is currently in my bag....

1) This notebook contains my blogs in the works.  Basically it is a title with a brief outline of what direction I am looking for and then when I blog I just fine tune it.

2) My Ipod - I actually wore it all day at work - it really helped tuning out loud co-workers.  I also have some earplugs in my purse...I guess I forgot to pull them

3) My phone - love the cover?  I got it on ebay along with a home charger, car charger and touch pad protector all for 9.99 no shipping!

4) Yes ANOTHER damask notepad - this is where I am going to schedule my weekend time and it also holds any lists I might need - grocery shopping, etc.

6) Business card holder - My blog cards =)

7) My car key - I usually keep it open like this because it's easier to find down in the bottom of my purse and Paul's key looks exactly the same and he will always grab the wrong key if I put mine on the table too.

8) Candy from Marissa's bday party.

9) Permanent Marker - I love this permanent marker.  It is like Walmart brand but it has the best tip size and it doesn't smell.  I absolutely hate Sharpie smell!

10) Pens =) I am obsessed with stationary items especially with pens.  The decorative pen came from the dollar bins at Target 2/$1 and the black pen is my favorite BIC pen to write with - I know it's just a pen but it seriously looks better on paper than other pens. 

11) My new sunglasses - I also got these at Walmart for $10 and I didn't notice until I got out to the car to put them on that they have a damask on the side - too funny!  I have been wearing these a lot.  I am determined to not have any more lines around my eyes and that one I blogged about is completely gone!

So what's in your bag?  Do you carry a small bag or a big bag?  Do you have anything funny in there?  How often do you switch bags or clean out yours?

How to cut your own bangs

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Originally posted 10/28/09

Okay I have no clue who this chick in the picture is but you will understand why I googled and found this picture. I once read in Seventeen magazine how to cut your own bangs. The instructions were comb down your bangs and then gather them and twist (just like my assistant over here on the left ... thank you whomever you are and check out her how to instructions) then cut. Viola "straight" bangs. Well honestly this trick really did work but I have curly hair so any imperfections might have been hidden by the curl. Anyway it seemed to work. Well now (as you can see from my profile pic) I sport the side bang with my straight hairdo so will the Seventeen trick work now? 

Well I have been letting my hair grow out so I have refrained from going to get a trim for fear that the stylist would cut off all the new growth (which seemed to be happening every time I got a trim no matter how much I pleaded for the lenght not to be touched). So the bangs were growing out too. Well at one point my bangs were literally down to my chin so I thought hmmm...maybe I can cut them myself it worked back when I was using the trick so I cut them (of course on the longer side just in case I had to go get my trusty trick fixed) and they were honestly fine. I remember telling a good friend of mine about cutting them myself and she seemed fine with their appearance (then again would she tell...I think she would we're honest like that). 

Well this past Sunday I had finally reached that breaking point of really needing a trim. So I went to one of my usual spots (a new girl though...I am bad about using the same stylist but come on I went to that one for like 4 straight times and didn't gain an inch) and got a trim. Well have you ever noticed that the cutting the perfect side bang seems to be rocket science. I mean some people have the knowledge and some don't. It's hard I guess to make it just right. 

So of course my hair was trimmed with minimal length taken off (THANK YOU STYLIST) but some how I got jacked up (in my opinion) shorter than I wanted side bangs. So I'm posting this as a reminder to myself as to when my last trim was and for the next time the bangs grow out (which will be awhile believe me...I mean they are not Peggy from MadMen short but they are pretty short) 

I am going to use the Seventeen trick and cut them myself until I give in for another trim. They looked great last time I did it and yes next time I do decide to go get a trim I will tell whoever actually cuts my hair...yo don't hack off the bangs.

What are your fears when getting your hair cut? Am I the only person that fears a trim?  Do you go to the same stylist each time?  

Falling in Love with Fall

Friday, September 23, 2011

Originally posted 10/3/10

So it finally seems like fall is right around the corner. As another year begins to wind down I would like to stop for a second and just enjoy the moment. Every year there seems to be highs and lows. The holidays wrap up and start the new year fresh. What's to stop us from just pausing for a moment and enjoying it now? 

When I think of fall, I think of cooler weather, cozy weekends and comfort foods. It's such a pleasant thought isn't it? I think Floridians really don't grasp the true essence of fall. Sure it's 80 out with a nice breeze and it doesn't feel like 150 when you go outside but I seriously miss those northern things that make you think of fall. The trees turning brilliant colors of yellow, orange and red. Apple cider being sold at the stores or on the road side. Man I miss the North!

So since we're in a cozy place think about what the last 9 months have brought. If you're someone (like me) who thinks in January what did I accomplish last year, start thinking about it now because hey if you don't think you've accomplished that much you still have three months to do it!

I think the whole new year vs. last year plagues me more because my birthday is in January. So not only is it a new year I'm also a whole year older. I think once you start ticking off those major boxes of your life years don't have to merit much more than happiness at the end. I think I had a quarter life crisis at 25. I remember just balling my eyes out all day. Thinking what have I done? Well now that I'm older I look back at that balling 25 year old and think...what were you crying were moving in the right direction it just takes time silly. 

So this fall, think about your life. Are you in a good place or a bad place? If you're all good...congrats to you. But if you are in a bad place, step out of it and think....what can I do to make this better. Even if you can't fix the ultimate problem fixing other things in your life can feel just as good. Start with the little fixes and once you get all of them out of the way you'll realize that your bigger problems aren't so hard to conquer too. 

Let's say you just went through a huge change in your life and you're at the crossroads again. Instead of being like that balling 25 year old I once was thinking about what you should have done by now...stop and think...I can do whatever I want...what do I want? We're the ones that put limits on our lives whether it be time limits, expectations that we think others have of our lives, or expectations we had about our lives...there are really no limits. So break free from those limits and do what makes you happy.

What's your favorite thing about fall?  How do you feel around the end of the year or on your birthday?

And the Blog Awards go to.....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ME?!?  I received two lovely blog awards from two of my lovely followers...


Thank you two so much for thinking of me.

As for my 7 facts...
1) I am so incredibly happy that my blog is getting noticed ~ seriously I get all emotional when I get a new follower.
2) I want to be a writer and every time I read a comment I think ~ I CAN DO IT!  PEOPLE LIKE IT!!!
3) If you need advice, I got answers!  I recently joked with some of my friends that I need a booth like Lucy from the Peanuts.  Seriously...any problem...any topic...I have your solution!
3) I still look at my fiance and really found you!  Okay maybe not when he is screaming at the tv during a football game...but you know what I mean =)
4) I really do love my family despite how much they get on my nerves!  No mom ... I can't fix your scanner over the phone!
5) I will not have and do not want children but I love all my nieces like they are my own.
6) I love to laugh and make other people laugh...and dang it...I AM FUNNY!
7) I love bad tv...Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Downsized, you name it...Shia here most likely watches it.

People to nominate....
The #1 slot is reserved for my dear followers who gave me these awards.
2) Raven Courtney I feel like she is the West Coast Shia ~ we think so much a like.  
3) A Pinch of Joy My friend who posts some amazing recipes!!
4) Life with Tony & Onge's Musings These two blogs are written by Andrea, who I love, she has encouraged me with my freelance writing dream and even gave my blog a shout out!  ♥ Her blogs are great especially Life with is HILARIOUS!
5) The Dandy Bohemian ~ truly such a sweet person ~ I love her blog because I feel a random sort of vibe with it like mine ~ which I love!
6) E l l e S e e s ~ fashion beauty products oh my...great blog!
7) Love's Modesty ~ There is just such a pureness to her posts ~ I just feel such a connection.
8) Paperbacks & Postcards & Nykki's Mane Blog~ These girl have the most AMAZING skillz with eye makeup!!
9) Simply Mily ~ Great blog  ♥
10) my thrifty closet ~ Amazing outfits and CHEAP!  I can't even believe how cheap!
11) tulips & tulle ~ great blog...tons of neat pics!
12) Bonfire Brunette ~ her daily outfit posts are inspirational!
13) Brooklyn.Life.Style ~ her blog just helps you envision yourself standing on the streets of NY ~ it just brings that NY magazine life into reality ♥
15) What's Cooking Italian Style ~ Another great friend helping along the way in the blogging world!  Warning:  Her blog will make you hungry!

I'm cutting it off here because I could seriously just nominate everyone under my blogs I read section.  I love you all!!  

Thank you again to those that nominated me ... I am TRULY thankful!!

Shia's Blog Montage

So in case I haven't mentioned it enough...I'm going on vacation!  I leave tomorrow for upstate NY and Canada where I get to FINALLY enjoy some fall foliage!!  I've missed fall ever since I moved to Florida.  So I've decided that my daily posts will be a montage of some of my old posts that I love.  I hope you enjoy them too.  I'll try to log on while I am away to check and respond to your comments and of course check out your blogs.  Our vacation is action packed so bare with me if I miss a day.  I'll miss you guys!!  Again, I hope you enjoy the blog montage!  Cue the 80s music =)

♥ Shia

Accessory Heaven!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So I went to lunch with my friend and we stopped in at the mall to go to Charming Charlie so she could get a purse with a gift certificate someone gave her (click here for locations near you).  This store is AMAZING!  They have tons of accessories (scarves, purses, wallets, hats, jewelry, AND TONS MORE) and a few dresses/blouses and even shoes in every shade imaginable and they are price reasonably.  The pic above is some cute stuff I found on their website.  

We walked around for awhile and I still left the store feeling as if I didn't see everything they had.  My friend grabbed a super cute bag.  The price tag said it was $40 and it rang up $21!  So their super low prices get EVEN LOWER!!!  All of the items were made well...great linings on the inside of the purses, etc.  

Have you ever been to a Charming Charlie?

I ♥ Jack Lemmon

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There are SOOOO many great Jack Lemmon movies but these three are my absolute faves!
I've seen this movie 100 times.  I love it.  Jack Lammon plays a single man who's apartment is used by all of the executives of his company to court their office flings but of course complications and romance arise.

I just recently saw this for the first time.  I had never seen anything with Marilyn Monroe before watching this.  She is a main character but definitely outshined by Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.  Hilarious movie with gangsters, cross dressing and romance.  
I just saw this movie recently on TCM.  Basically this girl moves to NYC to make a name for herself and she buys a billboard space and puts her name on it.  She instantly becomes famous.  It's a sweet romantic story of small town girl meets NYC.

If you haven't seen these movies ~ run to your local library and check them out or check TCM to see if they are replaying anytime soon.  If you have seen these, do you love them?  What's your favorite black & white movie?  

New Girl

Monday, September 19, 2011

I don't normally watch network tv shows but have you seen this new show on Fox?  I watched it on Hulu and even though I LOVE Zooey Deschanel...I had mixed thoughts.  I think I'll check out the new episode this week to see if it was just off on a rocky start.  What did you think?  Love it or hate it?

The Men of True Blood

Friday, September 16, 2011

So last Sunday was the season finale of True Blood.  So if you watch the show, you're more than familiar with how naked the characters get on a show to show basis.  If not, look above.  Paul teases me and asks ~ who do you think is hot?  I have to say hands down Alcide is the hottest character also his character is shirtless A LOT.  So what do you think?  Who do you think is hot?  

Do you watch True Blood?  Have you read the books?  If so, what do you think?

I have conflicting thoughts because I've listened to all of the books on CD (well not the newest one) on my long commute to work.  It's not the most believable and intriguing story line in the world but I definitely think the books are way better than the show.  I know that is so cliche to say but they really are.  I really think that books with multiple story lines and characters work better in your mind because you can have several things going on at once but to make that happen in tv or the movies something has to get cut.  I am however notorious for getting mad when tv or movies stray to far from the book and Paul yells at me when I say...but in the book.

What about you?  Do you hate movies of books you read?  What books were a complete let down as a movie or show?

Cosmo Recommends ~ Shia Investigates!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

{sorry for the horrible pic - took a pic of the magazine page}

So apparently sweatshirts are back in.  However, they're a little prettier than a regular old Hanes sweatshirt.

a) Dolan, $148, ~ Found it on the website and it was the price stated in Cosmo

b) KUT From the Kloth, $68, ~ Couldn't find it on the website

c) Costa Blanca, $41, ~ Couldn't find it on the website

d) Wildfox Couture, $99, ~ Found it on the website and it was the price stated in Cosmo

e) Simdog, $66, ~ Found it on the website and it was the price stated in Cosmo

f) MK2K, $143, ~ Couldn't find it on the website

g) American Eagle Outfitters, $44.50, ~ Found it on the website and it was the price stated in Cosmo

h) DKNY Jeans, $49, ~Sort of found it ~ it was only in plus size and it was $69

i) Woodleigh, $92, ~ Couldn't find it on the website

So I found 5 out of the 9 and one was in limited sizes.  I just don't understand why magazines get our hopes up about pieces of clothing and then when we try to find it then it's not available (because that piece was from last season) or the quality is garbage...I know I know...advertising.  

It's not as if I really wanted to spend $100 or so on a bedazzled sweatshirt but I REALLY liked (c) and I spent a lot of time looking for it and NADA!  However, I really do what some sort of hip sweatshirt now (thanks Cosmo ~ you won) so I am thinking about checking out some stores to see if this fad catches on and spreads like wildfire.  

Do you have a hip sweatshirt?  Where did you get it?

Have you ever tried to find something in a magazine and couldn't or it didn't turn out to be as nice as they made it out to seem?  

To be airbrushed or not to be...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Julia Roberts l'oreal ad

So the UK has fought to ban overly airbrushed ads that give unrealistic images of perfect skin.  So what do you think?  I was actually thinking of giving Julia Roberts props to not letting them airbrush her freckle near her eye out entirely.  Should the US jump on this ban wagon?  

I personally don't see it as unrealistic images to live up to.  I just see it as false advertisement.  Let's face it the products they are advertising are expensive and you knee jerk to this really works but then the airbrushing makes you wonder...does it really?  Should I really spend all this money to find out that it doesn't?

My tip ~ if you see a commercial and you wonder...does it really work?  Instead of running out and buying it ~ look it up online.  You can find reviews at Ulta, Sephora and even the product's actual website at times (I know Clinque has reviews) and if LOTS of people say it doesn't work ~ it doesn't work and NO you are not the exception to the rule.

What do you think?

Isn't it funny?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1) That we (women - okay some men) still read 
Cosmo Confessions and think they are real!

2) That we look at mascara ads and that 
really works - when it's actually false eyelashes!

3) That we (women) think of fall as a change in
wardrobe and men think it's time for football.
But we both say FINALLY!!
4) That you & your work bestie can think something is 
hilarious and when you tell someone else...crickets!

5) When anti-aging products or skincare products use 16 year 
olds in their ads and commercials...really 16 and no wrinkles, 
even skin tone and illuminating skin....REALLY who'da thunk it?!?
{more on this sort of subject tomorrow}

What do you find funny or amusing?

How to Sharpen your Memory

Monday, September 12, 2011

DOODLE!!  It boosts your memory by 30%.  Basically it is thought to be effective because the act of drawing stops you from daydreaming or zoning out during lectures or meetings.  You are more likely to absorb what you hear.   I think I doodle daisies a lot or the unoriginal 3D cube.  Do you doodle?  What's your favorite doodle? 

A moment of silence....

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Marissa (my niece) has started kindergarten.  Last weekend I sat down with her to practice writing.  I pulled out this pen for her to use out of my purse and she was memorized by it.  She just thought it was the coolest thing ever! Shia & Rissa love post-its...we are the same!  If you are unaware of my post-it obsession click here.  I just love when I find more and more things that we have in common!

Do you have children/or nieces/nephews that have similarities to you?  Don't you just love it?

So at work, I am getting a new office.  While packing some stuff up, I found this pen that a co-worker had given me from their vacation because he figured if anyone would appreciate a would be me.  So I'm going to give it to Marissa...I am sure she will absolutely love it.

When you write with lights up!
What do you you think a 5 yr old would like this?

Material Girl

Friday, September 9, 2011

So last week I posted a great pic of Madonna - well this week I stumbled upon this ad in Cosmo and thought I would share.
Kelly Osbourne for Material Girl @ Macy's
I love that Madonna picked Kelly as the model!

Doesn't she look great?!?  She's lost some weight and even when I tried to google her name to find this ad google suggested KO weight loss?  There has just been so much negative stuff said about her since she has lost weight.  I say you go are rocking it and looking great and haters will just be haters! Check out Fashion Police on E.  She's a panelist and she always looks so polished and beautiful.  She seems like such a sweetheart too!  She was recently in Self magazine sharing her tips on her weight loss...believe me google it and you'll find TONS of information.

What do you think of her new look?  How do you feel when celebrities are bashed for their weight loss or gain?  Do you secretly want to go out and buy this clothing line and rock that 80s Madonna look again?  I do!!!

Hello Lovelies!!

I just spent three hours updating my blog.  It looks a lot like my old set up but with a little more jazz.  I put up a list of all the blogs that I am currently following and reading.  If you're on the list and haven't followed me...pretty please with sugar on top....FOLLOW ME!!!  If you're on the list and you don't want to be...hey that's okay...just let me know and down you come.  If you want to make the list...because it's just super cool and fun over here at the world according to Shia...then follow me or comment or BOTH =) and I'll return the favor and post a link.  Sadly, it is 1:30 in the morning and I need to get up at 7 off to bed I go.  

My goal at the moment is to reach 50 followers...right now something about that number just makes me feel special and yes I am currently obsessed with checking every couple of mins to see if I have a new follower... my fiance, Paul, would just LOVE to hear the update so won't you help me brighten his day as well. =)

Thanks to you all!  

♥ Shia

Fragrance Samples

Thursday, September 8, 2011

So the other day I checked the mail (this is not a regular occurrence at my house because we only get magazines and junk mail...estatements is where it is at snail mail) and looked in the latest ad from Ulta which contained the following perfume/cologne samples.

I thought this one smelled pretty good.
A very light musk.  It was $52 for 3.4 oz at Sephora
so not too bad on the price. 
{It's cheaper at Sephora - Ulta wants $65 for 1.7 oz}
It definitely smells like flowers...
but that is all...there's no added scent.
On the Coach's website they mention "notes of citrus"
I went back and smelled the card...I didn't smell any notes of citrus.
So I say no on this one.  $65 for 1.7 oz at Ulta.
{same price as}

I hate to say...old lady perfume...
but that is what I immediately thought when I 
smelt it.  Sorry but it does =(
$70 for 2.9 oz at Sephora and Ulta...are you kidding me?
It is more expensive than the Estee Lauder!
I thought celebrity scents were the cheaper ones!

Have you tried any of these?  Tested or wear them?  What do you think?

How to know if your conditioner REALLY moisturizes as well as it claims....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So I found an unique way of figuring out if your conditioner really moisturizes as great as it claims to.  So I was in the shower one day and I had ran out of my normal shaving lotion (I normally use Veet Hair Remover and/or a similar product I found at the Dollar Tree with a razor and end up with silky smooth legs) and decided instead of getting out of the shower...dripping everywhere to hunt under the sink I would just use some conditioner.  I grabbed the Bed Head urban anti-dotes shown above and legs were silky smooth and nick free.  

So the next time I went to take a shower, I hunted under the sink for more of my shaving lotion and found this White Rain conditioner shown above which I was using when I went to the pool (click here to see the post) for my hair while in the pool.  I thought...why not use this.  It will work just as well and I'll have a nice coconut smell.  THE WORST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!  I felt like I had tried to shave with sandpaper.  It was horrible!  Nicks silky smooth skin.  Total nightmare. 

So I thought...this has to be a true testament to how good that Bed Head stuff is for your hair.  Granted I am comparing it to White Rain...the cheapest conditioner out there but that is all I had.  So what kind of conditioner do you use?  Have you tried to shave with it?  What were the results?  I am dying to know if Pantene can pass the test?  Anyone use Pantene?

How to Buy a Hermès’ Birkin Bag

Monday, September 5, 2011

So the Birkin is the holy grail of handbags...every woman wants one?...but can you really get one? and why do celebrities have so many?

Well we've all heard of the 6 year waiting list and I just saw an article on the Huffington Post stating that there is a 2 year waiting period.  So which one is it?  

Well according to Michael Tonello, who wrote a tell all book "Bringing Home the Birkin" says that he found the secret.  Apparently if you walk off the street into Hermes and ask to buy a Birkin, you are going to be told...I'm sorry..there's a waiting list...blah blah blah.  BUT if you walk in wearing a Hermes scarf, Hermes jewelry and carrying a Hermes tote and then you decide to buy more of their smaller items...chances are you are walking out with a Birkin.  Tonello said that he would see salespeople walk up to customers that were purchasing multiple items and tell them that they had an extra on site...someone was on the waiting list and cancelled (AS IF!) and then is theirs or just ask now for a Birkin with your pile of stuff and you're walking out with one when they just told you none were available.  

So is this why celebrities can buy so many.  Mail Online reported that Kim Kardashian spent $100,000 at Hermes in Paris last September and she apparently has a rainbow of colors. Victoria Beckam apparently has the biggest Birkin bag collection.

So to me it seems like this whole Birkin being the holy grail is bs.  Sure it's those that have the money to spend.. but it's not like your handbag is being handmade for you and that's why you are waiting for 2 years to get it.  Chances are it's sitting in the back room of the shop waiting for the right time for it to be yours.  Spend a little more and you can have it today...if have to wait.  

So what do you think?  Do you want a Birkin and would you spend extra on smaller items to get it right away?  Do you think their policy is sneaky?

Simply Mad for Madonna!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Madonna in Vionnet

This was Instyle's Look of the Day!  


WHAT SHE WOREMadonna struck a pose at the Venice Film Festival in a silk satin Vionnet fishtail gown.

WHY WE LOVE ITButterflies were a fitting choice for the ever-changing star. The W.E. director's beaded design also paid homage to her film, which includes costumes based on the Madeleine Vionnet archive.

(I know I know...I already did this but I couldn't resist!)
She looks absolutely lovely and elegant in this dress!
It just proves...she is STILL the Material Girl!!
Yes Mom...I still love her =)

What do you think?  Were you ever as obsessed as me?

America's Next Top Model All-Stars...

Click here for the article
I normally only catch America's Next Top Model on know where they run an entire season in one day on Oxygen or similar channels.  I have literally wasted an entire Saturday or Sunday watching ANTM.  But this new season has me intrigued.  They are bringing back former contestants for a second try.  I often wonder what happens to them after the show and get excited when I see them on tv shows like Project Runway or in ads in magazines or even in commercials.  My two faves from the girls brought back are in the middle of the two bottom rows.  I would have to say I want the model with the red paint on her face to win.  I love her unique features.  Her pale skin and soft blonde hair and blue eyes reminds me of my sister Nicole.  

But good luck girls and congrats on your second try!  At least this time you know what to expect!

Who do you like and/or want to see win?

High School Class Ring

Thursday, September 1, 2011

So I was wondering what have you done with your class ring?  Mine currently lives in my jewelry box.  I have no intentions of ever wearing it again, so what do I do with it now?

This ring meant a lot to me back in high school.  I got it for Christmas from my parents and my Mom did a great job picking all the stuff out.  The ring totally represents my high school years - white gold, garnet birthstone and all the markings represent the activities I was involved in back then.  I loved it!

Should I just hold onto it forever?  Or should I give it to one of my nieces?  Should I give it to my Mom?  High school was just SO LONG ago now....I just think that this ring only means something to me.

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