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Friday, March 30, 2012

Hey, friends! I'm Alyssa and I blog over at Diary of Me! I'm so excited that Shia invited me to guest post for her (thank you so much, Shia)! Since her wedding isn't too far away, I thought I would tell you all about my dream wedding (in pictures, of course! Courtsey of Pinterest).
First, lets start off with the important part....the ring! ;)
Pinned Image
I dream big, ladies!
I fell in love with this RSVP the second I saw it, so I'll be using this:
Thanks, Pinterest users!
I have always dreamed of a barn wedding (and by always I mean in the last five years or so) so my venue (wedding and reception) is of course, in a barn.
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
The dress would be something like this....
with my shoes being the one's she's wearing....
My bouquet might be something like this, but it depends on the season I get married in. Either way, I think this is beautiful!
The cake for my special day would be resemble this....
Simple, yet classy. Just like me....well, most of the time! ;) Don't judge!
Pictures of the groom and I would involve any and all of these....
Farm wedding...
And like the RSVP said, there will be bad dance moves to some good country music to end the night!
I'm not one for cheesiness usually, but I will definitely be getting hubs and I these to wear to our honeymoon....
For the airport before honeymoon.
And I bet you readers are wondering who the groom is? Well, the groom is none other than the fabulicious Brody Jenner! (And yes, he is in Wedding board on Pinterest! I have no shame!
Brody Jenner
I told you, I dream big!
Thanks for reading and thanks for inviting me over to your space today, Shia! I had so much fun with this post! I hope all of you ladies have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks Alyssa for Guest Blogging!
Super cute and fun post!

When to Say Goodbye to Workout Buddies

Thursday, March 29, 2012

You were once great work out buddies....
you took me though countless miles of walking and running.
You helped me train for the first 5k I 
 recently helped me train to walk the River Run.  
I think about the time when we first met...
I felt like I was running on pillows 
and your breathable fabric was great for hot summer days.

But now you have turned are uncomfortable.
You give me foot pains, shin splint and sore ankles.
I now feel like I am wearing bricks tied to my ankles.
I'm sorry you grew mean as you got older...
it has been over 2 years since we met....
at least you still look pretty damn good for your age!

I can't wait for my new work out buddies to get here!
Aren't they AWESOME??
Asics Noosa Tri 7

So realistically when do you replace your running shoes?

So I did a little googling and found several articles that state you shouldn't keep shoes any longer than about 300-400 if you run a mile a day...sneakers can wear out before the year is up!  Mine are at least 2 years old if not older!  Also, I read that you can't wait until your shoes start falling apart because the material used to wrap the upper part of the shoe is durable and receives little wear and tear.  Also, you can't use the treads to determine replacement need to look at the midsole, this is where the stability and cushioning of the shoe comes from.  Every article I read stated that if you are getting shin splits, joint pain, etc. that is the sign to replace.  (HELLO EVERYDAY LATELY)  If you run on rougher surfaces you might need to change them sooner and if you only run on a treadmill they could last a little longer.  The test of a worn shoe is to put it on a flat surface...if the shoe leans to a means the shoe is DONE!  A great tip that was also mentioned in an article (which I am going to do) is to write the date you first get the shoes on the tongue so you know how long you've had them!

BB Cream is it just Liquid Foundation?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So you are probably like me and have heard numerous things about numerous brands having a new BB cream. So what is the deal?  Well I recently bought Garnier BB Cream to try to see what all the buzz was about....

It comes in two shades...Light/Medium and Medium/Deep.
Not like it needs to be said...but palely here got Light/Medium.

I wear Bareminerals makeup so I was a little hesitant to try this out.
I mean there is a huge reason I switched from liquid foundation...
lines...clogged pores...wipes off on clothes easy...etc.

Here's what Garnier's website says about it...

Advanced Skincare + Perfecting Coverage.
    Is it right for me?
    Skin concerns, such as discoloration, dullness, blotchiness and dryness can come from a number of different sources. It's hard to find just one product that addresses them all. Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream immediately and effectively fullfills your skincare expectations with just one multi-benefit product that combines intense moisturizing skincare + immediate skin perfecting coverage for skin that looks naturally more even, radiant and smooth.

    How is it different?
    It’s a new idea in skincare. B.B. Cream is a hybrid formula that offers advanced skincare + immediate skin perfecting coverage in one single beauty product.

    How do I use it
    Gently apply Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream to face and neck prior to sun exposure for instant coverage and correction as well as for protection. Reapply as needed.

Well I have been using it on my afternoon walks since it has SPH 15 and it's better than sunscreen because it is tinted and it is extremely light weight and blends pretty well since I am adding it right over my Bareminerals makeup.  

It's also good to wear by itself.  On the weekends if I am just running around doing errands...I'll just put this on and no makeup.  It does even out my skin well but I don't really have uneven skin tone...thanks to Bareminerals.  But it is super quick to put on and is don't get moisturizing from Bareminerals powder foundation without also using other Bareminerals products so there is a plus.

I have a pretty naturally dry forehead and I've noticed a little bit of difference but I haven't been using it that long so maybe it will help more ... the more I use it.

My biggest pet peeve is that it wipes off like liquid foundation and gets streaks on your shirt, etc.  

Have you tried a BB cream?  If so, which one and did you like it?

Do or Don't?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So I saw in a magazine that tropical prints are in...
Before you think about old retirees in Florida
look at some tropical prints I found online...

Okay so that last one does look a little
Florida what do you think?

Do or Don't??

My Day..

Monday, March 26, 2012

On Real Simple's website you can chart out your day.

Here's what my typical day looks like...
I think I need to make some improvements!

Here's my ideal Saturday...

Going online would be blogging!  OMG if I could blog
for 3 hours on Saturdays ... life would be AMAZING!!

Check out the website to chart your day 
and even make ideal days like me!  (Click HERE)

Rip me off? I don't think so!

Friday, March 23, 2012

So back in October I told you all about a face wash I was using.  (Click HERE)

This is the "old" packaging...see how much you get 6.25 oz.

Well this is the "new" packaging....


um 4.5 oz for the same price??
That's messed up!

So I went to their website and under Contact Us...
I left a little message about how I don't appreciate them
trying to sell me something in a new bottle with less product
and call it their "new look" and that the sad part is that 
they will inevitably get away with it because most people will just
be blinded by the new packaging and not notice that they are getting less.

So this is their response.....

Thank you for contacting us about Biore Warming Blackhead Cleanser.

We understand that price plays an important role in consumer decisions. It takes some very special ingredients to get the warming sensation that you experience when you use this product and we made a business decision that allowed us to continue to deliver those same amazing effects.

We hope that you continue to enjoy this cleanser and we will let our Marketing team know of your comments.


Consumer Care Center
Kao Brands Company
Ban Bioré Curel Jergens John Frieda
My response was....
What kind of excuse is that for selling the same thing in a smaller "new" package?  "Very special ingredients" ~ what am I five?  I appreciate your response to my email but I will be switching to a new brand.

So as you can see from that last post...
I didn't really like the Aveeno or the St. Ives...
what kind of face wash do you use?

Are you okay with getting ripped off?

Must Have Makeup Remover

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Almay Oil-Free 
Makeup Eraser Sticks

Here are the directions....

Basically the tube section of the Qtip is filled with Makeup snap the end with the colored ring  off and the Makeup Remover moves down the tube and soaks the other end of the Qtip.  

This stuff works like magic!!  I hate when I sneeze or my eyes water after putting on eye makeup because mascara is bound to run or my eye lashes press against skin...then you try to fix it and it just goes from bad to worse.  With this stuff a little dab goes a long way.  You can just lightly brush it across the stray makeup and like magic it is gone.  No fighting and no need to extra concealer afterwards. 

I think the true test of trying something for the first time is how long it lasts and I bought this about a week ago and I've already used half of the box!

I got mine at Walgreens for about $5....let me know if you try it and if you like it...also if you find them somewhere cheaper because this is one of my new makeup staples!

Spring time means....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dolphin sightings in the St. Johns River!!

I saw a whole herd (is that right) pod while on my
walk at lunch today!  It's so awesome to see
them swimming along in the river.

I can't wait until my honeymoon when Paul & I are going whale watching!!


Are you NUTS?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In an article in Shape magazine last month ~ I read that Walnuts can help with weight loss and that you should eat some after working out.  So I have incorporated them into my lunch. 

This month Shape had an article about foods that improve your moods and walnuts made the list.  Apparently they help promote your brain to make more serotonin.  Once I read that I was convinced that my new zen like state of mind at work is working because of the walnuts.

I did a little googling (of course) and found out that walnuts also help reduce headaches, help with bone health, prevent gall stones, stimulates production of melatonin (for better sleep), the omega 3 promote brain cell health for better concentration and lowers hyperactivity.  

The list goes on and on for walnuts and you don't have to eat a huge amount of them.  You can eat one handful a day to gain all of the benefits.

I have had a better mood and even less headaches since I have been eating about 1/4 of a cup per day.  I buy them raw in the baking aisle.  They can be a bit pricey but they are a good protein to make you feel fuller longer and now with all of these other benefits I've learned I am hooked on these nuts for good!

What foods have you tried recently that you've noticed positive health rewards from?


Sad Moment

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today was Marissa's birthday party - at the park where Marrissa was having her first part of her party (they were going to the movies at a small local theater after) a little girl came up to me and asked if we were having a birthday party. I told her that it was Marissa birthday and she told me that she gave out 24 invitations to her birthday party and no one came. It was really sad the stuff she was telling me I felt really bad for her - she said she was 8 - she was dirty and had no shoes on - I told her she could play with everyone and have cake. A few mins later she came up to me - she apparently went home and brought Marissa back a doll - I told her that she didn't have to give Marissa anything to come to the party but she insisted - she was such a sweet little girl. So while she was hanging out with all of us she heard the other kids talking about going to the movies - she asked me if she could go - well there's no way we are taking off with a kid - so instead of saying no I said I would need to talk to her mom - she ran home and came back with an adult who looked more like her grandma than her mom - I spoke to the woman who was more concerned about not being able to pay for the movie than me being a stranger. I told her not to worry about paying that I would pay for her to go and that she could ride with me over to the movies. She rode in my car with Marissa and my sister Nicole and she was so happy to be a part of the group. While we were at the movies she kept asking me if she could go to the bathroom so I went with her she kept insisting that I didn't have to wait on her but I told her that I was looking after her so I needed to go with her - well at one point Kaelyn (my 2 yr old niece said she had to go potty) so I took her to the bathroom and left the girl with my sister Debra. Debra came out and told me that the girl asked her something weird and Debra couldn't hear her well but that she thought she said something about seeing blood when she went to the bathroom. I went back into the movie and asked her to come out and before I could even say anything to her she asked me if it was normal for a little girl to bleed when she peed- I asked her how old she was - this time she said she was 9 - she's a very small thin little girl so I was a little hesitant to think it was her first period - I questioned her a little bit and didn't know what to do so I told her to go back and watch the movie (small room - basically only Marissa's party was there) then I told my other sister Nicole about what the girl said (meanwhile Debra is googling if a girl can have a period at 8 or 9 and I even called my mom to see what she thought) Nicole and I were afraid that something bad has happened to this sweet little girl - Nicole and I took her to the restroom and tried to talk to her - we basically ask her if anyone has touched her or hurt her - she gets extremely uncomfortable - which I am torn - these are uncomfortable questions - but after a few questions she does tell me that she gets slapped and that she recently had a black eye - so we reassure her that she will be ok and then let her go back to watch the movie - at this point what the heck are we going to do so we talk to a few more moms and everyone agrees something is not right - apparently this little girl is alone a lot at the park and people call the police a lot because she is always alone and outside late (my sister is a 911 operator but she works nights - the other moms work day shifts so they were familiar with her). So one of the moms husband is a police officer and he is at the movies - we tell him and he calls it in because he is also thinking something is wrong. When the police show up after the movie the little girl freaks out and starts crying and tells everyone that the police are here to take her away - I try to calm her down and tell her that the police are just here to make sure she is ok and to see if she needs to go to the doctor.  A female officer took her to talk and to have an initial check.  Meanwhile, another police officer went to pick up the mom.  Within a few minutes, they were headed to the hospital. 

Part of me left bad like what if this little girl did just get her first period - I am making it the most traumatic experience of her life then there is a bigger side of me thinking that if something is happening to her that I could never live with myself not knowing I didn't make sure she was okay.  Also, if something bad is happening to this little girl - I am so happy I was able to help her get out of the bad situation.  Who knows what else could happen to her.  The police were well aware of who she was when they arrived because they have been to her house many times.  

Since my sister is a 911 dispatcher, she knows all the police officers and she called one to get a follow up.  Apparently whatever was found at the emergency room warranted them to call DCF (Department of Children and Family) the officer said that they had to wait for the report from DCF but that something is definitely not right in the situation.  

So I am not sure right now what will happen to this little girl and I feel so bad for her....children are so innocent and it just hurts to know that someone would neglect or hurt a child.  I know that it's extremely odd that her mom let her go to the movies with complete strangers but it's a small town...the movies are two blocks away from this park and it's like a 2 screen stadium seating...just small town theater...I was just felt sorry for her more than I cared about the weirdest.  My sister did say to me...I bet your happy you invited her now...I said I am happy....I help this girl.  If I hadn't been there that day at the park...she would have had no one to talk to about this.  

I told my mom that even though I don't want kids I am sort of like the child whisperer...I am really great with kids...and kids love me.  I am so grateful that she reached out to me at the park and even though her day ended with some drama and a trip to the hospital which will be followed with probably even more drama...I have made a difference in this little girl's life.  She will get the care and support that she needs now because I took a moment to care about her instead of just brushing her off and a strange kid alone at the park.  

I will post an update when I find out.

It's okay Thursday #10

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colourful Thursday Glitter

Link up with Amber & Neely

It's okay....

1) to be excited for Marissa's birthday party on Saturday!  She will be 6 years old!!

2) to google Hello Kitty stock prices ~ I seriously should buy some to get some kind of return on my investment.  How could Marissa possibly need ANYTHING else Hello Kitty.

3) to hate the pants that have been haunting you in your closet as "too small" once you can fit in them.

4) to rock them anyway...I mean they FIT!

5) to hate that my office blocks photobucket for awhile then lets you use it...then blocks least stay consistent!!

6) to still not be used to the time change....I mean am I getting up earlier now but it's later?  WHY DO WE DO THIS??

7) to have bright red hair...long story but Ulta turned my hair orange then purple and now it is REALLY red....everyone tells me it looks good but I can't wait until March 23 when they fix it!!  (I had to wait 2 weeks so my hair wouldn't get fried!)

8) to finally learn my lesson about hairdressers...GO TO THE SAME ONE ALWAYS....even if that means you have to wait for an appointment ~ I am so bad about if I want my hair done now...I want it done now then I'm like eh I'll take whoever is available ~ NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!  Jamie @ Ulta you are my girl!!!

9) to have conditioned my hair like 100 times since Saturday ~ I think I actually still have some in there...guess I didn't do a good job washing it (what I slept in) out this morning.

10) to have like 10 new product reviews to share because I've bought like every conditioner on the planet.

So what are you feeling okay about today??
Don't forget to link up with Amber & Neely!

It takes Courage to start and Hart to finish!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The title of this post was influenced by a sign I saw someone holding up at the bottom of the Hart Bridge which has been dubbed...the green monster.

Let me rewind a bit...Thursday I left work at 12:30 because I was sick....I feel like that It's okay Thursday post was a hot mess.  I forgot to link up to Amber & Neely ~ sorry I had a fever and did I seriously post HERE instead of HEAR?!?  LOL!  Fevers and blogging don't mix!

So basically I slept for about 2 days straight to overcome whatever sickness I had going on.  I later found out that lil munchkin Kaelyn was probably the culprit of my illness...she too was sick and she had drank out of my drink the weekend before.  But hey what ya gonna do...she's too cute to worry about

Debra sent me this picture to cheer me up....

Debra said she heard her rummaging around in her bookbag and then she looked back and Kaelyn said...AYE Matey and Debra cracked up!  This munchkin is HILARIOUS!  It was apparently Pirate Day at school and she had made the hat. 

As you probably have figured out...I made it to the River Run.  Tana and I walked it (15k - 9ish miles) in about 2 1/2 hours...not too shabby for gabbing the entire 

The funniest thing was when I saw the sign which inspired the title...I also saw someone holding a sign that said something about taming the green monster or whatever...the greatest moment of this walk was that I didn't get tired on the heavy breathing...nothing!  Green monster?  HA!  I seriously think the Acosta (I realize these bridges mean nothing to you...pic to come) that I walk like EVERYDAY whether I want to or not is tougher than this so called "green monster".

All in all I was super happy for Tana and I!  We had fun and we finished!
GO US!!!!

Thank you all that sent me sweet comments while I was sick!
I really appreciate it!


P.S. Do you like my new signature block??

Giveaway Results....

Thank you all for participating...
keep a look out for my next giveaway! eye made easy......

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