You've heard of Atkins...this is SHIAtkins....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We all know when I'm motivated ... I'm motivated.  Well since I have vowed to Taller that I'll give up Sweet and Low if she gives up Diet Coke...I now vow to Jennifer that I will start my version of Atkins.  If you want to know more about Atkins check out the website.  However, here's SHIAtkins...

Daily Intake:

Calories 1000-1500 (google calorie intake and figure out what is best for you or click on the link to an older post below...a link to a calorie counter is attached.)
Fat 33-42g/day (same for everyone)
Sodium no more than 2300g/day (same for everyone)
Carbs* 20-50g/day (* this is where SHIAtkins comes into play...the norm is 100-225g per day but Atkins gives you only 20 in your first SHIAtkins will allow some room so 20-50g/day and then moving up to 100g after awhile...more on that later...I'd say about 6 months, but depending on the weight loss success it could be sooner or later...I'll keep you posted with my progress.)
Fiber 25-35g/day (same for everyone)
Protein 72-100g/day (same for everyone)

I'm a believer of the overall picture.  You have to make sure you're getting enough daily and yes 1,000 calories is low but I set it that low because depending on the items you eat you might not eat a lot of calories but you've ticked all the other boxes for the day.  So there's no need to eat more calories just to get closer to 1,500.  The goal is to be somewhere in the middle of each of the categories.  

The best way of keeping track is a food journal.  Either write it down or hook it up online with membership.  
Check out this old post for more details....

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