Scrunchy: Do or Don't

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One of my all time favorite Sex and the City episodes is where Carrie and Berger fight over if fashionable women actually wear scrunchies. Carrie (of course) states that no woman wears one outside the presence of a sink where she is washing her face.  Berger then finds a woman at a restaurant sporting a red scrunchy and Carrie's responds … she's not from New York … Berger taps her on the shoulder and the woman has a southern accent and states she's from Atlanta. 
So … why are we now discussing this? Well, scrunchies used to be all the rage in the 80s and early 90s - so what happened? I started pondering this the other night when I wanted to lay in bed with a loose top knot. A hair tie was too tight and bobby pins kept falling out and I thought … wouldn't it be great if I had a big soft scrunchy to put my hair up. Then at my next trip to the Dollar Tree I bought three on the smaller side for $1. I love them. I'm fessing up, I wore the gray one Monday and the blue one Tuesday and skipped using one today. I think it's actually better for my hair as well. My hairdresser is always fussing at me for using hair ties - could a scrunchy is less stress and yet does the job just as well. So why not use a scrunchy?

Oh right because scrunchy today is a gateway scrunchy to this look. Velveteen scruchies are never good … nope never … ah ah AH NEVER. Okay so if you keep it within reasonable size and color (normal color range does not include sunflowers or any other pattern that your grandma would use to make an apron) I see no reason to wear a scrunchy in a top knot.
Proof! Here is a model rocking a scrunchy on the runway. Okay you know how runways are … less is more for actual humans. So see … a small scrunchy can be justified for a top knot! YAY! 
So what do you think … to scrunchy … do or don't?

Face Wipe Face Off

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Favorite Face Wipes
I realize that I have tried a lot of face wipes this past year so I thought I would give you a list of my absolute favorites along with two that completely missed the mark.
In the cleansing category, I just love these Yes To Blueberry wipes and the Pond's Original wipes.  The Yes To wipes smell amazing and both leave my skin clean and fresh.  These Pond's wipes really have no scent but they work extermely well.  Both work well on removing dirt and oil and makeup.  I've even used them on my eyes without any burning or irritation.
In the soothing category, I love Yes To Cucumber wipes and Pond's Evening Soothe.  They both leave my skin clean and fresh - oh and soothed.  I love the scent of the Pond's wipes and the Yes To Cucumbers have a mild cucumber scent.  I have used these to remove makeup but I would probably save these for an after the shower or in the morning before putting makeup on since there not really classified for "cleansing".  I have used these on my eyes and did not have any burning or irritation.
In the exfoliating category, I have used Simple Exfoliating and Yes to Grapefruit.  I love both of these but use them for different things.  The Simple Exfoliating wipes are a bit on the dry and rough side.  I like to use these on dry skin patches I get around this time of the year.  It removes them without leaving behind any sign of dryness.  I use them in the morning before putting on my makeup primer so my face is super smooth.  The Yes to Grapefruit are a tiny bit wetter and a tiny bit less rough.  However, the grapefruit definetly works its magic on your skin.  These I would use before bed because my face does get a bit pink after using them - so much so that my husband has noticed.  Neither are too rough but the Yes To might be a little overpowering to someone with sensitive skin.  The Simple exfoliating have no scent and the Yes To Grapefruit have that great fresh citrus smell yet it doesn't linger for long.
Onto the FAILS - First, Almay makeup wipes, these are EVIL!  They burn and burn the heck out of your eyes.  They are extremely wet wipes so I have been soaking the product up with a Qtip and using that for touch ups but I definitely PASS on the wipes but perhaps purchase their liquid makeup remover.  Second, the Simple cleansing, there is just nothing to love.  The wipes are borderline dry yet soft so there's really nothing going on when you wipe them on your face.  They leave behind too much dirt and oil and makeup.  I think the dryness works well in the Simple exfoliating wipe but the cleansing ones definetly need a bit more moisture to get the job done.
If you want to purchase one out of each category I would recommend the following set up:
Pond's Original for cleaning, Pond's Evening Soothe for soothing and Simple Exfoliating for exfoliating.  All of these you can usually find on sale at Target.  I've gotten a lot of them for under a $1 a pack.  {Leave a comment if you want to know how to save $$}  The Yes To brand is a more natural product so I definitely would recommend those as well - I've also gotten each pack on a pretty good sale - I think under $2 a pack {again leave a comment if you want to know how to save $$}.
Since I've only tried three brands - let me know your favorite face wipes!

Last week of the year so I better ...

Monday, December 29, 2014

1) get all my 2014 new year resolutions done ... there is STILL TIME!  Oh wait I didn't make any for 2014 ... whew all good.
2) start reminiscing about 2014 ... it was a great year because ... you know blah blah blah.
3) start beating myself up about everything wrong with me and vow to fix it in 2015.  Wait what ... I'm perfect ... thank you self esteem!  (Reminder:  please show up when I am plucking white hairs out of my head ... thanks love you!)
4) buy a calendar, planner, weekly calendar, daily calendar, etc. (Seriously, I am a sucker for planners.  I buy them/make them/NEVER USE THEM.  It's a yearly cycle that I want to break - yes they are pretty - no you don't need it!)
5) put everything off until the last week of 2015.  Okay so this last one was just to be funny - but seriously what do I NEED to get done by 11:59 p.m. December 31, 2015?  Can't think of anything ... #firstworldproblems
As I say every year at this time - let's not try to beat ourselves up.  Goals are great and accomplishing them makes them even better, but stressing because that 2015 ball is inevitably falling in a few days has no realistic demand on your life.  Unless, the Mayians were wrong and they meant 2015 dun dun DUNNNNNNN.  #youknowpeepsbecrazy
So if I HAD to come up with something that I want for 2015 I would say ... be grateful for some of the great friendships I have in my life and stop giving so much time and energy to the friendships that aren't so great.
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