Little Shia in the making....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Marissa with her new book bag
And of course the black and white outfit I got Nicole for the girls...
good thing it's big on Marissa...Leah is soooo 
tiny that it will take her awhile to grow into hers.
I had her initials put on it because Nicole pointed out that strangers could act like they know her from her name on her book bag...good thinking mom!  That's why I'm just the Auntie!  So of course we had to get yellow.  It was too cute when Marissa said to me while sipping on my Starbucks green tea while waiting for our bags to get done...I'm so excited about my bag "Circle".  I said, ME TOO!!!  Nicole seriously thought I had lost my mind but the fact that Marissa was excited too just made it even more magical!  Are we sure this isn't my child?  Also at one point in the day I rescued her necklace from being lost and she said...Circle you're my best friend!  Awe!
Of course...Shia had to get a bag too!

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