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Friday, June 10, 2011

So I am trying to get to the bottom to why this post.......................................
( my most popular post.  Is it the lamp that apparently appeals to the world or does my mom have this page bookmarked?  Also, I realize that posting the link to the post will cause MORE hits but I just think it is funny that out of everything I have written this is the post that has the most hits.  I'll let you know what my mom says =)


  1. I think it is because it is about lunch buddy-ness...the most awesome thing to hit SHB since 2005..or 04...whenever you started working there ;)

  2. 2005! 6 years on Monday! WOO HOO as the copier copies!

  3. So my mom says that she doesn't have this post as her bookmark. So the mystery continues...


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