I should be dreaming ...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I've read that if you can't sleep due to your mind racing that you should get up and write down the things so you stop tossing and turning.  Well instead I am going to blog.

I don't really have anything on my mind but here are some random thoughts I will jot down .... 

I had tons of energy this evening ... I've done tons of stuff around the house that I have been putting off.

I have a cold and therefore get no rest because of coughing ... Paul washed my pillow and it is currently STILL wet in the dryer ... how many times have I asked ... don't mess with stuff I sleep on?? HMMMMM??  

110% sure my crap have to make do pillow will be giving me a neck ache.  Yes I already feel it.

Is it really realistic to think that I will wake up "earlier" to straighten my hair tomorrow morning?  I am thinking no ... I'll keep you updated .... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Once this plague I have goes away ... I plan on getting back on my running schedule.  Sounds like good plan ... let's see if I can keep it up.  After work ... go to gym ... after work ... go to gym ... has it stuck?

Okay getting sleepy ... this is working!

Is it crazy (go ahead and start nodding your head) that I was up late last night looking at final sales on JCrew, The Loft, etc.  

Ooooh forgot to mention - bday money from Mom is finding some awesome stuff ... post soon.  But once said cizzash is gone - shopping reward for running???  

Well that is that ... I hope you all have a fab Thursday.  I am going to try to beat this monster pillow down and go to sleep so I can get up BRIGHT and EARLY to straighten my hair ... again all I can think is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Did you sleep well last night?

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain and Balm

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Color:  Instinct

So I recently read a blog review about this lip stain so I thought I would try it.  I like a nice soft pink or nude lip so I bought the color shown.  The lip stain itself didn't apply very well.  The applicator is hard and doesn't feel nice on your lips.  So then I though okay maybe you gotta add the balm and then judge ... so I opened it and .... 

The balm was broken off!  

Honestly I was realived ... I thought YAY I can take it back to Target and be like woah ... this was broken and not have to keep this horrible product and I can get my $8 back!  Which I did ... YAY Target ... you rock!

Guess I'll just stick to Benefit lip stains.
What do you think?  Have you tried this?

Pool Party Anyone?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pool Party
So I am seeing pool prints in magazines but are they actually wearable outside of pool side or heck even pool side?  Sometimes I am hesitant to embrace a bold print because I then feel as if I am limited by it.  So I would probably pick the understated print rather than the literal.  

So what about you ... which one would you pick?  If you pick the literal one ... how would you switch it up?


Monday, February 25, 2013

Kate Hudson in ad for Ann Taylor.
Emma Stone in an ad for Revlon.
Natalie Portman in an ad for Miss Dior.

We always see celebrities in advertisements and their seal of approval helps sell tons of merchandise and it keeps them relevant.  If you were famous ... the question is ... who would you endorse?  Would you stand for something?  Would you put a limit to the amount of airbrushing?  Would you pick fashion, beauty or fragrance?

I would love to stand for something but it would have to be something that I totally believe in not just because it sounds good to stand for it.  You know what I mean.  I would also think I would love to be in a Bareminerals ad because I just think that is the finally kick that company needs ... celebrity endorsement!  I love Bareminerals and I think everyone should wear it!  No joke ... I saw that our local boutique was hiring and I thought .... hmmm weekend job ... LOL.  Also, minimal airbrushing ... people compliment my skin all the time and that is what I would want to show in the ad ... that the product does what it says no smoke and mirrors ... it's the real deal.  Second, I think I would totally love a fragrance ad ... their just so sexy and/or glamours!  I love Miss Dior!  As for fashion, you know me ... I don't consider myself a fashionista so I can't quite wrap my mind around being the poster child for a particular company or brand ... maybe one day ... you know when I am famous and have a great stylist!

So what about you?

Friday Fancies #7

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ready for Spring!
This week's topic for Friday Fancies was Red Carpet Ready ... create a gorgeous look or show how you'll dress the part at home ... but here's the catch ... I don't watch award shows.  Sure I look at best dressed afterwards (I do often ponder ... how do they sit in those gowns?) ... but I just never think YAY gonna watch.  So instead I thought I would create a Ready for Spring look.  Currently I have a few outfits that I am rocking that I think would just be a little more fab with a cute cowboy boot.

So what do you think?
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It's Okay Thursday #35

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Okay ... 

that blogger decided to change me back to a no comment blogger on its own ... that's cool ... I see how you roll blogger but now ... I got my eye on you.  Problem fixed ... again!  Seriously if you don't receive responses to the comments you post on my blog ... you too have been duped by blogger. Here is how to fix it!  I email everyone back who comments ... so you know if you're missing out on my funny responses!!

that it is already Thursday ... seriously folks ... when am I ever shocked that the week is almost over? NEVER!  Usually I get to Tuesday and think it's Wednesday and then go insane!

that currently I am a crap blogger - look it happens - life sometimes gets in the way, schedules get mixed up, but the fact is admitting it and moving on!  I NEED to sit down and get ahead!  

that being said crap blogger I have barely commented this week ... grrrr!! This bothers me most of all ... but don't worry I will catch up so get prepared to get like 100 comments from me over the next couple of days (this weekend).  

that Marissa probably gave me a cold - I currently can't breathe or swallow ... great!  I always get sick when I spend time with the munchkins ... but it's worth it ... you know one day I will be like push my wheelchair and shut it ... you gave me like a million colds when you were little!

that I am currently at Starbucks with a bunch of old people.  It's hilarious ... retirees and me!  I love my new life!

So that's all I got!
Miss you guys and I'll be back at it soon!
Tune in tomorrow for my Friday Fancies!!

Which one's better ... wand or the mascara?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This morning as I was applying mascara, I got to thinking about the wand.  Is it the wand that makes the mascara or is it the mascara itself?  I mean mascara is mascara right ... I bet the formula is all the same so does the wand make all the difference?

Well as I've stated in the past, I hate Dior Show mascara (click HERE) but I used a different wand with it and it was a million times better ... still not my fave ... I mean switching wands is ridiculous ... right?  But paying for something and never using it ... just as bad ... am I right?

So what do you think ... is the wand the only thing that really matters?

I'm too cool!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Currently blogging from Starbucks ... yeah I am cool!

So as you all might know, Friday was my last day at my old firm.  It was a little bitter sweet.  Don't get me wrong just knowing I never have to go there again gets me all warm and fuzzy inside but I will miss some peeps I work with.  I have vowed to them to not fall off the planet like most other escapees have.  

The weekend was spent with my niece Marissa.  We did some shopping and she talked me into buying her a fab new outfit and some pretty outrageous shoes ... 

Here is me texting a picture to her mom (my sis Nicole) ... I said they look too big.  She informed me that when she wore her new jeans from her new fab outfit that the pants would go inside the shoe therefore not being too big.  Okay so can I just say that she might only be 6 but she is definitely a fashionista!  {These shoes kinda remind me of the ones wrestlers wear on WWE or whatever the heck it is called now ... but she loved them }

Okay so I had another picture of her rocking her new outfit with said fab shoes but of course my phone wants to die as I try to email it to myself.  Okay not prepared ... my bad.  I'll post it soon!

So Sunday, I met back up with my sister to drop Marissa off and we had a nice lunch.  It's crazy how laid back I felt on Sunday.  Usually I spend Sunday dreading Monday - Friday so much so that I guilt trip myself on all the to do's I didn't get done and especially when I spend one day with family.  I was thinking ... really I used to get mad about wasting a down day with my nieces ... how pathetic is that?  I felt so zen Sunday night you would have thought I was on vacation.

So Monday ... well I didn't have a blog post ready ... my bad.  My current computer at my new job SUCKS ... seriously gmail is like um did you mean to open us in this old ass version of Internet Explorer? I'm getting a new computer soon so chrome download in my future ... YAY!

Yesterday was the most relaxed Monday since I've been in college.  No commute ... seriously MINUTES.   I used to drive bumper to bumper for an hour plus!  The job itself is like any new job.  I know the stuff but I have to learn how they like it done.  My new office is HUGE and as a window that looks OUTSIDE!  I emailed one of my friends this morning stating that I think the sunlight coming in the window was giving me a headache ... I feel like a vampire but you know the cool kinda that glitter in the sun!

So I am officially a day behind ... now going on two for blogging and commenting.  I will get used to my new set up and make better use of my lunch hour.  Hello Starbucks and free wifi.  I can't wait until I come in here one day and everyone knows my name.  I long for that again.  There is something about being "friends" with the Starbucks peeps that keeps you feeling like you are too cool.

So there you have it ... I had  a fab stress free weekend and now I am having a STRESS FREE week!

How about you ... what's making you too cool today?

Friday Fancies #6

Friday, February 15, 2013

I hope you all had a fabulous Hallmark Holiday!!

I added a touch of blue so it wasn't Valentine's Day explosion with just red and pink.

What do you think?
Hope you all have a fab weekend!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My once upon a time ... 
became happily ever after ...
Happy Valentine's Day to my Wonderful Husband!!
{giggles...first time V Day with an actual card category ... HUSBAND!}

I hope you all are having a special Valentine's Day today!

Happy Hump Day - yep I said it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thank you all for your support to my Monday post I promise this is my last crap post for the week!

I'm feeling great because ... 

I got all that "to do before I leave" stuff done mid day Tuesday ... YAY!

I'm having a celebratory lunch today with some co-workers and friends.

I'm having dinner tonight with one of my dearest friends that I haven't seen in FOREVER!!!  Def need to do some catching up!

My mom sent me some birthday cizzash!  More birthday shopping sprees in my future!  YAY!!!

My outfit was completely wrinkled and I used the steam setting on my washer this morning and TADA wrinkle free - totally loving that setting - sorry iron you've been replaced!

I super excited to wear my polka dot jeans on my first day at my new digs!  

I have the rest of my outfits this week planned out and can I just say ... super cute V-Day outfit tomorrow ;-)

What's making your day great today?

Wizard of Oz

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So in case you haven't seen the Spring Issue of Instyle here is one photo from the amazing photo shoot with the gals from Oz the Great and Powerful.  I'm not sure how I feel about a new Wizard of Oz movie but I love the cast.  They are gorgeous and I am loving Mila Kunis' emerald dress!

I have many memories of the Wizard of Oz for example ... I can remember sleeping with water near my bed just in case that wicked witch showed up in the middle of the night ~ I was going to take care of her!  Also, back in the age of dinosaurs like myself cable was a luxury and DVR .. who?  So the Wizard of Oz came on one night a year ... a fabulous night!  However, one year the President {ahem Ronald Reagan} came on and talked and talked and talked and talked about what?  Who cares ... it was Wizard of Oz night shut it up until AFTER!  Like you seriously couldn't wait until the following evening. Anywho by the time he was done I think they were waking up in the poppy field.  Let's just say that I have a hatred of Ronald Reagan that goes WAY deeper than Reaganomics   

Now when the Wizard of Oz comes on TBS runs it back to back ... for an entire day ... or over numerous days ... seriously children these days {shaking head in old lady disapproval} so when it comes on Paul and I always DVR it.  I love that my husband loves the movie as much as I do.  So about a year ago, Marissa (then 5) came over to spend the day.  Well I thought ... why not watch the Wizard of Oz. I seriously forgot that the first time you see it ... it can actually be scary.  I felt sooooo bad. I had to keep telling her ... just keep watching.  The witch gets what she deserves ;-)  We made it through the movie without tears or nightmares ... YAY ... Aunt Circle (yeah that is her nickname for me ... when she couldn't say Mellissa she called me Circle ... now it's just what she calls me) didn't scar you for life.  After that anytime Marissa and I would hold hands while walking she always wanted to sing ... we're off to see the lizard ... too cute I know.  

So what are your Wizard of Oz memories?
Also, when I was young my dad took me to see Return to Oz ... now talk about creepy!
Ever seen it?

The Countdown Begins...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Okay so I really don't have anything to post today because I have officially hit my last week at my current job.  Last week was brutal so hopefully this week flies by and is a breeze.  Hopefully, I can clear off the last "to do's before I leave" items today so I can stop worrying about it and clear my mind for happier things like blogging and getting ready for my new job!  

Thank you all for your support!
How's your week starting off?

Friday Fancies #5

Friday, February 8, 2013

So since we haven't quite had a winter here in Florida this year my Lovely Layers aren't going to keep you warm in a blizzard but it will fight the chill on a 50 degrees day we get now and then.

I wanted to have fun with some pops of color - hints of spring with the feel of a more wintery (by Florida standards) outfit.  

What do you think?

it's okay Thursday #34

Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's okay ...

that I haven't done one of these for awhile but it's nice to have this as a trusted and true back up for Thursday's post.  Love it!

that today I am wearing my new birthday shopping spree heels to work for the first time and since I am a ballet flats kinda girl I feel like this ....

to find it kinda embarrassing that when I google little girl in heels like a million photos of Suri popped up.  She wears heels WAY more often than I do.  You go little girl!

to receive interoffice mail that has my maiden name on it and want to email people like yo hi remember me ... I got MARRIED in SEPTEMBER but then remind myself that I will never see said person again in my life after February 15th!!  

to get mad when Starbucks gives me Splenda instead of Sweet & Low ... hello not the same thing! {#firstworldproblems}

to get mad at myself for not sipping said Splenda tainted drink and figuring it out BEFORE I drove away from the drive thru!  {sigh again #firstworldproblems}

to just realize that I left my ipod in my car - dang it that's a long walk back out there to get it - score just checked my purse - got it!  Yep this is how the madness of my mind works - glad I could share.

that I wish I could hug each and everyone that follows my blog.  I love you guys!!  Thank you so much!!

What's okay with you today?

More Birthday Shopping

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So a fab friend gave me some birthday cizzash and here's what I got:

a) Old Navy Rockstar Polka Dot jeans - Thank you Rachel from lala Lists - she emailed me yesterday regarding those fab jeans from my last Friday Fancies and gave me a tip to look at Old Navy for some and tada ... I got these (wait for it ... ) on CLEARANCE for $12!!!!  YAY!  Paul was like I am confused as to why you are so happy about polka dot jeans so I let him in on the secret (1) they are totally fab (2) a must have staple and (3) at my new job I can wear more casual stuff hence JEANS!!!!!  YAY!  Finally I will get to create fab casual outfits because currently everything I rock is corporate world crap!  Go me go me go me!  Thank you again Rachel!!!!  Head over and check out her blog!

b) TJ Maxx find - Hester & Orchard - mine is a tad lighter than the one in the picture ... I hate when you can't google and find EXACTLY what you are looking for.  I need to start taking pics of my outfit.  I paired this with a peachy pink skirt and a rope belt and I got so many compliments on Monday.  I am loving that I am quickly becoming a fashionista.  Thank you all for your help and support.  I am seriously a work in progress!  

c) Another TJ Maxx find - are you thinking what I am thinking - stripes and polka dot jeans ;) Loving it!

So here's another fun fact about my new job - it's over by this TJ Maxx.  I did a post not to long ago about this TJ Maxx location and how it was a let down but I went in there on Saturday with my sister and I found tons of awesome stuff.  So the question is ... how do I not spend every lunch hour buying stuff???  Hmmmmm..  I'll have to work out some sort of plan before this becomes out of control. Maybe I should check my mail - more birthday cizzash?  Mom?

Have you added anything fab to your wardrobe?  I'd love to hear!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 4, 2013

Kerry Washington

WHAT SHE WOREKerry Washington wowed in a lace and brocade Oscar de la Renta gown, pastel Kotur clutch and nude Jimmy Choo pumps at the NAACP Image Awards.

WHY WE LOVE ITThe color palette screams, "We're ready for spring!" while the rich, textured fabrics make it undeniably red-carpet-worthy.

I think she is absolutely gorgeous and hello that dress ... AMAZING!  Loving the mint and the blush pink combo!  Def a must for spring!  Also, I just adore nude heels.  I don't currently own a pair but they are a must own staple ... am I right?  Anyone own some nude heels that you could reccommend?  I never find a pair that are just right.

Thank you all for all your support to my big announcement!
I'm beyond words at this point to describe how happy I am!
Hope you are all having a fab Tuesday!

There's gonna be some changes around here ...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Friday I put my two weeks notice in at my law firm.  I was offered a new fabulous job (dare I say my CAREER) and I am super excited to start.  I've never really talked about my job on my blog because my blog is supposed to be a happy place and work is not usually a happy place. Also, it's also hard to share grievances because there are so many people out there without a job.  So I am grateful but I needed a change because there are tons of things that make my current job annoying: my commute is ridiculous, the hours can suck, the stress level is always at midnight (sorry quote from Michael from The Office) and I really don't enjoy what I do.  My new job will be a 15 min commute!  Stress will be extremely low, I'll be near a Starbucks again. (YAY - it doesn't have a drive thru though ... boo) and I'll have tons of time to blog (YAY)!  So cheers to February 15th - my last day!  I can't wait!!  

Sorry I was a bit M.I.A. last week, I was ironing out all the details ... it was a nail biter!  
I couldn't think about anything else!

Friday Fancies #4

Friday, February 1, 2013

This was a fun outfit to put together because this is the first casual one I have done.  Let me just give you a little glimpse into the thoughts I was having during creating this look - first off I was born in Ohio, moved to Texas, back to Ohio and now I live in Florida.  I've been sledding but never skiing and now that I have thin Florida blood - I would probably not pick skiing as my vacation getaway but I thought why not create a cute casual look for hanging out at the lodge drinking cocoa or doing a little shopping in the shops in Aspen.  You know if we are playing make believe - might as well go big ... right?

So how did I do on my first casual Friday Fancies?

P.S. Tune in Monday for some fab news (no not preggers LOL)!!

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