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When it rains it pours!

So if your life is one big bowl of cherries....good for you! However, life is a cycle there are always the ups followed by the inevitable downs. How do you get through when you feel like you've hit rock bottom? Because let's face it, it never fails that when something bad happens everything else seems to go wrong too. Here are some tips for making yourself happier because let's face it folks if you aren't's not gonna get better anytime soon.
Remember all those dreams you had...remember all those things you wanted to do. Well start working on getting some of them done. If you say, I always wanted to go to NYC. Well get on a budget and go on vacation. Let's just say it's Happy List (since by no means do we want to think of it as a Bucket're trying to get happy not think about ending it all). So make a happy list and start ticking those items off!
We all have things that we hate about ourselves. Well stop dwelling on those and…


I have a love hate relationship with my digital camera. I hate it because it is old, it takes a XD card for Christ sakes, and now I no longer have the Installation CD for the software to take the pics off the card through USB port. So once I take a picture I have to trot on over to Walgreens and get the pics put on a disk. So many many MANY blog posts have suffered because of this problem! One picture for something yields forever waiting to have enough pics for a CD. Until....Tana, dear follower of the blog, co-worker, and walking buddy told me about this..... it is a Memory Card Reader and it is....hold on to your seat...$9.99. I'm going to get it tonight! I can't wait! The blog world will suddenly get a whole heck of a lot better for all of us. Taller there might be more pictures and a few less words for you =) Okay there still will be a lot of words but more pics!!! YAY!!


So I have complained in the past to Taller that Blogger does not have interesting blog designs, fonts, colors, etc. Well now it seems like there is a whole new world of design for the should I give up the white and black damask on the sides and switch it up for a change? There isn't any damask to choose from in the new design stuff so the only damask would be my header....what's Shia to do? I would like some change but NO DAMASK?? Could I survive without it?

I'm Alive....

Okay so I know I know...I suck at blogging! But good news boss is on vay cay so I will be a posting queen this week! I have soooo much in store for you so just tune in daily for thrills and excitement oh yeah and my clever wit.

Sisterly Love

As you all have read I have had my share of sister issues. I mentioned to some friends that it seems like when I have a blow out with one sister the other one steps up. So today I drove to Gainesville to go with Debra to get Kaelyn's 1 year old pics done. (She got them on CD and will be emailing them to me so I'll be posting them ... Kaeyln is sooooo cute in the pics) Anyways, I spent the ENTIRE day with Debra and not one issue. She was completely nice and actually talked to me about my life and it wasn't all about Debra. All and all it was a great day. I can't wait to show you all the pics because they are SUPER cute!

Wah wah wahhhhhhhhhh

So my comments on the blogs didn't get "published" on because instead of bravo wanting actual intellect (yes even for real housewife blogs) they want...YOU ROCKKKKK!!! I love you!!!! Please! Apparently if you spell enough words incorrectly you can get posted. Oh well! (and yes I am bitter!)

Okay I couldn't resist....

As you all know, I spoke recently about my addiction, "reality tv". Yes my name is Shia and I am addicted to Bravo, Oxygen, Style and E! So I'm here to confess....I just commented on to the housewives' blogs. I will justify it by saying it was only two blogs but still...I posted a comment. Apparently my comment has to be approved by an editor before it goes up on the site but can this be counted a "published" work? LOL! What if I don't go up on the comment list? How am I going to take that kind of rejection? Okay okay I promise not to cry. But seriously if I get on I think I'm going to try to make a weekly thing of it. Please, I might get my own show on Bravo...Shia says! Look for it'll be entertaining!

Crackers are hard to swallow even with cheese!

No joke I wrote this blog on the plane....days after the last post where I dissed the South...I calmed down and then this happened....
So we're on our last flight headed to Jacksonville. I haven't been annoyed by "stupid people" until now. So we all know I have issues with people and a true part of me that hates people well I think I have narrowed it down to a deep hatred of ignorant crackers. Currently, I am surrounded by a toothless (no joke) ignorant cracker family that thinks its hilarious that "Bubba" (that was his name folks I am not making this up) has to sit next to an Indian man wearing a turban. Look crackers if you aren't prepared to enter the real world stay at home and watch that glowing talking box to see it. When are they going to break out the banjo? I'm seriously disappointed that the minute we get anywhere near Jacksonville I'm surrounded by the very ignorance that makes me hate Jacksonville. Also, it's been a week an…

North versus South

(Again written on vacation and I am FINALLY posting...YAY!)
So isn't there some kind of saying about southern hospitality? Well as a northerner who has been living in the South for almost 20 years (OMG I just found that sad...can I even say that I'm a northerner anymore I've officially lived in the South longer than the North...excuse me I need a minute...I can't deal with the fact that I could be dubbed a southern), I will have to say that I like the northern stand offish mentality a lot more than the "fake" hospitality of the South. Come on I don't need to spell it out but those overly enthusiastic people that you see on a day to day basis that are complete strangers = F A K E!
I remember when we first moved here and anytime we passed a vehicle on the road they would give the wave. Really? I don't want to give you a wave? I don't know you. I'm just trying to get from point A to B.
Also, just because northerners are stand offish doesn&…

Soy Bring on the Bucks

(Written on vacation)
So while in New Hampshire I've seen 4 Starbucks including the 1 in the airport. As I have already mentioned this state is ran by Dunkin Donuts! Every small town has a gas station, pizza place and a Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks is nonexistent. So at the airport Paul wanted some water so I had an excuse to go to Starbucks. Hello they give out FREE filtered water people! So I decided to get a Grande Iced Coffee with soy. They didn't have sweet and low! I felt like that guy trapped in the room of cookies without milk in that milk commercial. Oh wait I jacked some from Dunkin Donuts and it's in my purse. Crisis adverted. (Yeah the sweet and low that leaked and caused airport security to freak out because of "white powder" in my purse and where's Paul oh yeah he kept walking while my bag is being hoisted in the air and a man is yelling WHO'S BAG IS THIS?!? Thank god it was Chanel and I could be happy to claim my pretty bag. It wo…

Diet Coke / Coke Zero

These pictures are HUGE but I guess it's good way to represent the fact that I feel like these two things are monsters in my life! I am 10 days Coke Zero and Diet Coke free! Last week was rough! The first day I had a major headache but now I'm happy sipping on my water and green tea! Well remember Shia's Healthy New's back and this was my first vice to beat! One vice down...

Sex and the City Boo

Boo?!? Did I just boo Sex and the City? Yes...yes I did! So like every college girl I was hopelessly devoted to this tv show to the point that I own every season (and the first movie which was also a big BOOOO). Back then I didn't have cable let alone HBO so I had to ignore all talk and press about each season impatiently waiting for the season to come out on DVD. Let's face it folks there was a point when this show was on VHS. When DVD finally took over it was bang for your buck because more episodes fit on the DVD than the less $$ in rental fees! Yes I have been jew my whole life and yes I am old!
I of course believed back then that I was Carrie. Even back then I watched her type on her computer and longed for that life being in NYC and writing for a column about randomness...(let's face it her column wasn't really about sex)! Hello I'm a pro at randomness!
So when I visited NYC after college graduation I bought a post card of a billboard ad…

Next Vacation?

So we're looking into taking the plunge and traveling out west! We're wanting to visit Spokane which is all the way on the east of the huge state and other places like Seattle, Tacoma, Portland etc all the way on the east coast. Flight and road trip? Two flights? Sigh...this is what I have Paul for. =) He'll have it figured out in no time!