How to Sharpen your Memory

Monday, September 12, 2011

DOODLE!!  It boosts your memory by 30%.  Basically it is thought to be effective because the act of drawing stops you from daydreaming or zoning out during lectures or meetings.  You are more likely to absorb what you hear.   I think I doodle daisies a lot or the unoriginal 3D cube.  Do you doodle?  What's your favorite doodle? 


  1. I love doodling, I did it all the time in school. I get board easily *so sad*

    I haven't doodled much lately since I don't have a lot of time. I painted a picture a couple months ago and that was fun.

  2. I'm a doodler. Random fact:I can analyze handwriting to tell personalities!
    Another fact: most pplmwrite their name when testing out a pen/marker in a store.

  3. :) i do it all the time

    i sit in my office for 40 hrs
    a week ... i always have paper and
    pen around ...

    i love to doodle my name
    in different fonts .. and
    hearts .. OHHHH BOY! you'll
    find hearts everywhere

    kisses from california

  4. I'm an obsessive name doodler- I try different fonts and flourishes and yes sometimes I do still add the last name of my fav crush- I think Olivia Beckham sounds lovely, lol.

  5. Shani - what was the painting of?

    Elle - 1) I want you to analyze my handwriting and 2) OMG I always write my name when testing a pen!!! LOL

    Mel u - you heart it up...I daisy it up...LOL I'll switch...I'm in the office 55 to 60 hours a week...sigh!

    Olivia - too cute. I often practice signing my fiance's last name since it will be mine too soon.

    Thanks for all the comments...sorry it took so long to respond. My office was moved today and I have been putting all my junk away.

    ♥ Shia

  6. Ha, I often want to do this to people at work ;-). . . JK :-)

    Following you my dear. Super cute blog!

    Stop by and follow too if you like.


  7. At work I always pretend to be taking notes in meetings - but really I'm doodling. It's the only way I can force myself to concentrate on what people are saying! :)

  8. The Odd and Chic - I know right!

    Sorcha - thanks for proving it works. I admit I doodle a lot during meetings myself or when talking to peeps on the phone for LONG periods of time.

    Thanks for all the comments =)

    ♥ Shia

  9. Hey babe, tried again - hope it worked! :-)


  10. It doesn't seem like it...what is wrong with blogger...grrrr! Thanks for trying again though!

  11. Shia you are so sweet! This is such an interesting fact. I never would have thought that. I'll have to remember that for the future and remember that it boosts my concentration if I get called out for it ;)

    I usually don't doodle. I'm the girl counting the tiles on the ceiling or searching for split ends haha.

    Hope you have a wonderful day Love!

  12. heyyy I DOODLE!!!

    and here i thought it was distracting...go me! go YOU! go DOODLING!!!

  13. I do. I doodle all day, everyday. Didn't know that it enhance memory, though. Interesting. I just started reading 'Moonwalking with Einstein'by Joshua Foer. I think you'd like it. xoxo

  14. Thank for you kind post, following me and putting me on your blog roll!!! I am a doodle whore, if you will. I tend to draw circular objects, lots of circular swirls, haha. Great post today!!!

  15. the comic is so funny. I love doodling, I doodle so much that I used to be caught by the teacher in school, my textbooks were full of doodles. Doodling relieves stress.


  16. I doodle doodles. It must be those subliminal phallic images from the Dali prints on the walls....

  17. Shia- It was a painting of one of my characters I created. Of course he looks much more beautiful in my head.

    I'll have to take a picture this weekend and post a picture of it.

  18. My boss actually encourages us to play with stuff while we are in meetings or working. Basically the same reason - if your hands are engaged, so is your mind.

    I have a koosh ball in my hands at work constantly!!

  19. The Girl in Pearls - If you get called out in a meeting ... tell everyone to come here and check it out for themselves =)

    Bananas - too cute =)

    Hello Friday - thanks for the tip on the book I'll check it out

    Sarah - you're welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Mongs - too cute!

    anonymous - thanks for the comment =) You doodle're the super doodle!!

    Shani - can't wait to see =)

    Marie - thanks for commenting =)

    Andrea - thanks for the doodle or any movement is helpful...oh gosh I just thought about how guys bang on everything with pens/pencils like it is drums...ANNOYING...that can't be good for them right?

    Thank you all for reading and commenting! I greatly appreciate it!

    ♥ Shia

  20. Yes, I doodle. A lot of cheesy loops or "Wendy + John". :)


Thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate it!

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