When it rains it pours!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So if your life is one big bowl of cherries....good for you! However, life is a cycle there are always the ups followed by the inevitable downs. How do you get through when you feel like you've hit rock bottom? Because let's face it, it never fails that when something bad happens everything else seems to go wrong too. Here are some tips for making yourself happier because let's face it folks if you aren't's not gonna get better anytime soon.

Remember all those dreams you had...remember all those things you wanted to do. Well start working on getting some of them done. If you say, I always wanted to go to NYC. Well get on a budget and go on vacation. Let's just say it's Happy List (since by no means do we want to think of it as a Bucket're trying to get happy not think about ending it all). So make a happy list and start ticking those items off!

We all have things that we hate about ourselves. Well stop dwelling on those and think about things your good at. Okay so you can't type a million words a minute, at least you can sew a mean pillow. Also, if you gotta make a it and put it up somewhere where you'll see it all the time and it'll make you smile. Also, take something that you aren't good at and conquer it! Learn to speak French or build some shelves. When you accomplish something for the first time with hard work it will definitely give you a boost!

Get Healthy! Start eating better and exercising, you'll boost your body's endorphin levels and feel great. I'm not even talking about having to do a ton of exercising. Just taking a walk can do wonders!

Don't dwell on the sadness of the past. Even if the sadness is due to a current issue in your life try to think of happier times and ways to overcome the obstacles of the present. Everyone has down moments and the way they learn to get over them makes them grow as a person and the next obstacle become easier to overcome!

Be optimistic! Things WILL get better. Instead of thinking how can this get any worse think about the fact that it will get better because thinking negative will only make more negative things happen!

Don't listen to depressing music or watch depressing movies. You want to be upbeat so stay upbeat!

When you are already depressed don't add to it by drinking. Alcohol is a depressant so you're just adding fuel to the fire. Plus, the next day will be even worse if you wake up with a hangover. If you need something to relax your nerves, take a nice soothing bath with some candles, drink some herbal tea or go for a walk to get those endorphins up!

And remember...don't happy! (I know it's cheesy but it helps!)

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  1. <> ;) good post! looks like I need a bubble bath...


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