It's Okay Thursday/Hello Monday #5

Monday, April 6, 2015

... to be so productive that you "forget" to blog!

... to have tire issues on April Fool's Day and have to preface every text with ... this is NOT an April Fool's joke.

... to buy 11 items from the dollar days area at Target in an effort to get organized.  {hmmmm ... maybe a good idea for a blog post.}

... to forget to finish this post!

Hello Monday #5 
It is truly amazing how much better my makeup and hair look on the weekend. 
So if you have never tried Starbucks Via Iced Coffee - I highly recommend.  
So I just watched Into the Woods over the weekend. 
Why did the music sound EXACTLY like Sweeney Todd?
Seriously I even googled that sh!t and came up with nothing.
Why is it on weekends I am all about managing my down time 
like it was my last meal or something.  Um no, I cannot do XYZ, 
that is a total lack of consideration to my weekend of staying at 
home and doing nothing for 48 hours straight.  

How are you doing today?
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