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Fabulous Fridays

Okay so it is proven .... Fridays are the BEST! My boss is out, I came in at 10:30 and I'm leaving early. What could be better than that? Sure not every Friday is like this but for the most part Fridays rock because you tell your self tomorrow I don't have to go to work and even when you are waking up early on Friday for work you can tell yourself...ahhh tomorrow I can sleep in. So there is a magic about Friday .... it is the promise that Saturday is TOMORROW! Sure you know Monday is right around the corner but it's seems so far away on a Friday also it's that whole denial thing too. Oh this Monday won't be so bad. I have a positive outlook because I'm high on life because it FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday Thoughts

So it's Friday eve...I seriously hate when people say that. All in all I can see that Thursday is pretty much the gotta wrap it up day. I don't want to (heaven forbid) stay late on a Friday so I'm cranking out the work. Plus the fact that my boss will not be in tomorrow, also has added fuel to the fire to get things done. But really I thought about it, Thursday is the day that I will crank out whatever to get Friday back on easy street. The last thing I want on a Monday is to walk into last week's problems. Don't even tease me with the thoughts of Friday being a disaster and having to do work on the weekend. AHHHHH!!!

Baseball - America's Disguisting Past Time

Hmmm where does it say you need to spit, adjust yourself ....
In light of the World Series, we've been watching baseball. Am I the only one that finds this sport totally disgusting? Is it now a written rule that every player must adjust himself, spit, undo and re-velcro his batting gloves, tap his shoe, adjust his helmet, spit, adjust, um did I mention spit and then pick his stance to HIT THE BALL? And then repeat after every pitch? Also, since this is the age of technology, I get to see all of this in HD and at a super close camera angle. To the point that I can tell if he is chewing gum or sunflower seeds. It's also truly disgusting when they show the manager in the dugout worried about the game and you see streams of spit being fired around him from the players. I really think if I ever met Madonna my new question for her would be .... Did A Rod spit and adjust himself every two seconds off of the field? How did you ever get any cheating time in with all of those …


Okay I have no clue who this chick in the picture is but you will understand why I googled and found this picture. I once read in Seventeen magazine how to cut your own bangs. The instructions were comb down your bangs and then gather them and twist (just like my assistant over here on the left ... thank you whomever you are and check out her how to instructions) then cut. Viola "straight" bangs. Well honestly this trick really did work but I have curly hair so any imperfections might have been hidden by the curl. Anyway it seemed to work. Well now (as you can see from my profile pic) I sport the side bang with my straight hairdo so will the Seventeen trick work now? Well I have been letting my hair grow out so I have refrained from going to get a trim for fear that the stylist would cut off all the new growth (which seemed to be happening every time I got a trim no matter how much I pleaded for the lenght not to be touched). So the bangs were growing out too. Well at one p…

Wednesday - The high point?

So Wednesday is the "hump" day. So shouldn't it all be downhill from here? Well it looks like it's going to be a rainy day but that's not too bad when you have to sit inside at work for 8.5 hours. So far it seems even more peaceful than yesterday. Hmmm...have we as a society just hyped up Mondays so much that we subconsciously make it the worst day of the week. So far that's what I'm thinking. I'll keep you posted.

Parents Behaving Badly in Public

What happened to the days when parents disciplined their children? No I don't mean beating them in the grocery aisle so they can be caught on camera and posted up on the news. I just mean doesn't it seem like children are just left to their own devices when it comes to discipline?
Would it be so bad to tell your child that they need to stop screaming their head off in a restaurant when other people are trying to enjoy their meal that THEY are paying good money to enjoy and perhaps they are celebrating something or just need a nice evening out and now your screaming child is ruining it and guess who's fault it is? YOURS their parents. Just because you have learned to tune them out doesn't mean everyone else has. Also, I was once in the grocery store and a woman was letting her son run free and he was sticking his finger into the raw meat packages and busting them open. Honestly no lie I gave her the WTF look and she (brace yourself)....LAUGHED like it was funny. …

Tuesday and peaceful...

So this morning I woke up before the alarm went off, did I jump out of bed excited to start the day? Um not so much but honestly somehow Tuesday is better. Traffic was better. Co-workers seem to be in a better mood and the office seems calm. My outfit seems to be working better (please that can ruin any day). The coffee seems to taste better. Are Tuesdays the zen day of the week? I guess we'll have to see.

Boo to Mondays

What's makes Monday my most dreaded day of the week? Sure my weekend is over and I have to get up and go to work, but tomorrow is Tuesday and I have to do the same thing again and again and again and again ... you got the idea. But seriously every Monday I am putting in my Gmail to Mondays or something quite similar...why? I think Mondays get a bad rap. Sure not every day can be Friday but face it Fridays suck for the same reason that Mondays do...WORK! So this is my test for the week. Yes Mondays suck. There always seems to be some catastrophe on Mondays but I'm going to pay more attention this week. Is it the day of the week? Or is it just shall I dare say....where I am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays? Yes that dreaded place....WORK!