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Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm having a really hard time believing that this product works since the model here is from a season of America's Next Top Model {Eugena Washington} and she doesn't actually have any of these dark spots.  Sure it's the ad and they have to ... lie?  I've read reviews that this stuff doesn't work and I've read some where people state it worked like magic.  So, here lies my problem....I have a small dark spot near my eye...which can totally be covered up with makeup but I really want to see if this stuff eliminates it...but for $49.50 for 1oz that is pretty steep.  Also, the description of the product on even states only 53% improvement!

So I just hit up ebay and currently I have a bid for $25...well see if I get it...fingers crossed.  I am also considering seeing if Sephora will give me a free sample.  I've gotten samples from there before so maybe I can try it for free.

So no dice on the ebay hook up.  I was out bid and now the price is approaching full price.  So I took my lunch break and headed over to Sephora and....I GOT A FREE SAMPLE.  So the chick at Sephora told me that I am not going to get any results from this free sample since it takes at least 12 weeks to work and that I might have to buy NUMEROUS bottles before seeing results.  That comment made me think of this scene from Sweeney Todd....

So do you think it doesn't work but Clinique knows that women are desperate to "stay young" so they will use anything and pay anything in the hopes that it will work?  Well here's a picture of my free sample from Sephora and the spot on my face is really small so this COULD last awhile and heck I'll just go back and get more.  So starting today (used some at the store May 31st) I will make note of whether or not this spot goes away or lightens.  See you in 12 weeks (hopefully sooner) with some results!
Also here's a picture of the dark spot....
OMG my eye looks wrinkly...LOL!

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