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Natural Beauty

So I was happy to see that the latest trend is less makeup for a more natural look.  Does that thought of less makeup frighten you?  Just the thought of not smearing foundation across your face and going out of the house without it make you cringe?  Well that used to be me but now I am here to tell you that I never fear going out without makeup anymore.  Sure you can buy all of the products that "guarantee" better skin but you still clog your pores with all of that makeup...honestly the magazine announcing this new trend gave you a 5 step process of how to make your skin have natural beauty....5 steps to be natural....really?!?  So I guess you would like for me to get on with it already and tell you my big secret.  The secret is ..... Bareminerals.  Did you just groan?  Hear me out.  I switched a little over a year ago.  I have the best complexion since well you know when you were a kid and you didn't even think of makeup and you looked just fine...THEN!  I rarely break…

Tainted g'love

So studies show that restaurant workers who wear gloves may still contaminate food due to creases in the material trapping heat and moisture - a breeding ground for germs!  If your food prepper handles cash - for sure ask them to change them...YUCK!  Honestly, when I read about this study, I immediately thought of Subway.  I can not eat at Subway.  I feel like those sandwich makers go for DAYS without changing their gloves, not only are there probably like a million germs attached to their sweaty hands - I really don't want to taste all the NASTY stuff you got on your sandwich on mine (pickles, hot peppers, etc).  I will say to the sandwich maker - I noticed that you just touched pickles...I'm allergic can you change your gloves - they do and they can't spit in your food because you are standing right there...LOL  I still can't manage to eat subway...I'll pass for sure now.

Would you like your receipt?

So apparently the paper and or ink used in receipts is bad for you.  It contains a BPA chemical that is linked to causing cancer.  The toxins can seep into your skin and into your bloodstream.  The BPA can rub off onto other objects so stash your receipts separately and wash your hands with soap and water after handling.  Perhaps if the receipt is for something food...whatever, just say no to the receipt....less trees killed and less of a chance of getting cancer.

Yuck - Never Again!

How often do you go to the grocery store and just throw your purse in the front of the cart?  Always right.  Well think about it...what is that part of the cart....KIDDIE SEAT!  73% of grocery cards are contaminated with bacteria from fecal matter - poop people POOP!  I know our local grocery store (Publix) offers antibacterial wipes to wipe down the cart - Shia will be wiping now before my baby (my purse of course) sits in that seat.  YUCK!!

Carrie'd Away

So recently Kim Kardashian was on the cover of Glamourmagazine and even though she is not my favorite Kardashian I just had to get it.  So one of the items from the shoot that they are pimping out on their website to purchase is a horseshoe necklace.  (click here to purchase yours)
Let me just say that I had a horseshoe necklace which I wore a lot until Paul gave me my necklace which I now wear EVERYDAY - can't wear fakes over real.

The purchase of this necklace was inspired by my favorite season of Sex in the City - Season 4.  Carrie wore a horseshoe necklace or several at a time through out the whole season.
There were only two products that Sex in the City ever made me want to buy. 1) the horseshoe necklace and 2) Christian Dior saddle - which I actually own - A REAL ONE - hey I bought it on ebay with the matching wallet for $ money I ever spent and it is currently zipped up in its dust cover tucked inside another bag and I never carry it for fear that it will get di…


What has this world come to?  Keep Calm and Carry On Bandaids....UGH! I posted about this previously...and it inspired  my Be Zen and Grab a Pen (see at the bottom of the page)

Muscle Memory

OMG I just read the most AWESOMEST (yes a word) thing in Self.  According to Self, if you have fell off the workout wagon --- previously toned muscle fibers can bounce back quickly, even after three months of inactivity!  OMG this is AWESOME news....a week of being sick isn't going to get Shia down!  I will make it!!!  YAY!!!

Internal List Update

So back in November I wrote a post about all the things on my internal to do list.  Well the only way anything is ever going to get checked off is if I keep on it.  So here is an update.
Writing - I feel like recently I totally have stepped it up with my blog.  I just love the updated format.  I love my new quotes and I love love LOVE the link within feature.  Taller has had this on her blog for awhile however I never bothered putting it on mine because my posts don't always contain pictures so I didn't think it would work. But it does!!!  I love it!  Often I look at it and I am like wow that was a cool post.  So I hope it helps you enjoy my blog even more.  As for writing, my biggest dream is to be a freelance writer.  I've been doing some research on how to get published and I am going to start testing the waters.  I have a great topic in mind and I am going to start doing my research and write a kick ass article and try to get it published in a local newspaper.Exercise m…


So as always just when I get on a roll....BAM!  Detour!  I've been sick with a stomach flu since last Wednesday night.  I'm still not 100%.  I now know why the plague spread so fast...staying home in bed for days makes you WANT to go out and give it to other  
I think I'm on a break from running until at least this weekend.  Then I have two weeks until the race.  Taller and I spoke today and I think I am over thinking I can just run it without stopping.  I think some occasional breaks will be okay.  My goal is to run it in less than 45 mins.  I can't believe how much torture I am feeling about less an hour of my life.  
So I have some great blogs in the works.  So stay tuned!

Betsy's Office

So my Aunt Betsy sent me some pics of her office.
I love the organized stacks this is totally how I keep my stuff in order too.   Notice the cork board...look familiar?  V Day card from Shia =) I love the cream walls and the cherry wood furniture. The office is HUGE!
Notice her office has four things I don't have...
1) an actual door to SHUT people out - Shia jelly!
2) a window to the outside window just looks out into the hall...THRILLING...however out my window I can see into the attorney's office across the hall and see out his window - Betsy tells me that these windows look out into a park...that just sounds so lovely.  Maybe it's good that I don't have windows I might just stare out them all day wishing to be on the
3) a chair for guests to sit in....instead I just have people come in and hover over me. 
4) Awesome furniture.  I love the desk.  Mine was recently re-stained yet only the top and my file drawer has to be taped shut for it to…

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are some Valentines I made.... This stamp was 49 CENTS!  HOLLA!   The foam hearts were 1.99 for three different sizes in red, pink and white glitter.   The ribbon was 1.50 each.  
The card stock is white...not pink - I took these pictures with my phone flash.  
I also made a Thank You card for my co-worker who gave me the Nike Chip.
When Taller and I went to Michaels for supplies for my V Day Cards.  I found some cute damask boxes and I wanted them....I said that I could organize my card stuff in them but here's how I have them organized now so I didn't buy the boxes.  WILLPOWER!!! 

I really like this container because I can carry it upstairs with the handle and put it away in my closet with ease.  Plus everything is all in one place and I love the little compartments on the lid.  FYI - I got this file box at Walgreens for like a dollar about a year ago and never really had a purpose for it until now.   So win win!

Marissa's Mess

So Nicole emailed me some before and after photos of Marissa's room aka her

Yikes!  Her room isn't normally THIS bad! So I am thinking this is the mess required for the organization. You know pulling everything out to organize and put away. Here's the after!   I imagine Marissa is looking under her bed in amazement... NOTHING under there!!!
Mad props to my sister (of a 4yr old and a 7 mo old) to find time to make this magic happen.
Don't forget if you have office decor or before and after pics...send them to me!

Sink Hole?

So yesterday when I was on my fast walk I saw this.... I hope no one was running or walking over this when this happened.

Office Space

So studies have shown that decorating your office can make you 32% more productive and have less illness.  So here are some pics of my office decor. The Damask Corner Notice the Calendar - that is my running countdown!   I am trying to see if I can go the whole month  without repeating a post-it Inside jokes and pics all find a home here.   I feel like I need a bigger board sometimes! Notice on top of the board is my Starbucks card which I bent.   No more Starbucks! I ruined it so I would stop putting money on it. This is on my back wall.   I want to get a new painting but I don't want to buy something that big.
Also, researchers say that being surrounded by clutter on your desk can increase stress levels and even trigger a headache.  Sorting through disorder may cause clusters of brain cells to work overtime.  I find this SO true. When my desk is a mess I just feel so chaotic and also feel like nothing is getting done.  Last night I took some pics of my "messy&q…


So Taller said I have to stop using this word.  However, might can also mean I am going to switch from thinking and saying that I might be able to do this race to I have the might to do this race.  So today, I went a little farther 6.64k in 1:01:04 with a pace of 9:11/k.  My plan is to do this again tomorrow and Friday.  Work out at home this weekend then run 2.5k at lunch without stopping and walk the 2.5k back.  Then the next week full on run it all and then I still have a week to tweak stuff.

Seeing is Believing

So instead of doing my new loop twice I decided to walk to the nearest Publix to get a chicken wrap.  Since it is over the 5k amount and I had to of course make it back I decided that I would walk it and see how long it took.  What you may not know is that I am like the fastest (at normal walking speeds) walker ever.  People always make comments on how fast I walk.  Also, I truly believe that I get more of a work out when I walk long distances than run.  Anywho, I walked to Publix which according to my Nike chip (which I love) is 6.35k away from the office.  I walked half of it in 31 mins and I made it back in 59:18!  My overall pace was 9:19 per km.  So I technically I just walked a 5k in about 46 and a half mins!  Folks my goal is to RUN it in 45!  Perhaps Shia CAN do this.....

Let there be light!

So finally the sun is back.  Today is going to be a rough day because I am doing my new loop twice to make up for two lost afternoons from rain.  Sounds like fun huh...sigh.  I am TRYING to stay motivated but sadly the thought..."I don't HAVE to do it" keeps creeping up.  I'm just taking it day by day.

Veni, vidi, vici

So I came, I saw and I conquered.  This is how I feel about football season.  It is finally over.  The Super Bowl was last night and at the end all I could think was FINALLY!  No more football until August...YAY!!  Folks, I really didn't think I was going to make it to the end.  Paul was driving me CRAZY.  He follows WAY too many teams.  So I am just going to sit back and enjoy the next football free months....ahhhhh!

It's Friday!

I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that it is FINALLY Friday.  I have seriously felt like a prisoner all week at work.  I guess that is what comes after having 4 days off in a row.  I truly didn't think I would make it to Friday.

Random Photos

Marissa being silly. We went to McDonalds and this is her happy meal toy.   After countless requests for a different my little pony she finally ended up with one that she liked. I just love her style..don't you?  Also, notice she couldn't take her eyes off the cake. Leah  Diet coke addition starting young? Marissa wearing the necklace I gave her for Christmas.   You can't really see it in the picture but it has a tinkerbell charm and a M charm.

Birthday Blog

So it's finally here....I'm posting about my birthday.  Thursday night Paul and I went out to dinner for my birthday.  It was really nice.  I had a four day weekend so on Friday I headed over to my sisters' houses. For my birthday I promised Marissa that I would come see her and that we would have birthday cake. I stopped at Publix on the way over and picked up this cute ladybug cake.   Note red and black icing does not mix with a 4 year old.  It ended up everywhere and it was really hard to get the red icing off her face.  Way to go Auntie Circle. She wanted to hold the cake.   Also when I was cutting it for us, she kept making noises like the ladybug was dying...eeekaaaaaeeeeee.  It was hilarious! Marissa went to her dad's house so then Leah and I got to spend time together. Then I headed over to Debra's house and spent time with Kaelyn.
All in all it was a great birthday.

Laptop Skin

So we all know how much I love post-its especially the post-its Taller gave me for Christmas.  Well I found this laptop skin on the Vera Bradley website and couldn't pass it up. So here is the skin.  It came with instructions and a template to cut to fit smaller size laptops even a netbook.  Since my laptop is a 17" it fit perfectly without having to do any cutting.   Tada!  Here it is on my laptop. Here's what it looks like when the laptop is open and in use.  I wanted the white to be on the top when it's in use.  I just felt like this was right size up.  I love it.  It is super cute and will protect my laptop from getting scratch.  My only gripe is that this cover came in a huge box with another huge box on the inside...WASTEFUL!!!  See below........
Here's the box it was shipped least kitty is finding it useful. With this box inside...which I plan on making use of in my organized closet.
Funny story, so when I first order this I thought it was a case…

Caution Slippery when Wet

So I am starting to feel like the running gods are against me....but I laugh in their face.  Honestly, yesterday I was on the verge of throwing in the towel and today I am running in the rain.  Normally, when running at lunch tons of people are out doing the same, but today I was the only one out there.  That made me feel good like look at me...I have dedication!  It was slippery and raining yet I just kept going.  Also, now when I hit a point where I feel like I have to stop I just keep going and think about my blog and I came up with another craft project.  I can't wait to start it so I can show you.

Motivation and Technology

Nike + Ipod
A coworker gave me this today.  The red piece goes into your shoe and the white part plugs into your ipod and it keeps track of distance, speed, etc.  I am so excited to use it!  This is going to help tremendously!

Rain Rain Go Away

So yesterday was Groundhog's Day...did that massive gerbil say anything about thunderstorms in February?  Seriously folks I couldn't sleep because the thunder was so loud and all night!  I guess that is what happens when the weather drastically drops from the 70s with high humidity to the 40s within a few hours.  So of course, it's raining so what am I supposed to do for a run?  Part of me is seriously considering just running in the rain or running around the parking garage...neither of which sound like that great of an idea.  Hmmmm according to the weather on it looks like it will stop raining around 3pm.  So that is when I am going to head out.

31 Days until 5k

So today the weather is even worse than yesterday.  Thick fog, 80% humidity and 70 needless to say my sinuses aren't happy.  So I brought the nasty nasal stuff that Paul has.  I'm going to use it and go run.  I'm on my own today so I'll report back when I return.

Charlie Sheen

It is ridiculous how much press this man is getting.  We get it he's on a long bender.  Do we really need to interview porn stars on Good Morning America?  Who's more pathetic...the chick putting Charlie on blast or Good Morning America for making this news?  Hmmmm I think it is Good Morning America because since when do we hold PORN STARS which such high regards and listen to anything they say?  Oh when they are bad mouthing a celebrity that's when.  Leave the poor man alone he's making a mess of his situation enough, Good Morning America doesn't need to go into detail regarding how long his private moments with a porn star lasted!  This is becoming such the in thing to talk about that this morning on the local radio station they were having women call in to tell how long their private moments with their man lasts....wait now who's more pathetic...AMERICA!  I mean seriously the last thing I need to hear when I am driving to work in the morning is how long two …

Profile Pic

So I want to update my blog photo to show my Kardashian hair.  I debated on putting up this photo (see below).
I wasn't sure about this I put this one up for the time being....I want a better pic of me with K hair. I posted this pic on here before.  This is from when I got my hair done for Paul's Christmas party.  Like I said I need to get a picture of my attempts at K hair which i think looks even better than this.  I'll try and remember to take a pic next time I finish hooking it up =)