One Camera...Two Cameras...3.2 Megapixels....5.0 Megapixels....

Friday, July 2, 2010

So I was discussing with a co-worker my need to get to Office Depot to get that Memory Card Reader when he volunteered to bring in software to his Olympus camera to see if that will work with my camera since mine is also an Olympus. So this morning I walk in and there's a CD, USB connector and a CAMERA!!

His camera has 10x optical zoom and mine only has 2.8x optical zoom. However, mine has more megapixels 5.0 compared to his that has 3.2. So which one is better? What the heck is a megapixel? Well according to what I found on google, a camera with a small megapixel rating (say 1 or 2 mp) will produce photos that lack detail. Photos from a 6 or 7 megapixel camera are generally considered acceptable for large prints. So what about 3.2 vs. 5? I took his camera with me over to Starbucks this morning to check it out to see if it is better than mine. I get back and try to download the software to check out the pics I took and poo...he didn't bring in everything I needed to install the software. So Tuesday, I'll have it all set up and tons of new pics and possibly a new camera that he's offered to sell me for $40! 

Also if it is too close to call why spend $40 and then have two mediocre cameras when I can just get the memory card reader for $9.99. Don't worry...this Jew is on the case!

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