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Are you NUTS?

In an article in Shape magazine last month ~ I read that Walnuts can help with weight loss and that you should eat some after working out.  So I have incorporated them into my lunch. 

This month Shape had an article about foods that improve your moods and walnuts made the list.  Apparently they help promote your brain to make more serotonin.  Once I read that I was convinced that my new zen like state of mind at work is working because of the walnuts.

I did a little googling (of course) and found out that walnuts also help reduce headaches, help with bone health, prevent gall stones, stimulates production of melatonin (for better sleep), the omega 3 promote brain cell health for better concentration and lowers hyperactivity.  

The list goes on and on for walnuts and you don't have to eat a huge amount of them.  You can eat one handful a day to gain all of the benefits.

I have had a better mood and even less headaches since I have been eating about 1/4 of a cup per day.  I buy them raw in the baking aisle.  They can be a bit pricey but they are a good protein to make you feel fuller longer and now with all of these other benefits I've learned I am hooked on these nuts for good!

What foods have you tried recently that you've noticed positive health rewards from?



  1. all outfits are great???
    thx you :)

    I hope you like my blog and maybe you gonna be my next follower...If you want :)

    Wish you a nice day :)

  2. Hope your doing well, another great read here!

  3. i do eat a lot of walnuts. get them by the bulk at costco... and put them in blenders for shakes and salads... etc. :)


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