How to cut your own bangs

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Originally posted 10/28/09

Okay I have no clue who this chick in the picture is but you will understand why I googled and found this picture. I once read in Seventeen magazine how to cut your own bangs. The instructions were comb down your bangs and then gather them and twist (just like my assistant over here on the left ... thank you whomever you are and check out her how to instructions) then cut. Viola "straight" bangs. Well honestly this trick really did work but I have curly hair so any imperfections might have been hidden by the curl. Anyway it seemed to work. Well now (as you can see from my profile pic) I sport the side bang with my straight hairdo so will the Seventeen trick work now? 

Well I have been letting my hair grow out so I have refrained from going to get a trim for fear that the stylist would cut off all the new growth (which seemed to be happening every time I got a trim no matter how much I pleaded for the lenght not to be touched). So the bangs were growing out too. Well at one point my bangs were literally down to my chin so I thought hmmm...maybe I can cut them myself it worked back when I was using the trick so I cut them (of course on the longer side just in case I had to go get my trusty trick fixed) and they were honestly fine. I remember telling a good friend of mine about cutting them myself and she seemed fine with their appearance (then again would she tell...I think she would we're honest like that). 

Well this past Sunday I had finally reached that breaking point of really needing a trim. So I went to one of my usual spots (a new girl though...I am bad about using the same stylist but come on I went to that one for like 4 straight times and didn't gain an inch) and got a trim. Well have you ever noticed that the cutting the perfect side bang seems to be rocket science. I mean some people have the knowledge and some don't. It's hard I guess to make it just right. 

So of course my hair was trimmed with minimal length taken off (THANK YOU STYLIST) but some how I got jacked up (in my opinion) shorter than I wanted side bangs. So I'm posting this as a reminder to myself as to when my last trim was and for the next time the bangs grow out (which will be awhile believe me...I mean they are not Peggy from MadMen short but they are pretty short) 

I am going to use the Seventeen trick and cut them myself until I give in for another trim. They looked great last time I did it and yes next time I do decide to go get a trim I will tell whoever actually cuts my hair...yo don't hack off the bangs.

What are your fears when getting your hair cut? Am I the only person that fears a trim?  Do you go to the same stylist each time?  


  1. baahaha i tired to cut my own bangs several times (2) anyways first time was a success!! YAY me =) second time notsomuch.... lesson learned I will stick to the hair salon lols...

    have a great weekend!!!

  2. haahaha I'm so glad you posted this! I'm loving your montage.

    If you haven't seen a recent pic of me on my blog, my hair has gotten out of control. haha but I'm too broke to do anything about it right now! This will help me look not as gross. What a pal :P

  3. Yeah I am always jittery before a haircut.always feels like she's cut it too short.i just got a haircut today and i can so connect to your post.i told my stylist to keep the shortest layers at the chin but now i almost have longish bangs in front.i just could have cut them myself!

  4. I am pretty fearless when it comes to getting a haircut and I was lucky to find a stylist that does exactly what I want. She's also great with cutting bangs - it will be so hard to find someone like her if she happens to relocate!

    ***** Marie *****
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  5. I have a love hate relationship with bangs. I love how they look on other people.

    I wish that worked for cutting all of your hair though.

    Thanks for following me. Following you back.

  6. I've been cutting my own bangs for the past few months. I'm growing out a haircut and don't want to pay for just a bang cut. I've never used that trick though. Maybe next time.


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