31 Ways to Eat and Slim #1

Friday, January 1, 2010

1) Log on and Lose.

Basically this tip is to keep a food journal. Self says according to American Journal of Preventive Medicine, dieters who write down their meals and their workouts every day lost TWICE as much as those that didn't.

My skinny:

Writing it down does help. You can be quite surprised to see how fast it adds up. You might be thinking...nah I have a light breakfast (or none), light lunch and a normal dinner...WRONG. Just write it down for a DAY and see what the outcome is. Okay so now that you're going to write it down the key is to find out what sort of method is best for you.

For example, Weight Watchers (WW) is all about keeping a food journal and WW works on a points system. The points system is simple yet tricky. Sure WW gives you a whole list on zero point foods and a sliding ruler on how to calculate points using the nutrition facts. But here's the tricky part that damn sliding ruler is never to be found when you need it and guessimating takes over. But no knock for WW it really does work.

The other method is straight up calorie counting. Still simple and tricky. Calorie counting is simple because you have all the information right there on the package in front of you. No translating it into points. There's no kicking yourself when you come home from the grocery store because you bought the 3 points version over the 2 points version of something because WHERE WAS THAT DAMN RULER! But it's tricky because there's a lot more numbers to add up than keeping track of your daily points.

The key is knowing your daily allowance. It's super easy to google and find out what your daily allowance for calories, carbs, fat, protein, etc. should be. However, it's not so easy with WW. With WW you have to at least go to a meeting or sign up online to receive your daily points allowance. (Well if you didn't have me...HAHAHA...I can tell you I have the books.) Seriously though, I'm not knocking WW like I said it really does work. But in these "hard economic times" you should be saving money right? RIGHT!

Okay so once you figure out your method, points vs. calorie counting there's even more methods to keeping track.

If you go the WW way I would suggest splurging on their 3 month food log. Face it it's not as easy to lose as that little weekly tracker they give you. Plus, it's your ticket to instant points info. You can look back at previous entries and eat EXACTLY the same. It's a great way to get back on track too. Had a good week? Well you can easily repeat it. Also, WW offers an online version (if you can't make meeting and often when you go to meetings you can get a package that includes online). The online version has a database for "common" foods so often it is as easy as a click. However, I recommend you program in your foods though so you don't guessimate...what you eat might have more or less points to whatever they calculated. So now that I have you wanting to run out and join WW, I say STOP...KEEP READING!

Doing the same with calorie counting is totally possible. Last year I got an awesome food journal at a bookstore. Each day has spaces provided for calories, carbs, etc. Sure it's more to write down than points but it also gives you more of an idea of what you are eating. Too many carbs? Not enough protein? Etc. Well before you disregard good ol' calorie counting, check out this website. FitDay It is an online food journal which is FREE! Also I am sure there's an ipod app and I know google has a calorie counter on igoogle. Back to FitDay, it works basically the same way as WW. There is a database and you can create your own foods by inputting the nutrition facts. It will also keep track of your weight, goals, etc. It will help you plan out calorie intake to make that goal.

So whatever way works for you pick one and start keeping track and you'll see that it works.

Side Note: BTW, WW is also a supportive group. There's something great about a room full of people with the "same problem". It's comforting to know that others have the same issues. Also, if you have a great team leader she can be very motivating with her own story. Plus when you lose the weight and receive rewards it is something to feel proud of.

Daily Allowance:

Calories - Use this calculator to figure out your calories.
Fat 33 to 42 g/day
Protein 72 g/day
Carbs 225 g/day
Fiber 25 to 35 g/day
Sodium 2300 mg/day

For points check out Weight Watchers website for a meeting near you. (You really need the WW booklets to follow this plan, if you decide to go this route I am here for any questions.)

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  1. I am wondering if my bad reaction to eating that much fiber per day was because i wasnt also having the max f protien, etc? hmmm


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