Mod Podge Makeup Wipes Box

Saturday, November 23, 2013

So part of my couponing, I have gotten these makeup wipes for cheap and/or free.  These wipes have a tendency to dry out once the pack is open so I thought I would make a box to keep them fresh.  

Mod Podge is a crafters dream.  I just discovered it recently.  I bought this off brand at Michaels with 40% off coupon and got it for about $3.  I bought the tin at the Dollar Tree and I bought the paper at Michaels on clearance for $0.29.
Applied Mod Podge to the tin ... stuck the paper on it and then coated the paper with Mod Podge.
The wipes fit perfectly and there is room for a small scissor.  I found a tip in AllYou magazine to cut the wipes in half for more use.  I tested it out last night and half a wipe worked well to remove all my makeup.  Also, I had to leave the lip as is because the tin would not close with paper added there but you can't see it with the box closed so ... who cares!

Simple, cheap and super cute!
I have mod podged about 20 things already and the container is still 3/4 full.

Have you ever Mod Podged?

I'm Cray cray ...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

(I took this pic forever ago in Ottawa, Canada on vacation!)

So what is it about making something, buying something, eating something, loving something, hating something, seeing something, hearing something, reading something {the list goes on and on} that makes me what to blog? 

So right now I have got blog craze on my mind so much that I didn't think there was any better way to express it in the post title than using that horrible word ... cray and it's so intense it calls for a double dose ... cray cray.  

So why so cray cray?  

You all might remember that I mentioned that I was all about couponing these days and I've gotten pretty good at saving money on our day to day groceries with a few times getting certain items for free, etc.  Yet I thought ... how can I pick up my game?  I mean why pay $1 for shampoo or conditioner ... how can I start getting more of these things for free.  So, I enlisted my trusty friend Google (she's such a nice girl) and found youtube videos regarding couponing at CVS.  I found a great CVS for beginners video {HERE} and her blog {HERE}.  She gave such a straight forward and easy approach to couponing at CVS.  So last night was my first attempt and .... I got $80 worth of stuff for $26 plus two free movie tickets and $7 reward bucks to use next week.  So hmmm ... 26 -7 -"20" (2 movie tickets) = um FREE!!!  Insane right?  Believe me I am still dancing around this morning.

So right after my CVS haul I headed over to my grocery store (Publix) where I got $300 worth of stuff for {drum roll} $86!!!  That was the most I have ever bought and saved at Publix in my life.  The cashier and bagger were so sweet and funny.  They made it so much fun ... it was like a game show of what's the price going to be in the end.  I ended up going later last night before closing thinking that it would be the best time to not hold other people up.  If I ever do this big of a transaction again ... I think I will be in first thing in the a.m.  

Last night I told my mom how much I saved and said ... OMG I want to take a picture of all my stuff and put it on my blog ... lol.  But I decided to post that lovely tree instead.  I don't want to go ALL IN with the cray cray just yet. 

Also, my family is doing our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night.  My parents will be out of town, my sister has to work ... guess people need 9 1 1 on thanksgiving and such that we all decided to get together tomorrow night.  I am {of course} baking the pumpkin pies.  So my house has that nice pumpkin pie aroma. 

Also, since I am all about saving money.  I think I might be headed out to some Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals.  At this point, I really just need some presents for the girls (nieces).  So fingers crossed I can just go out on not so cray cray Thanksgiving rather than doing Black Friday.

So what are you cray cray about these days?

Currently ...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

So my Sunday was full of newspapers and my first Red cup! 
Last week, I saw this link-up over at siddathorton and thought I would participate this week.

Reading ... AllYou November Issue - This is my new favorite magazine - lots of money saving tips on practically everything to buy.

Writing ... This blog post ... YAY I'm blogging!

Listening ... to my hubby yell at the Seahawks ... YAY currently tied ... fingers crossed!  Go Seahawks!

Thinking ... why does fall back just feel SOOOOO good?

Smelling ... lavender air fresher ... I love lavendar!

Wishing ... this football game would end... OT... BOO!  Go Seahawks!

Hoping ... Seahawks win or hubby will be grouchy :-/

Wearing ... jeans!  It is finally cooling down in the hotbox state I live in!!

Loving ... that half of my answers are related to a football game currently playing in the background.

Wanting ... to figure out some great homemade gifts to give out to my family this year.  Last year I made cookies - kinda wanting to switch it up this year.

Needing ... to make something to eat ... how is it 7:00 already??

Feeling ... like I am getting sick.  I've had a scratchy throat for two days ... pretty sure one of the girls gave me their cooties.

Clicking ... coupon sites.  Today is organize coupons day hence the newspapers in the picture above.  I am all about couponing these days.  It's a little time consuming starting off but once you get a routine going ... it's pretty simple.  Nothing like extreme couponing going on over here but I have gotten some items for free like toothpaste, shaving cream, etc.  Good times!

So what are you currently up to?
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