It's the end and it's just beginning ...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So every year we all try to start off the new year with vowing to fix everything we deem wrong in our lives. It's human nature I suppose to fear the calendar flip.  I often have to stop myself from feeling that New Year bandwagon guilt and the looming birthday.  Let's face it folks ... January is a difficult month.  I've always said that it kinda stinks that I have to start off the new year getting older (well on the 27th) but to heck with all that Negative Nancy ... it's like a band aid - rip it off and start the new year.  

2013 was definitely a year of changes for me.  First wedding anniversary and walking away from the legal world for good.  (well hopefully for good - fingers crossed Shia here gets into one of the 9 programs she is applying for this July)  Changes do come with costs and can be scary in the beginning.  Everyone around me was pretty supportive but I have seemed to fall out of touch with some people that possibly don't understand.  But isn't that just the natural course?  

So what's the deal with 2014?  For some reason I feel like I have to start working out tomorrow ... LOL. Dang that knee jerk New Year guilt!  Even though I probably should  start a new workout routine that is not my New Year's Resolution.  This year I think I want to just resolve to live every day to the fullest.  I know kinda lame and kinda boring.  But seriously, think about how many days of the year we take for granted and then we just seem to focus all of our attention to the bad days.  It's time to start making the most of life.  We only get one ... so we all need to work on making the best one we can have.

Happy New Year to All!

Mod Podge Makeup Wipes Box

Saturday, November 23, 2013

So part of my couponing, I have gotten these makeup wipes for cheap and/or free.  These wipes have a tendency to dry out once the pack is open so I thought I would make a box to keep them fresh.  

Mod Podge is a crafters dream.  I just discovered it recently.  I bought this off brand at Michaels with 40% off coupon and got it for about $3.  I bought the tin at the Dollar Tree and I bought the paper at Michaels on clearance for $0.29.
Applied Mod Podge to the tin ... stuck the paper on it and then coated the paper with Mod Podge.
The wipes fit perfectly and there is room for a small scissor.  I found a tip in AllYou magazine to cut the wipes in half for more use.  I tested it out last night and half a wipe worked well to remove all my makeup.  Also, I had to leave the lip as is because the tin would not close with paper added there but you can't see it with the box closed so ... who cares!

Simple, cheap and super cute!
I have mod podged about 20 things already and the container is still 3/4 full.

Have you ever Mod Podged?

I'm Cray cray ...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

(I took this pic forever ago in Ottawa, Canada on vacation!)

So what is it about making something, buying something, eating something, loving something, hating something, seeing something, hearing something, reading something {the list goes on and on} that makes me what to blog? 

So right now I have got blog craze on my mind so much that I didn't think there was any better way to express it in the post title than using that horrible word ... cray and it's so intense it calls for a double dose ... cray cray.  

So why so cray cray?  

You all might remember that I mentioned that I was all about couponing these days and I've gotten pretty good at saving money on our day to day groceries with a few times getting certain items for free, etc.  Yet I thought ... how can I pick up my game?  I mean why pay $1 for shampoo or conditioner ... how can I start getting more of these things for free.  So, I enlisted my trusty friend Google (she's such a nice girl) and found youtube videos regarding couponing at CVS.  I found a great CVS for beginners video {HERE} and her blog {HERE}.  She gave such a straight forward and easy approach to couponing at CVS.  So last night was my first attempt and .... I got $80 worth of stuff for $26 plus two free movie tickets and $7 reward bucks to use next week.  So hmmm ... 26 -7 -"20" (2 movie tickets) = um FREE!!!  Insane right?  Believe me I am still dancing around this morning.

So right after my CVS haul I headed over to my grocery store (Publix) where I got $300 worth of stuff for {drum roll} $86!!!  That was the most I have ever bought and saved at Publix in my life.  The cashier and bagger were so sweet and funny.  They made it so much fun ... it was like a game show of what's the price going to be in the end.  I ended up going later last night before closing thinking that it would be the best time to not hold other people up.  If I ever do this big of a transaction again ... I think I will be in first thing in the a.m.  

Last night I told my mom how much I saved and said ... OMG I want to take a picture of all my stuff and put it on my blog ... lol.  But I decided to post that lovely tree instead.  I don't want to go ALL IN with the cray cray just yet. 

Also, my family is doing our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night.  My parents will be out of town, my sister has to work ... guess people need 9 1 1 on thanksgiving and such that we all decided to get together tomorrow night.  I am {of course} baking the pumpkin pies.  So my house has that nice pumpkin pie aroma. 

Also, since I am all about saving money.  I think I might be headed out to some Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals.  At this point, I really just need some presents for the girls (nieces).  So fingers crossed I can just go out on not so cray cray Thanksgiving rather than doing Black Friday.

So what are you cray cray about these days?

Currently ...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

So my Sunday was full of newspapers and my first Red cup! 
Last week, I saw this link-up over at siddathorton and thought I would participate this week.

Reading ... AllYou November Issue - This is my new favorite magazine - lots of money saving tips on practically everything to buy.

Writing ... This blog post ... YAY I'm blogging!

Listening ... to my hubby yell at the Seahawks ... YAY currently tied ... fingers crossed!  Go Seahawks!

Thinking ... why does fall back just feel SOOOOO good?

Smelling ... lavender air fresher ... I love lavendar!

Wishing ... this football game would end... OT... BOO!  Go Seahawks!

Hoping ... Seahawks win or hubby will be grouchy :-/

Wearing ... jeans!  It is finally cooling down in the hotbox state I live in!!

Loving ... that half of my answers are related to a football game currently playing in the background.

Wanting ... to figure out some great homemade gifts to give out to my family this year.  Last year I made cookies - kinda wanting to switch it up this year.

Needing ... to make something to eat ... how is it 7:00 already??

Feeling ... like I am getting sick.  I've had a scratchy throat for two days ... pretty sure one of the girls gave me their cooties.

Clicking ... coupon sites.  Today is organize coupons day hence the newspapers in the picture above.  I am all about couponing these days.  It's a little time consuming starting off but once you get a routine going ... it's pretty simple.  Nothing like extreme couponing going on over here but I have gotten some items for free like toothpaste, shaving cream, etc.  Good times!

So what are you currently up to?

The Joy of Baking

Friday, October 25, 2013

So a while back (heck everything is "awhile back" since I haven't blogged in FOREVER), I shared with you all some cakes that I baked and shared my ambitions to make a coconut cake for my first wedding anniversary.  Since we had a destination wedding in Oregon and traveled the Pacific Northwest for about a month ... there was no saving the top (heck there wasn't even a top) to eat on our special day.  So I got to work looking for the perfect cake recipe.  My inspiration actually came from the same blog that I found the chocolate cake recipe.  I tweaked it a bit.  Added coconut and coconut extract to the batter and the cream cheese frosting then patted coconut around the sides.  It was so good.  The cake was super moist and had a yummy coconut flavor throughout.
It is a tad messy to frost but I just kept scraping and patting.  

My sister Debra's birthday was in August.  Her favorite cake has always been funfetti.  Read my previous post about funfetti gate.  So when I saw Allison over at Long Distance Loving posted some funfetti recipes I thought it was just meant to be for me to make her favorite cake well cupcakes.  The recipe I used was from Sally's Baking Addiction.  
I used larger sprinkles in the mix and the tiny sprinkles to decorate.

Then my sister Nicole's birthday was right after our wedding anniversary and since she was kind enough to watch Daisy while we were on fall vacation I definitely wanted to surprise her with that amazing chocolate cake for her birthday. (Use coffee extract ... I have no idea where to find espresso powder other than William Sonoma.)  I think I received about 20 text messages from her telling me how awesome this cake was ... it's definitely yummy.  I didn't think Paul would let it leave the house and if we didn't have our anniversary cake I am pretty sure there would have been a big chunk missing when she opened the cake box.  (tip ... giving a cake as a gift ... you can buy cardboard cake boxes from Michaels for about $2 ... definitely gives it an extra bit of fanciness!)
My pantry is becoming a bit "Martha Stewart" like.  It is well stocked and organized.  I found a pumpkin chocolate chip cake recipe online and thought about making it.  So while at the supermarket set to buy the canned pumpkin I saw these on an end cap ... 
Add melted butter, TBSP water, egg and tada!
Snickerdoodles ... my absolute favorite cookie.
The next best thing (yet hard to find) is cinnamon ice cream ... OMG so yummy!

However, as great as Ms. Betty Crocker can be, I mean they look great, but they just a tad disappointing. The flavor is just lacking and they leave a weird taste/feeling on your tongue.  So as easy as they were to make sometimes the sure thing is just putting in the hard work and making them from scratch.  

Since I went with the impulse buy I decided against making the pumpkin chocolate chip cake and made chocolate chip cookies instead ... 

I added oats to mine.  The trick I find with making the best chocolate chip cookie is to cream the butter until it's fluffy.  Sometimes I'll use the food processor but even a hand mixer will do the trick it will just take longer.

I think my next cake to make will be have to be red velvet.
Do you enjoy baking? What's your favorite cake or cookie?

She's Alive!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Can I just say that Bride of Frankenstein was the best Halloween costume I ever rocked.  I mean I went all in .... wig and everything ... and I am not ashamed to say that I made slight alternations the year after and rocked it again.  

So Saturday I am headed over to see the girls (aka my nieces).  We are going to two fall festivals and then trick or treating.  I'm always confused as to when kids go trick-or-treating these days ... weekend or the actual day of Halloween.  Either way Paul and I usually escape to a nice dinner out because well ... we're the only ones not tracking around neighborhoods with kids.  I know it sounds mean but I leave a bowl of candy out in the driveway.  So either one kid is hitting the M&Ms jackpot or the kids pick it up as they pass.

So what are your Halloween plans?  What's your favorite costume?
P.S. Homemade costumes can always be the funniest and the best.  I remember when my sisters went as dice and then the next year Christmas presents.  Yep ... creativity at its finest there.

First Anniversary

Friday, September 20, 2013

Have Goals and Be Respected!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rome wasn't built in a day.  Having goals and being passionate about them is just as respectable as completing the goal.  Having goals shows that you have ambition.  Also, when you tell others about your goals with passion it shows that you have drive. 

Don't get caught up in the thought that the world is keeping score.  There is no one out there with a check list keeping track of what you do and don't because sometimes when you are working on a goal you may reach a point where you no longer want what you were working for - let's not get it twisted - if your goal is to quit drinking or doing drugs - those types of goals need to be completed for your health and well being.  Also, if you have one or both of those goals - CALL AUNTIE SHIA - she's here for you.  But seriously, sometimes your initial goal can morph into something new or you realize that the end result isn't really what you wanted and you then reevaluate and form a new goal. In all actuality, this realization shows that you are growing as a person which is precisely the reason for making goals.

Even though there is no one keeping score, you have to complete some goals for three reasons.  One is the satisfaction you get when you work hard and see results keeps you empowered.  Goals can be anything you want to make happen in your life.  It doesn't all have to be super serious like becoming the first female President but boy Aunt Shia would be so proud.  Seriously, just anything that improves or enriches your life and makes you happy.  Second is the happiness you get from completing it.  It always just seems that when people get depressed it is because they feel like they have nothing to live for. So always keep your life on a happy track by working on goals.  Third is the pride in yourself you achieve.  It's all well and good for others to be proud of you but to actually be proud of yourself is a different level.  Pride in yourself is more important.  You have to love yourself and love being who you are, your goals make you ... you.  

Keep track of your goals.  Right now you all are receiving gold stars for your accomplishments and you feel the reward by seeing that gold star which is precisely why you need to keep track of your goals.  You have to see the successes.  Goals can have milestones on the way so seeing how far you have come keeps you moving in the right direction.  You know Auntie Shia is part of the 20th century where we liked to write stuff down and see it but now in the 21st century you probably have an app for that.  Whatever way you keep track ... keep it up.  

Last but not least, don't forget you can always tell Aunt Shia about your goals and I'll always be here cheering you on!  Love my girls!!

Espresso Powder ... where the heck do you find it?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope you all had a fab weekend.  

Paul's birthday is coming up this Wednesday so I thought I would make him a chocolate cake from scratch. Before this great adventure I have made two homemade cakes.  The first one which I have dubbed cake-gate was a complete let down.  The first one was just way to much to tackle for a newbie cake maker.  It had great intentions ... double birthday cake ... for Paul and for my lil sis Debra ... which then just caused my lil sister to be bratty (which she will probably still deny and who in their 20s still wants funfetti cake when someone is WILLING to make you a cake FROM SCRATCH ... hence the name cake-gate) anywho ... I tried making a healthy version using splenda and such and it turned out to be a heavy somewhat tasteless cake. Womp womp womp ... so I went back to cakes in a box.  I mean hello they taste good don't knock Betty Crocker that girl has it DOWN.  

Yet cake-gate and all, I could not let that first fiasco stop me from attempting it again.  Recently I've gotten back in the kick of watching all the cooking shows that pbs airs.  You know like America's Test Kitchen and their "new" (well new to me) Cook's Country.  So I saw this episode with a Strawberry Dream Cake and I thought it would be perfect to try as my next homemade cake (click HERE to watch the show).  The cake was definitely a chore to make.  It called for squeezing the juice from frozen strawberries and reducing it down to a thick syrup.  Let's just say it took WAY longer than the few minutes for them to go over the "how -to" on television.  Well ... the cake was AMAZING.  Strawberry cake, strawberry cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries in the middle ... OMG ... sorry Betty but your Strawberry Cake mix has got NUTIN on this bad boy!!  The cake was gone in like 2 days.  It literally became a part of the day ... CAKE TIME!!
So now we're at my THIRD cake.  Chocolate cake with chocolate icing for Paul because seriously we will be watching tv and he will randomly say ... chocolate cake.  Seriously like once a month he will crave chocolate ... it's kinda nice knowing we aren't the only ones.  So I looked for a pbs cooking show with a delicious looking chocolate cake and no such luck.  So I went to my second tried and true method ... google!  I found a blog toting the The Best Chocolate Cake {Ever}! (<---click on that link to see her amazing cake and for the recipe) and thought I just had to use this recipe. I looked it over about 100 times before making it and each time I thought okay this is WAY easier than that Strawberry Cake.  However, the biggest challenge looming over me for this cake was ... the recipe calling for espresso powder.  I looked almost everywhere for it ... Publix (grocery store), Fresh Market (kinda like Whole Foods), Whole Foods and World Market ... no luck.  I did use that trusty friend of mine google which mentioned that William Sonoma carried it but I was not trekking all the way across town for one ingredient AND paying the William Sonoma price for it.  There just has to be a different way. So I read through all the comments and kept telling myself that even the blogger said that it was just her spin on the Hershey chocolate cake recipe on the back of the cocoa powder container which says NOTHING about espresso powder but yet her words that it just helped bring out the chocolate flavor even more kept haunting me.  Then I found my substitution ... coffee extract.  Well actually I bought something at Whole Foods called Coffee Flavor which I have to guess is the same thing that I later saw at Publix {CHEAPER!! ... bang palm on forehead}.  With that I set off to make my cake and .... it turned out DELICIOUS!  The cake is so moist and delicious and the frosting is to die for!  Seriously you could just make that and spread it over everything and be content.  Screw nutella ... lol.  The cake is definitely rich so definitely have some cold milk {soy for those lactose intolerant like me} or ice water nearby. We had vanilla ice cream with ours ... so yum.  It was also super simple to make.  Granted just about anything might seem simple after that Strawberry Dream Cake but it truly is - other than of course having to measure out all the ingredients - it's just as easy to make as a box cake.  Also, frosting sounds kinda daunting to make especially when it comes so neatly packaged in the correct amount at the supermarket but it is really easy to make and tastes so much better ... I know I know but it is ... trust me ... heck make it. 
I'm hoping the more cakes I make ... the neater they will start to look but hey pretty or not they are sure tasty!

So all in all, my last two cakes were a success and I am even thinking about trying to make a few more real soon for some other birthdays I have coming up.  Also, how awesome would it be if I learned how to make real coconut cake and made it for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  Since we had coconut cake at our wedding I think it would be fitting to try my hand at that cake next.  

What's your favorite cake to bake?

Back to School

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to School

So this week's topic is back to school and guess what ... Shia is back in school!  YAY!  More on that later but for now here's my attempt at geek chic.  Love those bangs but too bad my white girl fro doesn't agree ... boo hoo!

Errand Girl

Friday, August 16, 2013

Errand Girl
So errands can be fun {sometimes} but going through all the prepping can just be a big waste of time.  I'm not big on dressing up unless I am meeting friends for lunch or coffee. However, I do hate to just wear running shorts and have the whole going to the gym look when I have no intentions of going to the gym {ahem flip flops kinda give it away}.  So I thought ... why not find a fun way to dress up some gym shorts and tada ... here is a def look I would wear when doing errands.

What do you think?
Are you one of those girls that looks flawless when doing errands 
... you know the ones I outfit crush on?

Primer Showdown

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So, we all know that I love bareMinerals (if you are new look HERE and HERE for my previous posts). However, recently I've tried to be a little more budget conscious and try e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer. I found it at my local Target and thought I'd give it a try since it is half the price of bareMinerals Prime Time.

It looks and feels exactly the same.  Plus, you can buy this primer online in different shades for color correction, brightening and a little glow.  Browse the customer reviews if you plan on trying one of the other shades.  Since I stuck with clear, I have no clue if the others work well.  {If you try one (or currently use one) let me know - I'd love to hear about them}.  This primer is just as smooth and lightweight as the other. I can't even tell the difference, my foundation looks just as even, smooth and natural.  Also, just like the other it doesn't clog my pores.  

The only griped I have is that the container is larger and bulkier and it only holds half as much!  Also, since it is half the size I'll be purchasing it more often but come on who doesn't need a reason for going to Target?

So in my book this is a definite keeper - it's cheaper and works fabulous!
Now I need to check out the mascaras ... stay tuned!!

What cheaper items have you swapped into your makeup?

Short Story

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Short Story

So here's my Friday Fancies on Saturday ... better late then never.  I'm not a huge fan of shorts ... I prefer skirts but I found these shorts similar to a skirt I own and thought I'd so a simple way to look fabulous when out and about this summer.  
Join the fun and link up at {long distance loving}!

Am I Weird?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

So instead of telling you all the things that I am okay with this week ... I thought why not share some things that I wonder if I am okay ... so more like a "is it okay?" kinda day.

Isn't it weird that ...

I always think of the most random moments in my life when I am taking a shower.  Seriously, it never fails some weird memory will come back to me and the entire time I am showering I am also thinking where in the world did this chain of thoughts come from?  Weird?

To stop drinking Starbucks (yes weird) but then go back and think ... YUCK ... this stuff is so bitter and have weird caffeine withdrawals or yet the opposite because duh you just drank it.  Then think why the heck didn't I think to get decaf ... you know like easing yourself back into an addiction rather and overdosing.  But wait ... there's more ... then the lil starbucks app has a 1 on it ... you tap it and TADA free drink reward at your service.  Okay so next time ... totally getting decaf.

I am so far out of the blogging world that when I logged in today I had google reader ... um wasn't that something everyone was talking about going away ... like the blog world was ending and we all had to jump on over to bloglovin?  Is it weird that I have no idea about any of it ... I just blog to blog ... is there something wrong with me?

That random old men add me to their circles on google+ ... who are these guys and where the heck are they finding me?  Isn't it a tad creepy or am I just weird?

So what makes you weird?

Don't let them pile up!

Monday, July 29, 2013

So you have escaped from home ... you now have your own place.  Great right?  No parents, no chores, no nagging you know the great life.  Well almost.  Dishes!  Let's face it they need to get clean and if you are living in the world without a dishwasher that means ... you gotta wash them.  

It all starts with one cup or plate in the sink and before you know it everything you own is in there needing to be cleaned.  So what do you do?  Roll up your sleeves and start washing?

Here are some tips ....

1) When apartment hunting make sure your kitchen is off the beaten path ... you know not viewable from the front door.  

2) Decorative dishtowels over the sink will get you an extra day ... or two.  

3) Soaking them for later is never a good idea - you just end up with STANK water and slimey dishes.

4) Marissa you are in luck ... bring that little sister over and bribe her to do the dishes.  Ex. Debra and her friends would want to come over and hang out ... sure thing but ya gotta wash some dishes.  Win win.

Okay so you are gonna wash them (because little sisters are unavailable or they have finally caught on to you), go to the sink and stand there for a few minutes thinking do I really need these dishes ... I mean I could throw them out and get a whole new set for like $10.  Okay done?  Please we've all thought that.   Instead just take the plunge.  Wash and dry them ... letting them air dry will mean that they never make it back into the cabinet so spend the extra time making sure everything is put away.

So dishes are done and you vow to never eat or drink anything again.  So now what ... well while you are on a cleaning spree clean the rest of your place.  I'm sure you have stuff stuffed everywhere hidden from visitors view so get it back to square one.  At the end, you'll have a squeaky clean apartment and eat out for the next week to keep it that way but hey you're young and there is more to life than dishes and clean apartments ... right?

The first time you get a dishwasher you will love it even more and appreciate the fact that it can contain the mess until full and be done without your sweat and tears while you are out shopping.  In all seriousness, I'm not condoning a messy apartment but it's a part of college life.  There is so much going on that the last thing you want to think about after pulling an all nighter studying or sleeping off a hangover is dishes.  It doesn't make you a bad person - it's just a part of being an adult on your own. I spent my college years nearly roommate free so maybe find a roomie that loves to do dishes and live happily ever after.  But even roommates come with a cost ... more on that later.

Friday Fancies: Style Crush

Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm not one to crush over an actress/model/whatever's look.  Come on they have stylists!  However I do envy and have style crushes on those around me that can create a bold color and printed outfit.  I have outfit crushes ... so here is an attempt to make an outfit that I would totally crush on if I saw someone wearing it.

Style Crush

I just love mint and coral together ... now only if my skin tone loved them as much I do.  Also, it takes guts to mix prints and bold colors so I just crush over anyone's outfit that does and then scour the internet looking for the same pieces {true story}.
Have you ever had one of these moments?

Read this!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What better day to make a fresh comeback than an It's Okay Thursday!

I've done some blog soul searching and discovered that I had indeed lost my roots but I have gained some other great things along the way so those need to be embraced as well.  So here it goes ... my plan:

First off, Friday Fancies are a must have comeback post so tune in tomorrow for my fabulous outfit creation!

Second, I started this blog to WRITE and I haven't done that in a long time.  Some of it was due to writer's block and the other due to convincing myself that no one actually reads anymore because they just want pictures and the ability to move on quickly.  Well tough luck cuz I'm doing some writing. I am devoting one post a week to a new idea ... {here's a little back story} ... a fellow blogger, Stephanie at Bourbon and Glitter, recommended a book Adulting:  How to Become a Grown Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown so I checked it out from my local library and the part that hit me was when the author stated that she always gave advice to her friends and they were always saying ... you should write a book.  That is totally me.  I have dreamed of writing an advice book.  I've even tried having an advice column post which didn't really take off so what can I do with all this advice.  I often think that my friends get a bit tired of me having all the answers so who can I help? {Light bulb turns on!!}  My nieces!!!  As you all know (or now know), I have three adorable little nieces. Marissa (7) and Leah (3) are my sister Nicole's girls and Kaelyn (4) is my sister Debra's girl. When Marissa was born I dreamed of her being old enough to have chats and to give her advice and hello ... she is pretty much there.  Seven ... how are you seven!!  I ask her this all the time.  Anywho, back to my brilliance, so one day a week (exact day yet undetermined) I will do a post, Trust Me Been There. The advice will be things I've learned in life ... some serious and some hilarious because not all advice needs to be some grand speech on how to.  Sometimes it's just an omission that everyone does silly stuff and lives to laugh about it.  So I hope you will join in and feel free to give your two cents on each post.  I'd love for you all to share your stories too!

Third, so I have Fridays and some other day wrapped up so what else is going to be showing up around here?  All that fabulous random stuff that once made my blog, MY BLOG.  If you need a gist, feel free to click round on my blog and see what's up.  

Lastly, thank you all for hanging in there and all your kind words on my last post.  
Here's to my new plan!

No pictures please ...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Okay so for once I am going to just blog about some random thoughts without pictures so here it goes ...

First, seriously check out this post about moving over to bloglovin ... it literally took me less than 5 minutes to  add all my blogs I follow to bloglovin.  If you follow me let me know if I am not following you ... I don't want anyone to slip through the cracks!!!  Leave me a comment below and I'll fix it ASAP!

Second, I have been having some debates with myself about my blog ... change it, keep it, toss it, revive it, forget it, cherish it, etc.  I am working on it.  Suggestions are helpful.

Third, tonight is finally/sadly/terrifyingly Game 7 of Heat vs. Spurs ... GO HEAT!!!

Moreover, I just realized other night that evening tv sucks during the weeknights ... so now nothing to watch until Sunday night and no basketball ... how will I make it through the Summer?

Furthermore, I have decided to read more ... yes READ BOOKS. 

However, before you think I will be reading any great American classics or serious autobiographies, check out this MUST READ book list ... new and final Sookie Stackhouse (aka True Blood) Dead Ever After and {brace yourself} Revenge wears Prada ... the sequel to Devil Wears Prada.  Could it be?  I have listened to the audiobook a million times so much so that I bought it and I'm listening to it as I type this post ... yes true story.  Then again, my enjoyment of these great books is contingent on my hold status at the library.  Sadly, I am currently #11 for Revenge wears Prada and #57 (OMG 57!!) for the final True Blood.  Regrettably, this might be a autumn read rather than a summer one.

Besides, I have like a million magazines to catch up on perhaps I'll start with those for my great summer reading experience.

Lastly, anyone interested in doing a guest post, comment below and I'd love to work with you!

Easy Summer Beauty

What to Pack for a ... City Weekend

Hot Summer Nail Color

A Simple and Perfect White Summer Outfit

What to pack for a .... Beach Getaway


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I just love Christina Hendrix and I always list her character Joan on Mad Men as my fave.

'At home, I put on a low-cut caftan, and he's like, "Babe, you look great,''' Christina Hendricks says of her husband, Geoffrey Arend.

Love this outfit but um ... Lucky ... where did her girls go?
They are big girls and here she looks a tad flat chested.  
Photoshop busted!

 The buxom redhead says he loves playing her 'Mad Men' character: 'I would play Joan forever.'

Now Mad Men - give her more of a story line this season!!

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