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Friday, September 9, 2011

I just spent three hours updating my blog.  It looks a lot like my old set up but with a little more jazz.  I put up a list of all the blogs that I am currently following and reading.  If you're on the list and haven't followed me...pretty please with sugar on top....FOLLOW ME!!!  If you're on the list and you don't want to be...hey that's okay...just let me know and down you come.  If you want to make the list...because it's just super cool and fun over here at the world according to Shia...then follow me or comment or BOTH =) and I'll return the favor and post a link.  Sadly, it is 1:30 in the morning and I need to get up at 7 off to bed I go.  

My goal at the moment is to reach 50 followers...right now something about that number just makes me feel special and yes I am currently obsessed with checking every couple of mins to see if I have a new follower... my fiance, Paul, would just LOVE to hear the update so won't you help me brighten his day as well. =)

Thanks to you all!  

♥ Shia


  1. OMG ive been trying to fix up my blog but im sooo not happy!!!! I think im just going to buy a premade layout =/ we'll see maybe when its not late at night an I'm not sleepy I can work better =)ENjoy and fingers crossed you reach 50 followers!!! YAY =)


  2. Good luck on reaching 50! I think I have about 10 now and would LOVE to reach that 50 mark.

    And thanks for the shout out. I've been meaning to add a blog roll on my site but haven't had the time to figure out how to do it. Was it difficult?

  3. Mily - I didn't know there were layouts you could buy...hmmmm...I think you have just given me cause to do some investigating. You're on my blog roll so I hope I help you get to 50! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too. Thanks!

    Joy - You're welcome. The act of adding it isn't necessarily hard...I just didn't have a good spot so I had to change my layout which then messed up my header...which then caused me to freak out...LOL It's under gadgets called Blog List. There is an option to pick "Blogs I Follow". Good luck with Blogger...LOL

    Thank you both for the comments.

    ♥ Shia

  4. hey love :)

    you'll get there ..
    your blog is amazing
    so i dont think you'll have
    a problem getting to your

    i hope you have a great weekend!


  5. Thanks Melu...have a great weekend too!!

  6. I genuinely like you, Shia! I love that you put stuff out there (it's refreshing)! I agree with Melu- your blog is amazing, you should have no problem reaching 50. :)

  7. Awww thank you Wendy - you are too sweet.

    ♥ Shia

  8. I made it 46... only 4 more to reach your goal of 50! Good luck :-) PS- I really enjoyed your post on kelly osborne!

  9. Thanks Rin - I followed you back =)


Thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate it!

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