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Friday, September 2, 2011

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I normally only catch America's Next Top Model on know where they run an entire season in one day on Oxygen or similar channels.  I have literally wasted an entire Saturday or Sunday watching ANTM.  But this new season has me intrigued.  They are bringing back former contestants for a second try.  I often wonder what happens to them after the show and get excited when I see them on tv shows like Project Runway or in ads in magazines or even in commercials.  My two faves from the girls brought back are in the middle of the two bottom rows.  I would have to say I want the model with the red paint on her face to win.  I love her unique features.  Her pale skin and soft blonde hair and blue eyes reminds me of my sister Nicole.  

But good luck girls and congrats on your second try!  At least this time you know what to expect!

Who do you like and/or want to see win?


  1. I was so excited when I heard about the all-star season. This is going to be so good, because most of the ladies they brought back have really strong personalities.

    My favorite is Sheena, she's the first picture in the third row. Granted, she's a little out there, but she seems like a nice person. And she seems like a friend that would have your back. I get Kimora Lee Simmons vibe from her.

  2. Isn't it like the 3rd try for the girl the first girl on the bottom row?

  3. I love Laura and Allison! both in the second last row on the middle and right. cute blog!

  4. Thanks Jackie and thanks for following me =)

  5. Wow, this is a tough call! I kinda like the girl with the painted face, too. She stands out.


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