High School Class Ring

Thursday, September 1, 2011

So I was wondering what have you done with your class ring?  Mine currently lives in my jewelry box.  I have no intentions of ever wearing it again, so what do I do with it now?

This ring meant a lot to me back in high school.  I got it for Christmas from my parents and my Mom did a great job picking all the stuff out.  The ring totally represents my high school years - white gold, garnet birthstone and all the markings represent the activities I was involved in back then.  I loved it!

Should I just hold onto it forever?  Or should I give it to one of my nieces?  Should I give it to my Mom?  High school was just SO LONG ago now....I just think that this ring only means something to me.


  1. Mine just lives in my jewelry box as well. My mom still has hers stashed as well, so maybe they are just cool keepsakes to hold on to?

  2. Hey Shia! I wore my to my boyfriend's high school reunion and when I was a cheerleader for halloween I wore it but I look it at as something I might give my future daughter some day. I wouldn't get rid of it! =)

    To answer your question: That skinny Italian book is actually really cute and the recipes are so do-able. I love Italian food and her seasoning is just right! I'd pick it up for a discounted price! What's funny is that i met her after season 1 before her whole life went up into chaos and the next time i met her she was completely different in attitude. It was weird. Ooops I'm sorry I'm writing you a book here! Have a good day girl!

  3. Mal - they are great keepsakes!

    Melanie - such clever ways of bringing it back =) I don't plan on having any children so that's why I thought about giving it to one of my oldest niece is a lot like I thought if she ended up being involved in the same stuff maybe she would like to have it - but then again...wouldn't she just want her own ring?

    I'll def check out the book. I'm about to marry an Italian but I hate tomatoes and anything with tomatoes so it would be nice to still know how to make him stuff that he loves =)

    Both of you have a great day and thanks for the comments =)

  4. My ring is sitting in an unorganized jewelry draw along with my mother's high school ring, I'm not sure how I got her ring though.

    I'll most likely keep my ring and pass it on to my child if I have one. But, other then that I don't know what I would do with it.

  5. i never got a class ring. they were too bulky for my fingers. they looked silly on me. or at least i thought.

    my boyfriend has one and his is in a box in our bedroom. he doesn't know what to do with his either... good luck with your decision!

    allister bee blog

  6. I never got one! I didn't really want one, even though I love rings. However, I do have my boyfriend's on a necklace chain that I wear every once in a while!

  7. Shani & Paislea Elyse - welcome to my world and thanks for comments!

    Jessi - I love that you wear it on a chain...super cute!

  8. I've never heard of class rings before!! I'd keep it as a souvenir.

  9. I have my moms from the 1950's (never got one of my own because I was one of those pain in the butt kids that got kicked out of school, lol). Anyway - I love it! Definitely one of my treasures.

  10. cute ring, it's quite significant. Why don't you keep it so you can show it to your kids next time. I never have any class rings before, it's such an ingenious idea.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and following. HAve a great weekend!


  11. Kariyah - you have me intrigued now...I never even thought that it is just an American thing to have a class ring!

    Wendy - naughty girl =) You might not want to tell your children why you don't have one...just got lost in "the move" LOL

    Mong - Thanks have a nice weekend too! I'm excited for the 3 day weekend. I'd love for you to follow me too =)

    Happy weekend to all!!

  12. I contemplated getting my own HS grad ring, but I felt that I wouldn't wear it realistically. But memories should be cherished!


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