Monday, March 5, 2012

So I have been thinking about motivation a lot lately.  Right now I feel EXTREMELY motivated in my current weight loss goal but I feel like often motivation in general is like a light switch for me...when it is on it's ON and when it's off it might as well be glued in the OFF position. 

So what gets me motivated?  I let things get to the breaking point then I give myself a jolt and get it all fixed. This time I want to break that cycle.  I want to keep that light switch on for good!

What keeps me motivated?  I honestly feel like no matter what you need motivation to do...once you start doing it and make progress the ball just keeps rolling until you stop it.  

Eliminate negative thoughts.  Stop saying you can' can!  
Besides...have you even tried?
Make what you are doing your biggest goal.  If you truly care or 
want something bad enough you will make it happen.
There is no shame in celebrating small milestones 
but don't lose sight of the bigger picture.  
Sometimes we'll get to a point where we give up (unintentionally) 
because we accept a small milestone as good enough.
Hang in there...even if it seems like it will be forever 
until you reach your goal just remember each day is progress.
Don't compare your results to others.  You are the only one that 
matters in reaching your goal so concentrate on you.  If you compare 
yourself to others, you might lose sight of what is 
important (reaching your goal) and give up.  
We all have moments of weakness when we feel the end 
is too far away.  You owe it to yourself to give it one more chance.

What's your motivation?

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  1. This is EXACTLY what I needed to read right about now. I've fallen off of the Weight Watchers wagon and this post is perfect for getting me headed back to it!

    Thanks :)

  2. So true! Motivation has to come deep and you really need to want to make the life change (I may not always!) If you prioritize it, you can do it!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. I only get motivated when I see results, when I start things I have no patience but if I see immediate good results I am with it all the way.. so I find the key is to find proven end results before I start to venture in anything...

  4. I haven't been actively trying to lose weight... more like maintain it. But every once in a while, I cave and eat something awful. It's so frustrating when I can't control myself.


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