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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Small Town USA

Hopkinton, NH

This is classic NH charm.

Condo with views....


Here's the condo we rented in Laconia on Lake Winnipesaukee and the views of the Lake we could see from the Condo property.

Lake at Sunset

Lake Winnipesaukee, Laconia NH

World's smallest lighthouse....

and it's on a LAKE?!?
and a covered walking bridge over a stream....hmmm

Where are we??

So this is one of the small towns that we found some land and a few "subdivisions" in that we liked. Subdivisions in NH consist of maybe 20 homes on 3.5 to 5 acre lots. Florida subdivisions have more like 100 homes on less than one acre lots. Which one sounds better? I didn't take any pics of Weare's town area because I took pictures of Hopkinton, another town we are interested in, and well it basically looks the same, so to avoid overkill of 100s of pictures that look the same I refrained. It was just a joke that never got old...where are we? Weare! Yes where? WEARE! Okay maybe you had to be there =)

Concord .... Manchester .... Jacksonville ... which one?

Concord, NH...
Manchester, NH....
As you can see Concord and Manchester downtowns are very different than the downtown I am currently used to here in Jacksonville. If we move to NH I'll either work in Manchester or Concord. Sure there aren't any big metal buildings in Concord and only a couple in Manchester but something has to be said for still keeping up with the old brick. Plus, doesn't it just look so pretty?!?

Junior Polar Bear Club

This water was freezing cold but apparently when it's Spring Break these kids don't care - they are getting in the water!

New England Rocky Coast

As you can see the ocean looks a lot different than it does here in Florida.

(Note: We are at the beach and Paul has his Florida "winter jacket" on. It was cold and windy!)

New Hampshire Seacoast - Portsmith

Castle in the Clouds

So while in NH we did do a little sight seeing in between looking at land and houses. We stayed on Lake Winnipesaukee (which I will show you in other posts). This lake is the biggest lake in NH, so we went exploring on the other side and found the Castle in the Clouds. Unfortunately, when we got there it was closed for the season so we didn't get to actually go in but I cheated and went online and "stole" some pictures for you to enjoy.

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