It's Okay Thursday #9

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's okay...

to start to feel a cold coming on and think about calling in tomorrow to recoup so you can still do the race (you've been working towards) on Saturday.

to time your morning commute so you can HEAR the daily prank call on the morning radio show before the station goes out because you're out of reach.  Every morning they prank call someone and they are HILARIOUS...children prank their parents...friends pranking friends....basically they call and pretend to be someone with some OVER THE TOP reason for calling ~ kid in trouble at school, nanny applicant, etc.

to just want to go home and go back to bed but you're too tired to even get up from your desk!

Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway...since I am inevitably getting sick...
I will announce the winner on Monday!

Good luck!



  1. What? You prank called your radio station? Tell me more.

  2. I do little quirky things like this - I think everybody does. I hope your not sick and got to do your race.

    Anna xo


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