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Scrunchy: Do or Don't

One of my all time favorite Sex and the City episodes is where Carrie and Berger fight over if fashionable women actually wear scrunchies. Carrie (of course) states that no woman wears one outside the presence of a sink where she is washing her face.  Berger then finds a woman at a restaurant sporting a red scrunchy and Carrie's responds … she's not from New York … Berger taps her on the shoulder and the woman has a southern accent and states she's from Atlanta. 
So … why are we now discussing this? Well, scrunchies used to be all the rage in the 80s and early 90s - so what happened? I started pondering this the other night when I wanted to lay in bed with a loose top knot. A hair tie was too tight and bobby pins kept falling out and I thought … wouldn't it be great if I had a big soft scrunchy to put my hair up. Then at my next trip to the Dollar Tree I bought three on the smaller side for $1. I love them. I'm fessing up, I wore the gray one Monday and the blue one Tuesday and skipped using one today. I think it's actually better for my hair as well. My hairdresser is always fussing at me for using hair ties - could a scrunchy is less stress and yet does the job just as well. So why not use a scrunchy?

Oh right because scrunchy today is a gateway scrunchy to this look. Velveteen scruchies are never good … nope never … ah ah AH NEVER. Okay so if you keep it within reasonable size and color (normal color range does not include sunflowers or any other pattern that your grandma would use to make an apron) I see no reason to wear a scrunchy in a top knot.
Proof! Here is a model rocking a scrunchy on the runway. Okay you know how runways are … less is more for actual humans. So see … a small scrunchy can be justified for a top knot! YAY! 
So what do you think … to scrunchy … do or don't?


  1. Oh my gosh- I am OBSESSED with all things Carrie Bradshaw! This episode kills me...actually, Berger kills me but I won't go down THAT road. Okay- scrunchie debate. The Kelly Kipowski wannabe in me is all "heck yes" but then I see them and find that I can't stomach the look. How models can look good...because she does...with the most ridiculous things is beyond me. BUT I don't think it's a bad idea to rock one at night while you're in bed ;)

    1. OMG - I know ... Berger ... ahhhh Berger!! {I seriously saw him in Boardwalk Empire and had a distaste for him because he was Berger ... lol Post-it grudge ... YES!} Yeah I think I am like you it's good in theory but once you open that pandora's box ... it can get pretty scary ... FAST! So, I am leaning towards saying yes ... cozy weekend wear AT HOME and bed time are the only appropriate times.

      Thanks for your comment! Happy New Year!!
      ♥ Shia


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