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Been There...Benefit it!

Let me just say that I love these products from Benefit! PoiseTint and BeneTint are great lip and cheek stains and High Beam is a great  illuminating cheek stain. It gives you a nice glow. Try them and for $15 for the three it's a STEAL!!!  Also, they work well with Mineral Makeups.  Feeling Cheeky


So couponing seems to be all the rage at the moment.  There is even a tv show on TLC called Extreme Couponing.   Since I keep hearing that there are tons of people saving money doing it I thought I would check it out.  Let me just say I am utterly appalled.  I cannot believe the people they put on this show.  It is down right disgusting.  I saw one episode where a woman bought over 50 bottles of mustard...why?  WHO NEEDS THAT MUCH MUSTARD?  Not only do they feel the need to stockpile products...they will shove it EVERYWHERE they can in their house.  I saw another episode where a woman had her entire shower filled with toliet paper.  REALLY?  Another episode where a woman literally busted out a wall in her house to store the coupons in her "crawl space".

You know me I am ALL about saving money but this is not the way to go.  This is hoarding!  If a woman had her shower filled with cats you would all be shaking your head right now or if she had to bust out a wall to fill it wit…

Side Braids

Quit Smoking!

It's not getting any better =(  cough cough...

Problem Solved ~ This Time I Mean It!!!

I feel like I am in purgatory of home furnishings.  Paul and I don't want to commit to new furniture to fit our townhouse because we will be moving soon so I think that and the fact that I am the perfect storm to why this problem NEVER gets fixed.  I need a place to write.  The lap desk works and doesn't work.  Last weekend, I finally said screw it...I AM BUYING here's where the cheap part comes in, because this furniture would not be permanent ... I don't want to spend a lot of money ... yet the cheap stuff isn't even cheap.  So still this problem goes unsolved....UNTIL NOW!  
Okay you know how I said I love house to home...the UK site.  Well thank you house to home for fixing my problem.....
Use your kitchen table!!  Seriously I have been secretly thinking about this...thinking why don't I just use the kitchen table and then I though…

It's Back!

Look at the ash on the windows =(

House to Home

So I'm not really big on decorating stuff but I recently received an email from House to Home a UK design website.  Click here to visit.  I love this website! They had me with this photo.

Let me know if you check the website or if you have some websites to suggest.

I Can Breathe!!

Thank goodness the smoke is clearing up...cough cough.

Smoke Smoke Go AWAY!!
Here is what it looks like downtown today!   My throat feels like I smoked 20 packs of cigarettes!   YUCK!!  How do smokers do it?  

Makeover Madness

If you are like me you hate the idea of a new hairstyle, a new color, etc. because there is always that fear of what if...what if it doesn't look good, what if I hate it in a week, etc.  So normally if I think about cutting my hair or doing a color change I just do it that day because I know I am going to talk myself out of it.  So today, I decided that I wanted to darken my hair.  I called a couple of salons and I have an appointment for MONDAY!  When hanging up the phone I thought...well by Monday I will chicken out.  So I thought, why not find a picture of what I want.  I am more apt to commit to something that I can see ahead of time.  So I went online and found this great feature on  Click here to try it for yourself.  You upload a photo of yourself and you can try on different hairstyles, different hair colors and you can even try on makeup and even colored contacts.  It is a really neat way of doing a makeover.
Here are some hairstyles I liked on me.....

Most Popular Post Ever

So I am trying to get to the bottom to why this post....................................... ( my most popular post.  Is it the lamp that apparently appeals to the world or does my mom have this page bookmarked?  Also, I realize that posting the link to the post will cause MORE hits but I just think it is funny that out of everything I have written this is the post that has the most hits.  I'll let you know what my mom says =)

Who knew?

So the other day I was at Barnes and Nobel checking out the magazines and I noticed that they were selling a UK version of Marie Claire (might I was $10!) which I though who would pay $10 when they could just grab the US one....well it was a completely different magazine.  Who knew that all the women's magazines have different issues for different countries.  I had no idea.  Call me crazy but I though Marie Claire was just Maire Claire.  I mean most of the stuff they put in fashion magazines relate to styles going on in NYC so it's not like it really represents ALL of the US.  So anywho, I searched online and have now subscribed to numerous British women's magazines.  I've looked at French Marie Claire but not as easy to read as the UK version =)  
Also, who knew that there like a whole world of the internet that doesn't pull up when you type stuff in google.  UK stuff comes up under which seems weird I mean why doesn't the US have to type …


So I was sitting at Starbucks in Barnes & Noble writing a blog post and there were two girls sitting near me talking. There were a lot of OMGs and Likes being around between both of them. It scared me…I kept thinking OMG (pun intended) do my friends and I sound like this when we’re having a conversation in public? 
Why do we talk this way? We’re educated and savvy…so why does the “Valley Girl” sneak out? It’s really annoying but it’s really hard to stop once it becomes how you talk. If you say Like a lot try not saying Like….it’s LIKE (again pun intended) fricking hard! 
Do you talk “Valley” or have you overcome it? I think I talk "Valley" with some of my friends and not so much with others. Or maybe I do all the time and I am just in denial!....LOL.

Do or Don't?

So every magazine I flip through and every Ulta ad I get contains this new nail polish fad....

and how Sally Hansen is in on it too....
So what do you think?  Do or Don't?  My could possibly  hide a bad paint job with this crackle overcoat. Since, I can never seem to paint my nails perfectly this MIGHT be a way to hide my flaws. But does it look good?   That's the question.

Will it work?

I'm having a really hard time believing that this product works since the model here is from a season of America's Next Top Model {Eugena Washington} and she doesn't actually have any of these dark spots.  Sure it's the ad and they have to ... lie?  I've read reviews that this stuff doesn't work and I've read some where people state it worked like magic.  So, here lies my problem....I have a small dark spot near my eye...which can totally be covered up with makeup but I really want to see if this stuff eliminates it...but for $49.50 for 1oz that is pretty steep.  Also, the description of the product on even states only 53% improvement!

So I just hit up ebay and currently I have a bid for $25...well see if I get it...fingers crossed.  I am also considering seeing if Sephora will give me a free sample.  I've gotten samples from there before so maybe I can try it for free.

So no dice on the ebay hook up.  I was out bid and now the price is ap…

Cute and Smart Ideas

So remember this box.....
It is what my laptop skin came in.
So I finally found a use for it.
When Marissa spent the weekend with me we bought some stuff for her to have at Auntie Circle's house to play with.  I just remembered that I also bought glow in the dark sidewalk chalk...we didn't get a chance to use it but seriously I am excited to see this stuff in action...we didn't have anything this cool when I was young.  Also, the twistable crayons in the box...genius Crayola...genius!  Okay so maybe I did some coloring too!  LOL I added her name to the box....I know she'll like this when she sees it.
And she got her own little space in my closet.
Okay so remember when I talked about recycling stuff from your bathroom like shampoo bottles, etc and how I was guilty of not recycling theses items as well.  Well I took this cute bag I got from a trip to Ann Taylor Loft and turned it into my recycle bin. Okay I marked it so Paul wouldn't throw away my cute recycle bin. …

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

These are my new shoes for summer and I LOVE them! I got these at Payless Shoesource, $16.99 but I got them for $13.99 since I had to go to a different location to pick up my size, it's cool that they give you a discount for having to go to a different location, so next time you don't see your size ask the clerk to locate them at a different store and save $3. I can't wait to wear them...also I am can I wear these to work =)