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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So I went to lunch with my friend and we stopped in at the mall to go to Charming Charlie so she could get a purse with a gift certificate someone gave her (click here for locations near you).  This store is AMAZING!  They have tons of accessories (scarves, purses, wallets, hats, jewelry, AND TONS MORE) and a few dresses/blouses and even shoes in every shade imaginable and they are price reasonably.  The pic above is some cute stuff I found on their website.  

We walked around for awhile and I still left the store feeling as if I didn't see everything they had.  My friend grabbed a super cute bag.  The price tag said it was $40 and it rang up $21!  So their super low prices get EVEN LOWER!!!  All of the items were made well...great linings on the inside of the purses, etc.  

Have you ever been to a Charming Charlie?


  1. sounds like a fantastic place for accessories! We don't have it here. I love accessories too always jazz up a simple outfit.


  2. I haven't been there, but I might be late to my meeting today because I have to check out the website now. Thanks Shia :P
    (The first time I typed that face on here, it had a hyphen eyeball. I looked like a crazy cyclops -P Just thought you might need to know that.)

  3. I have yet to visit one, thanks for the link!:D

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  4. never heard of the store
    i dont think we have one here in LA


    anyways love

    there is a little gift for you
    in my blog .. stop by <3


  5. Interesting store, love the deals.. guess a road trip is in order!


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