Thursday, August 26, 2010

So as of tomorrow (Friday) I am on vacation until Wednesday!  Believe me it is much needed and couldn't have come soon enough.  Paul and I are doing some day trips to some places but other than that it will just be some peaceful relaxing time spent with Paul.  I'm going to do like I did in NH.  Don't tell me what day it is and no counting down the days until I return....actually no thoughts of work.  I hope to have lots of blogs for when I get back.  I mean it's not a LONG time away but a long weekend is just as nice as a full week!  

I'm going to start getting back to the randomness of my blog.  So I'm going to compile MANY MANY topics while I'm away.  There's too much going up about food, working out, etc.  I'm getting healthy...okay!  Moving on!  

I want to start writing some solid pieces with some depth and or amusement...maybe even both.  

Stark Craving Mad!!! Blog 3 of 3

Friday, August 20, 2010

(From Self June 2010) Mind over munchies!

Treat yourself.  Cutting out food you love only makes you want it more.  Dieters who were told not to think about chocolate ate twice as many candies as those who weren't resisting.  Self suggests picking a guiltless substitute"  Ice cream for Fudge Bar.  ( I eat Sugar Free Fudgsiciles as my ice cream cream and chocolate...perfect fix for a craving)

Turn off triggers.  Break patterns that encourage binges.  Are you a postwork snacker?  Come home through a door that doesn't lead to the kitchen and you'll be 18 percent less likely to graze.

Feed your hunger.  Going past hungry to ravenous might make you choose junk.  Mice injected with high doses of ghrelin preferred a room where they had previously found high-fat over one where they expected to find less fat and sugar.  Eat protein and fiber at every meal to keep ghrelin gremlins at bay. 

Pace Yourself.  It takes 12 minutes for a thin person's brain to register that she's eaten (well lucky her) but it may take 25 mins for an overweight person.  An overweight person's brain changes its priorities over time to favor eating-related sensations.  Set a timer to get used to making a meal last 25 minutes.

Tire your taste buds.  Your taste buds get worn out after a few bites, so each mouthful is less delicious than the last.  (At a Weight Watchers meeting, the leader said that after 2 bites you can no longer actually taste the food and your now just chewing as repetition, so if you want a cookie...take two bites that is all you will need to get the flavor satisfaction.)

Flip the script.  Banish negative self-talk:  "I ate two Oreos.  I'm weak and I've blown my diet.  I might as well keep going."  Instead, take stock and talk yourself up.  "So I ate a couple of cookies.  It's no big deal.  It won't make me fate.  I can stop now and feel good about myself."

Start small.  Self-control is a limited resource, so if you try to tackle your morning doughnut, afternoon chips and evening ice cream in one swoop, you'll be sunk.  Allot willpower to one behavior at a time.  When a day without doughnuts becomes the norm, move on to the next goal.  (No Taller you can't start drinking Diet Coke again!)

Okay so theses were the tips to ward off cravings, perhaps next time I feel like I'm going to absolutely die if I don't have a brownie, I might try a few of these out and make the wiser decision.  I'll keep you posted, of course.

Stark Craving Mad!!! Blog 2 of 3

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Quiz (Self June 2010) "Do your cravings control you?"
Ever taken a quiz in a magazine and none of the answers in the multiple choice apply to you?  I feel like this happens to me constantly.  Am I being too critical?  Probably.  My tip is answer to the best of your ability, think back to previous encounters or pose the question of if this happened to me today what would I do, so here we go...
1.  When a coworker brings cupcakes for her birthday, you...
A Decide to have one (it's my treat for the day) and savor every crumb.
B Eat two at the party and then return to my desk stuffed.  I feel a little sick from all of that sugar and wish I'd stopped at one.
C Vow to abstain but down a whole one before the party is over.  Later, I sneak back for another, because I've already blown it.

Before I start my analysis of the three options let me first admit that this is a scenario that happens too FREQUENTLY at our firm.  Not only is there lucheon leftovers and runners bringing in sweets, there is "Cake Day" at the end of every month with two DIFFERENT kinds of birthday cakes to celebrate that month's birthdays.

Okay so now on to the 3 options.  I'm assuiming that I'm supposed to answer in my present state and Shia today would say no thanks OR since this just happened to me last week, one of the new associates who I've dubbed the name "Peter Campbell" [Mad Men reference WATCH THE SHOW!!] came up to my office and offered me a red velvet cupcake.  Shia here of sound mind and working on her sound body quickly stated no thanks...he of course being the nice guy that he is INSISTED.  So I did cave BUT I had him cut me off a PIECE...a bite.  Seriously though, had it been ANYONE other than "Peter Campbell" I would have had no problem saying no...REALLY no lie.  About two weeks ago, our "General Services Coordinator" (really Taller THAT is her title...LOL) came into my office with this tray of AMAZING brownies.  I wanted one more than life itself.  BUT I said no...she insisted (I swear she even moved that tray closer to my face) yet I held my ground.  Might I add that I had been craving a brownie for like a week and she shoved them right in my face and I said no.

Anyways back to the options...before last Friday, I would have said none apply.  But since never might not actually mean NEVER, I would have to say A. (+2)

2.  After a stressful day at work, you....
A Call a friend on my walk home to complain about my crazy boss.
B Take a detour to the gym to sweat away some tension, then pop some M&Ms.
C Help myself to lasagna, wine and Real Housewives marathon, polishing off a pint of ice cream while I zone out.

I would have to say C. (+1)  However, it wouldn't be lasagna but probably some other type of "horrible" food, no wine but I could see there being some ice cream involved and DEFINITELY some Bravo tv.

3. You eat while doing something else such as watching tv, driving, reading or checking email...
A Hardly ever.  I like eating in peace.
B Fairly often - mostly when life gets hetic and I'm really busy.
C All the time.  I'm always eating.

Okay so here I would have went with all the time...but I'm not ALWAYS eating.  So since Paul and I normally watch tv during dinner or on a long night at work I've drove while eating my dinner.  I would say B. (+2)

4.  If you had to give up pizza for a month, what would you do at the end of those pie-free weeks?
A I'd never give up my 'za!  I would stick to one slice instead of going cold turkey.
B I'd have three slices in one sitting and probably feel a little guilty for the splurge.
C I'd eat pizza until my pants felt tight.

None of these really apply to me.  Anything I have ever given up which made it's way back in has done so slowly over time or not at all.  For example, a while back Kenzie and I gave up fast food for 40 days.  On the 41st day did I run back and eat every thing in sight fast food related? No.  Actually, since then I haven eaten at a lot of the fast food places I used to.  Taco Bell for instance, I can't even remember the last time I've eaten there, it has been so long.  Also, I'm all about cold turkey, as you can see I just gave up Sweet&Low cold turkey and I'm pretty good at not caving in.  So on this one..None (+0)

5.  When you are shopping and walk by the food court, you....
A Pass right by.  I need both hands to snag the best bargains.
B If I'm really hungry or stressed, I grab somthing; I need energy to face the crowds.
C Buy a giant cookie from Mrs. Fields.  I can't pass the kiosk without desperately desiring my chocolate fix.

Again nothing applies...I'm not tempted by the food court.  I've never made shopping about food.  I was too involved in wasting money besides when do I ever go to the mall nowadays...NEVER!  I got the Jew Fund to look after.  But if I did go to the mall, I would say A. (+3)

6. How fast would your friends say that you eat?
A At a snail's pace.  They're ready for a dessert menu while I'm still working on my entrĂ©e.
B Average - I'm done when everyone else is.
C At lightening speed!  I'm a card-carrying member of the first finished club.

This question is pretty misleading.  What if your friend is a slow eater and then you look like a fast eater compared to her?  Well I would say B for me, Paul and I usually finish eating about the same time or I'm a little slower.  (+2)

7.  How often do you feel hungry?
A Before most meals and snacks.
B Occasionally, when I wait a while between meals or work out really hard.
C Hardly ever.

I would have to say B.  I can go forever sometimes without eating then I am starving or after I work out I won't be hungry then I'll be starving later or even the next day (after eating a light dinner).  (+2)

8.  You leave the table when....
I'm not too full, but I am satisfied
I've reached my diet's daily calorie limit.
My belly feels as if it's bursting and I need to change into sweats.

I would have to say A.  If I'm done...I'm done.  I don't usually over do it, but it does occasionally happen. (+3)

9.  If you have treats at your desk...
A I dig in when I really want to, but sometimes they go bad before I get to them.
B I have to hide them to avoid nibbling.  Out of sight out of mind.
C I can't stop thinking about them and clean out the stash within a day.

None apply.  I don't keep food at my desk.  If there's's lunch. (+0)

10.  When you're done eating a dish at your favorite restaurant, you look down at your plate and think....
Cha-ching!  Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
B that was delish, but by the end, it didn't taste as good as I thought it would.  I should have quit eating sooner.
C Wow, where did all that food go?  The whole meal was a blur, and I can't believe I ate all of it (But I still want dessert.)

So I'm thinking of Carabbas, I always get the same thing and when I'm done I'll think ... I really could have just eaten half of it.  Recently, I did eat half and take the leftovers old microwaved alfredo...not so good but hey at least I only ate half of it the night before!  So I would go with B.  (+2)

11.  How much do you identify with this statement?  "The foods I really want to eat are "bad", and I'll feel terrible after I eat them."
A Not at all like me.  I know I can eat anything I want in moderation.
B I feel this way about certain high-calorie meals, but not all of them.
C This sounds like my inner monologue whenever I'm deciding what to eat.

Normally, I eat pretty well balanced meals.  It's when I let cravings dictate meals that I over do it.  For example, I went out to dinner the other night and cravings lead me to chicken strips and a baked potato (both of which I haven't had in sometime)  Neither of which ended up being worth it but I ate it knowing it was "bad".  I would say B (+2)

12.  Do you ever eat a big lunch on autopilot and get mad at yourself?
A Never or rarely.
B Sometimes, when I've overdone it.
C Often or most of the time.  I wish I could have more control.

I would say A (+3)

Scoring: 3 points for A; 2 points for B; 1 point for C

Cravings Master (20-30) "You know when to give in to your cravings--and when not to.  You eat when you're hungry, drop the fork when you're full and derive true satisfaction from as occasional indulgence.

Inconsistent Craver (14-19) "You have a fairly balanced diet but sometimes overeat, particularly when stressed or tempted.  Use some ideas from "Mind Over Munchies" (tomorrow's blog) to shore up trouble spots.

Kamikaze Craver (10-13) "You often feel out of control around food, snack in secret, struggle with portion size and can't stop after a few bites.  Consider meeting with a counselor who specializes in food issues (find out at and learn to tune in to your hunger and eat with awareness using the techniques attached.  (tomorrow's blog)

Let me just say that I received 21 points therefore I am a "Cravings Master".  Um no!  I am not.  Sure I do have SOME of the qualities of the "Cravings Master" but I also feel like I can be like "Inconsistent Craver" or "Kamikaze Craver".  If I do submit to the cravings sometimes it can be BAD.  Granted I've been doing really well lately but I'd really like to safely fall into category of NON-CRAVER!  So tomorrow I will be posting all about how to control the cravings.  I apologize for leaving you hanging but this was seriously a long blog and took me ALL DAY!

Stark Craving Mad!!! Blog 1 of 3

The Issue
We have all felt like we were about to die if we didn't get something we were craving.  Whether it was a cheeseburger, fries or a chocolate milkshake (heck we might be dying for all three) there was that need that we just had to have it and being strong and ignoring that craving just didn't cut it.  We then feel like these items are haunting me...until we give in.  Then at this point, we've tried to hold out for so long that we just chow down and when we're done and the craving is gone, we're then just left with the guilt and unpleasant fullness.  Apparently, it really is all in our minds, it's actually a system of interconnected neurons in our brains which has evolved through out time and placed this evil curse on us.  We just have to figure out the triggers and learn to overcome the cravings and then eliminating the guilt.

Finishing Touches

My closet went from embarrassing to amazing but I felt like it needed just a tad more help....
Still a mess waiting to move itself onto the floor..

I found these at Target.  2 Fabric Drawers on sale for 10.99 (reg price 12.99) There weren't many colors to choose from and no black (unless you bought them individually for 5.99) These navy were cheaper so ahem...of course I went with these.
Here's the drawer's the improvement!  The stuff in the middle (workout clothes) will hopefully remain nicely folded...did you just laugh because I did.  I'm hoping that these two cubes will be okay because the drawers are too small to fit all these clothes.  So here's hoping ... also maybe I don't need 8 million pairs of workout pants....I know exactly what I was thinking too...get rid of some of it!!
I actually went to Target in search for these magazine holders currently on sale for $2.50.  
I bought a couple, one for bridal magazines, one for Self and one for other miscellaneous magazines.  I normally have a range of blogs that I am working on and this will help me keep some of the mess in order.

You've heard of Atkins...this is SHIAtkins....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We all know when I'm motivated ... I'm motivated.  Well since I have vowed to Taller that I'll give up Sweet and Low if she gives up Diet Coke...I now vow to Jennifer that I will start my version of Atkins.  If you want to know more about Atkins check out the website.  However, here's SHIAtkins...

Daily Intake:

Calories 1000-1500 (google calorie intake and figure out what is best for you or click on the link to an older post below...a link to a calorie counter is attached.)
Fat 33-42g/day (same for everyone)
Sodium no more than 2300g/day (same for everyone)
Carbs* 20-50g/day (* this is where SHIAtkins comes into play...the norm is 100-225g per day but Atkins gives you only 20 in your first SHIAtkins will allow some room so 20-50g/day and then moving up to 100g after awhile...more on that later...I'd say about 6 months, but depending on the weight loss success it could be sooner or later...I'll keep you posted with my progress.)
Fiber 25-35g/day (same for everyone)
Protein 72-100g/day (same for everyone)

I'm a believer of the overall picture.  You have to make sure you're getting enough daily and yes 1,000 calories is low but I set it that low because depending on the items you eat you might not eat a lot of calories but you've ticked all the other boxes for the day.  So there's no need to eat more calories just to get closer to 1,500.  The goal is to be somewhere in the middle of each of the categories.  

The best way of keeping track is a food journal.  Either write it down or hook it up online with membership.  
Check out this old post for more details....

Closet... Embarrassing to Amazing!

Monday, August 16, 2010

So my closet has always gone from neat and tidy to nightmare over time.  The main issues were I had too much stuff I was never going to wear or use again in there, stuff just didn't have a proper place and constantly just wound up on the floor and there was just wasted space.

Sad sad SAD sight... I know hence the fix!
This shoe storage was absolutely wasted space and effort.  
My shoes wind up downstairs where I put them on and take 
them off so this is going to the down stairs closet.
The space between these two storage compartments just screamed...
stuff unwanted things here.  Which is where all my "winter" clothes wound up.
There are some that I wouldn't carry again if my life depended on it.  
So guess what...I'm getting rid of them.  
More bags...a tote full of totes...
Old jeans and stuff.  
I took all these pants down and eliminated the ones that 
I'll never wear again and the ones that I can now 
fit in from losing weight.  HOLLA!  I found some capri pants that fit 
and I just got rid of some that are falling off from losing weight.  See cleaning pays off!

There is a floor!!
As you can see, I moved the shelf unit over to where the shoe storage 
was and utilized the small space to store my beautiful damask bed 
set and the tote full of totes.  Also used some of the blue boxes to store 
blog stuff, magazines and notebooks.

My favorite part of my closet now is shown below....
My purses neatly piled...more blue storage boxes with odds and ends.
My "winter" wardrobe neatly organized 
More blue storage bins with odds and ends which are all labeled for convenience.  
Books, photographs and ALL organized!
See something familiar?  I hung up my blog stuff.

All in all I would say that I actually enjoyed fixing this mess.  The end result was amazing!  If you have a messy closet I suggest you just take a couple of hours each weekend to fix it and when your done you'll just be overjoyed!  Not only is this space completely organized.  I got rid of a lot of junk that I didn't need anymore.

Don't you hate when...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

.... you have a million blog post ideas running through your mind and then when you sit down to blog you can't remember ONE?  


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland [DVD]

When we were young, my sisters and I, had this Alice in Wonderland movie that my mom had recorded off of the Disney channel, might I add...when they were running a free promotion, and we just absolutely loved it. Honestly, the movie didn't even start at the beginning she caught it when Alice had already fallen down the rabbit hole, yet we didn't care. It wasn't until like a year ago, when Paul and I frantically searched for it at Blockbuster and then found it onDemand, that I finally saw the first 10 mins of this movie. It was just one of those childhood things you would watch when you were home sick from school or lazy on a weekend. I swear we had to have watched that movie a million times. 

Also, when I was in 5th grade, we read Through the Looking Glass, which is Part Two of the movie. I volunteered to bring it in to school and our teacher let us watch it in class. It was great!

So now, I would like to say that I am now the proud owner of the DVD. I found it at Sams and Taller was with me and she even remembers it. $8.88 has now yielded a life time of watching it. So, I've been debating passing it down to Marissa or at least maybe giving it to her when she's a little older, she's only 4, so I'm not sure if she would appreciate the magnificence of this movie yet. Plus, now that I've found it...can I give it away? You're right I should just buy another

So what makes this Alice in Wonderland so special? Well for starters, it's a musical and if that wasn't enough to convince you, it has like EVERY actor and actress from that time era...even John Stamos and Ringo Starr. The props and costumes were excellent and the special effects were pretty good for it's time. Have I said that it was magical? If not, I'll say it again...IT'S MAGICAL! Also, it's really shows children that Alice can overcome her fears. There are some "scary" moments for youngsters, so maybe you have a child who is afraid of the dark or monsters in the closet. GET THIS MOVIE! All they have to hear is Alice screaming at the Jabawoki at the end..."I'm not afraid of you anymore" and they are cured. Moreover, it's a pretty close match up to Lewis Carroll's original books.

"Alice...can you see us...dear in Wonderland...." okay sorry remembering the last song when Alice sees all the friends she made during her trip to Wonderland in the Looking Glass singing their goodbyes... magic I tell you...MAGIC!

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink...

(a little Willy Wonka quote for you)

Today was my first day of NO sweet and low and I've done it.  I've survived a day at work without it and NO trips to Starbucks.  It can be done can be done.  My drink of choice now...water!  Yep doesn't that just sound delicious and refreshing?  That it is, I assure you, no wait I assure myself...or at least that is what I am TRYING to convince myself.  I've noticed that I've not actually consumed as much water today to how much Starbucks I would consume two issues...1) I was drinking ENTIRELY too much Starbucks and 2) I'd apparently would rather die of dehydration than drink mere water.  So looking back on day one I just need to have my water bottle filled up and perched on my desk ready to drink and soon Starbucks and sweet and low will be a fond distant memory...

There are sane people in this world...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Kenzie, a good friend and reader of this blog, sent me a link to because she saw a post regarding a green (meaning eco-friendly) wedding.  I had a bit of a run in with a co-worker that saw me reading a book about a green wedding and this co-worker felt the need to SCREAM at me that weddings are hard enough without trying to be green.  So anyways, I usually hate wedding websites because they are pretentious and act like all the rules of etiquette from the 1800s apply to every wedding today. So when I saw an entry titled "Getting Stiffed by Wedding Guests" I rolled my eyes yet clicked on it, I guess hoping that it was a play on words and not someone griping about someone not giving them a wedding gift,  alas, it was about not receiving a gift and how one should react towards these stiffing offenders.  I scrolled down to the comments expecting to see tons of women ranting about how they hated getting stiffed however numerous posts had comments that were shocking.  Women stating that they were just happy that the people came to the wedding!  Really?  These people exist?  I thought I was the only one.  Also, a comment was made about how all faux pas listed on wedding website are far fetched and not always applicable.  THERE ARE SANE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD...just when I had given up on mankind...they show that their is STILL hope for us all!

Little Shia in the making....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Marissa with her new book bag
And of course the black and white outfit I got Nicole for the girls...
good thing it's big on Marissa...Leah is soooo 
tiny that it will take her awhile to grow into hers.
I had her initials put on it because Nicole pointed out that strangers could act like they know her from her name on her book bag...good thinking mom!  That's why I'm just the Auntie!  So of course we had to get yellow.  It was too cute when Marissa said to me while sipping on my Starbucks green tea while waiting for our bags to get done...I'm so excited about my bag "Circle".  I said, ME TOO!!!  Nicole seriously thought I had lost my mind but the fact that Marissa was excited too just made it even more magical!  Are we sure this isn't my child?  Also at one point in the day I rescued her necklace from being lost and she said...Circle you're my best friend!  Awe!
Of course...Shia had to get a bag too!


Friday, August 6, 2010


Friday is FINALLY here! My boss is out until 1:00! The only way today would get any better was if I got to go home early...wouldn't that be the icing on the cake?

Torture of Thursday

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I really try not to wish every week for the Friday that seems to take forever to come around; however, this week needs to end!  Of course, this morning I was reminded by one of my annoying co-workers that wishing for Friday is wishing my life away and soon I would be old and wish I had more time.  Um no.  Wishing for Friday is WISHING for my life.  My life is not coming to this hell hole everyday and putting up with YOU people.  Or is it?  AHHHH scary thought!  No, my weekends are my life.  My weekends are my freedom.  If I want to wish for them SO BE IT!  There are 365 days in a year and I get about 120 days of those days (give or take) away from work.  Life doesn't happen during the week.  Torture happens during the week  Let's face it...I don't wake up earlier than I have to to get here.  I work so late at times that I'm so exhausted that I do nothing after work.  (It's a miracle I ever had time to meet Paul ... oh wait that happened on a WEEKEND...after numerous times of not being able to meet him because I was EXHAUSTED from WORK!)  So if I want to yell from the top of the building TGIF I will and you (annoying co-worker with your "wishing your life away" comment) CAN SHUT IT!

Womp Womp Wommmmp

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I arrive at work this morning and everything is normal computer crashes and won't come back on. So now I have a loaner from IT department while mine "possibly" gets fixed. So needless to say EVERY thing on my work computer...LOST! Good thing I stayed last night and did those blogs. Those pics were loaded to my work computer and they would have just been completely lost! I know then there would have been no TMI Tuesday! Not only is EVERYTHING gone...I have a newer version of every program I use daily...needless to say that adjustment is still taking some time. In case you don't know whatever archaic version of Word we currently use is in no way shape or form like Word 2007. 2007 people even this "new" program is outdated! Sigh!

Needless to say it hasn't been a great day. So I finally had a breakdown in my healthy foundation and ate some pretzel M&Ms. Please note: 1) they aren't that great 2) you only get like 10 in the bag for 150 calories, 5g of fat and 24 carbs 3) they totally didn't help to cheer me POINTLESS to eat them! I will admit that I also bought some cookies...yep it was gonna be an all out breakdown...however, after not getting any gratification from the M&Ms...I chucked the sense in eating them too.

TMI Tuesday

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As you all know I am trying to slim down hence the countless blog posts about it. So not only do I want to slim down to be healthier and to look better, I want to slim down to wear all of these below which I also was reminded that I had while battling out the organization in my walk-in closet....

Let me just start off by saying that I have an obsession with Victoria Secret Semi-Annual clearance. I never buy anything from VS until then. So last year (since the last Semi-Annual sucked and didn't yield anything new) I bought all of these for 1.99 a piece and even some smaller sizes with the hopes of slimming down. So my goal is to be able to wear all of these!

Since I'm all about organization. I broke them down into stacks...
Here are the ones currently too small! One day people ONE DAY!

Okay below are the ones that "fit" but I need to lose just a little more...
All together as you can see there are a lot but again...$1.99 each! 
(Also don't laugh at our seasonal bed spread!)
Up close sorry they are just sooo pretty!

Like I said...TMI but this is what I wear normally (below). Black boy I just can't wait for all these pretty ones to fit!
If all my other reason for slimming down weren't enough...this by far is reason itself!

Organization my new middle name?

I had just mounds of stuff going on as you can see below. These mounds were just shoved in my closet or scattered on my side of the bed...craft stuff, blog stuff, random stuff...too much stuff!! I'm working on making my closet awesome and finding a home for writing my blog...I'll post some before and after pics soon. I'm hoping to be done with this whole mess by the end of this weekend. I had this little project to work on first.
So to organize all this...
I bought these....
from Walmart. $6.00 for 3 boxes which after you set them up look like this....

AWESOME ... right?

Wait until you see the finished product! I can't wait myself I'm so excited to have all of this put away and in a place where it is easily accessible. So far I have all that mess above sorted out and put in the boxes above and labeled. I just have to work out where the best place to put these boxes will be and finish up in my walk-in closet. Stay tuned!

Amazing Gift Bag EVER!


to make....

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