Christmas Card Wonderland

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I know this "how to" is a little late but I just had to share.  So I made my Christmas Cards this year.  
Basically I took
White card stock
Damask ribbon
Green and Red Ribbon (47 cents each! HOLLA!)

Which I attached with....
This awesome glue pen...
there are two ends (fine and thick)
which worked out well with the different sized ribbons.
Two Stamps...outside and inside of the card.
So the Merry Christmas Stamp was a bit pricey ($8) but the Warm Wishes stamp was $1!
Awesome ink pads....the ink really did dry fast!!
 And they were the cheapest brand!
This marker was great....only 99 cents!!

And then the Piece de Resistance.....
priceless folks...priceless!
I will say that the glitter did come off of the cards so..
sorry folks but come on... it totally tied it all together!

Grand Total....too much!  But the end result was great.  
I think I'll be making cards similar to these for awhile.

I made one similar to this one for a co-worker...this one wasn't sent out since the ink smeared....

It took me all day to make them and there were some bumps along the way but I'm glad everyone loved them!  Overall it was fun making the cards and it felt great when people told me how great they turned out. 


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So for Paul's Christmas party I was determined to rock some Kardashian Hair.  So I headed to Regis salon to have them work their you can see below.

So here was the result from the salon...great right.
The curls were a little tighter than I'm wearing them.
He did them tighter because my appointment was
at 4:00 and the party was at 8:00. 

Well it's always great when you can have someone do your hair for you but what about recreating it on my own.  So far I have had no luck.  Seriously I kept starting in the same spot that I literally damaged my hair on one side and it no longer curls on it's own.  So I felt helpless hence the trip to Regis.  So I told my hairdresser my curling iron woes and told him that I had literally given up on doing it myself.  He asked what size curling iron I was using.  I told him 2" and he told is too big!  That I need a 1" which is what he used.  So on my way home I made a quick stop at CVS drugstore and bought a cheapy 1" curling iron for $9.99 and (drum roll) IT WORKS!  I can't believe it.  I can do it myself!!! YAY!!  The problem now is that it takes me  an hour to get all of my hair curled (two hours if I need to dry my hair first).  I'm thinking that this time will decrease as I get good at doing it but for now I actually have to wake up earlier to sport the K hair to work.  I know....Shia getting up BEFORE 8:00 that has to be some sort of miracle.  Seriously look it up.  I am sure it's like the 8th wonder of the alarm clock being set for 7:00 am.  

Well last night, Paul and I took my parents and my Aunt Mary and Uncle Roy out to a nice holiday dinner.  I of course rocked some K Hair and my mom actually told me that my hair looked beautiful and that it was so long she touched it and also said...OMG how did you get your hair so soft!  My stepdad piped it a wig?!?  No...all Shia!  Might I add that I find amusement to his wig comment because ANY time I go to a salon and state that I want Kardashian Hair the first response I get is...."THEY WEAR EXTENSIONS"  um I don't care...I've grown my hair out to get NATURAL K HOOK IT UP!!  

Okay so I'll post some pictures soon of my own work so you all can see that I CAN do it on my own!!!


So here are a few pictures from that exciting day with the zoo trip, playground...more playground....

Creepy yet Cool

Season No's

Friday, December 17, 2010

Let me just say that this post might hurt some feelings but I just have to say that what I am about to tell you is the sad truth because so many women in the world have abused these "fashions" so now no one can wear them.

#1 Boots....

Okay so if you look at this picture and think...what is wrong with these?  I am here to tell you.  Let me just set the scene....slightly cool day in older (like grandma status) office lady wearing THESE with Bermuda shorts,  black nylons (her boots were slightly lower than shown above), flowly top, peacoat jacket and 80s white girl fro...full on poofy bangs and the sides pulled and sprayed straight out ....yes all of this was her work wear.  This folks is why these boots are a NO.  No matter who I see wearing these (majority of these women are at work) it just never seems appropriate.  Yet you see women on tv/movies wearing them all the how is it that everyone I see just looks like a day stripper or a go go dancer?  (are those the same thing?)  Anywho, since there has been hundreds doing boots wrong or NO JUSTICE...I say um HELL NO! to boots.  I think the real problem here is more the quality of the boots, cut of the boots and um the outfits that accompany them. 

#2 Velour Sweatsuits

Okay you know I love me some Kardashians and yes Kim looks cute here in her velour sweatsuit but seriously folks...why are these still for sale?  Why haven't these jumpsuits faded away?  Again, I think it is more the ugly "soccer mom" get ups that are sold at like JCPenneys that give these sweatsuits a bad name.  If you want to wear a velour sweatsuit PLEASE invest in a good one.  Don't buy one from JCPenneys unless it's cute like Kim's scratch that...just say no to JCPenneys...go in search of cuter.....with pockets and a normal color....BURGANDY is not a normal color. 

Shopping with Paul woes....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm literally standing in Best Buy typing this blog on a demo laptop...who needs mobile stuff just go to your local Best Buy and use theirs.  Okay I wanted to come here at first.  I wanted to see the iPad because words cannot describe how bad I want one.  Well after browsing and knowing that I'm not going to tap into J Fund money to buy one I was ready to go.  Well, Paul is not.  He can literally walk around Best Buy and talk to an employee for hours.  I do mean hours.  So I decided to be productive and write a blog.  Well first I put every laptop on my blog so that when people check out the laptops they will be checking out my blog too.  I know .... GENIUS!  Okay seriously Paul is still talking to the guy.  GRRR! And men talk about women taking forever....hello!  Okay well signing off a worker bee is standing over me.  Muah ha ha Shia got a way with it....LOL!
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