North versus South

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

(Again written on vacation and I am FINALLY posting...YAY!)

So isn't there some kind of saying about southern hospitality? Well as a northerner who has been living in the South for almost 20 years (OMG I just found that sad...can I even say that I'm a northerner anymore I've officially lived in the South longer than the North...excuse me I need a minute...I can't deal with the fact that I could be dubbed a southern), I will have to say that I like the northern stand offish mentality a lot more than the "fake" hospitality of the South. Come on I don't need to spell it out but those overly enthusiastic people that you see on a day to day basis that are complete strangers = F A K E!

I remember when we first moved here and anytime we passed a vehicle on the road they would give the wave. Really? I don't want to give you a wave? I don't know you. I'm just trying to get from point A to B.

Also, just because northerners are stand offish doesn't make them rude. I mean you wouldn't say that someone who is shy is rude would you? Face it folks, southerners are rude. You can shove your fake how are you, come again and yes sir no ma'am. I'd much rather earn it in the north. Also why do southerns think everyone needs to kiss their ass? You aren't that special ... get over yourself. You will live if someone doesn't talk to you.

Also we drove 100s of miles on our trip around NH. There was no one out cutting you off, slamming on the brakes, beeping maybe southerners are the ones that spread the rumor of southern hospitality to offset the stereotypes of being "less educated" and "country" or maybe my northern-ness (yes folk that's a word) came back on my trip in full force but seriously I found the people in NH to be a breath of fresh air.

Note: Apparently I have deep hatred for Florida but don't worry I'll be moving soon so no need to try and convince me that you believe the South will rise again or any of that BS!

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