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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm literally standing in Best Buy typing this blog on a demo laptop...who needs mobile stuff just go to your local Best Buy and use theirs.  Okay I wanted to come here at first.  I wanted to see the iPad because words cannot describe how bad I want one.  Well after browsing and knowing that I'm not going to tap into J Fund money to buy one I was ready to go.  Well, Paul is not.  He can literally walk around Best Buy and talk to an employee for hours.  I do mean hours.  So I decided to be productive and write a blog.  Well first I put every laptop on my blog so that when people check out the laptops they will be checking out my blog too.  I know .... GENIUS!  Okay seriously Paul is still talking to the guy.  GRRR! And men talk about women taking forever....hello!  Okay well signing off a worker bee is standing over me.  Muah ha ha Shia got a way with it....LOL!

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  1. LOL way to steal wifi, I am seriously impressed. And you can now find me, where? At my local Best Buy mooching off of them like you. I wonder if they would mind it if I did my powerpoint presentations for school on their demo pc's?


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