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Friday, December 17, 2010

Let me just say that this post might hurt some feelings but I just have to say that what I am about to tell you is the sad truth because so many women in the world have abused these "fashions" so now no one can wear them.

#1 Boots....

Okay so if you look at this picture and think...what is wrong with these?  I am here to tell you.  Let me just set the scene....slightly cool day in older (like grandma status) office lady wearing THESE with Bermuda shorts,  black nylons (her boots were slightly lower than shown above), flowly top, peacoat jacket and 80s white girl fro...full on poofy bangs and the sides pulled and sprayed straight out ....yes all of this was her work wear.  This folks is why these boots are a NO.  No matter who I see wearing these (majority of these women are at work) it just never seems appropriate.  Yet you see women on tv/movies wearing them all the how is it that everyone I see just looks like a day stripper or a go go dancer?  (are those the same thing?)  Anywho, since there has been hundreds doing boots wrong or NO JUSTICE...I say um HELL NO! to boots.  I think the real problem here is more the quality of the boots, cut of the boots and um the outfits that accompany them. 

#2 Velour Sweatsuits

Okay you know I love me some Kardashians and yes Kim looks cute here in her velour sweatsuit but seriously folks...why are these still for sale?  Why haven't these jumpsuits faded away?  Again, I think it is more the ugly "soccer mom" get ups that are sold at like JCPenneys that give these sweatsuits a bad name.  If you want to wear a velour sweatsuit PLEASE invest in a good one.  Don't buy one from JCPenneys unless it's cute like Kim's scratch that...just say no to JCPenneys...go in search of cuter.....with pockets and a normal color....BURGANDY is not a normal color. 

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