It's okay Thursday #10

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colourful Thursday Glitter

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It's okay....

1) to be excited for Marissa's birthday party on Saturday!  She will be 6 years old!!

2) to google Hello Kitty stock prices ~ I seriously should buy some to get some kind of return on my investment.  How could Marissa possibly need ANYTHING else Hello Kitty.

3) to hate the pants that have been haunting you in your closet as "too small" once you can fit in them.

4) to rock them anyway...I mean they FIT!

5) to hate that my office blocks photobucket for awhile then lets you use it...then blocks least stay consistent!!

6) to still not be used to the time change....I mean am I getting up earlier now but it's later?  WHY DO WE DO THIS??

7) to have bright red hair...long story but Ulta turned my hair orange then purple and now it is REALLY red....everyone tells me it looks good but I can't wait until March 23 when they fix it!!  (I had to wait 2 weeks so my hair wouldn't get fried!)

8) to finally learn my lesson about hairdressers...GO TO THE SAME ONE ALWAYS....even if that means you have to wait for an appointment ~ I am so bad about if I want my hair done now...I want it done now then I'm like eh I'll take whoever is available ~ NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!  Jamie @ Ulta you are my girl!!!

9) to have conditioned my hair like 100 times since Saturday ~ I think I actually still have some in there...guess I didn't do a good job washing it (what I slept in) out this morning.

10) to have like 10 new product reviews to share because I've bought like every conditioner on the planet.

So what are you feeling okay about today??
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  1. Amen, girl. I'm still looking for a decent hairdresser who understands how to give me layers without giving me either (1) a mullet or (2) the thickest, most blunt ends on the planet. What's a girl got to do to get a decent haircut?? :)

    P.S. I'm hosting a link-up party, too - would love for you to join in on the fun! (And this post totally counts!)

  2. I hate this while time change! I hope your hair gets fixed soon! I'm sure it's not that bad! :)

  3. I feeling great cuz it's friday. I don't go to the same hair dresser haha..cuz I don't like getting the same hair cut all the time.


  4. I feel okay that I'm letting someone special go- i deserve even better!

    Long story.....


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