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Friday, July 16, 2010

So last night I get home from work and I let Daisy out back and about 15 minutes later I hear her barking up a storm.  I figured she was giving me her typical Cracker Alert (telling me that the neighbors are outside).  So when I open the door I see four otters in the lake!  They were super cute and sitting up in the water just looking at Daisy.  So I got Daisy inside and ran for the camera by then they were swimming away but here's the best shots I could get for now.
When I went outside to check on Daisy they were all sitting up in the water but by the time I got the camera they were swimming away...this guy was still having a peek.
These were the bigger two...Mommy and Daddy perhaps?

Hey guys...wait for me....

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  1. You need to stay on the lookout for them- I want to see their whole cute little bodies!


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