31 Ways to Eat and Slim #5

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5) Become a veggie junkie.

Basically this tip is EAT as much veggies as humanly possible. Self states pile your plate high with naturally low-calorie, high-fiber vegetables and fruit which leaves little room for other dishes. Focusing on these filling foods helps you lose weight and still feel satisfied.

My skinny - Honestly, if you are not one to eat a good balance of vegetables this is where Weight Watchers helps. Seriously before I did WW maybe I would occasionally eat green beans or corn. But WW stresses for one of it's rules to get 5 servings of vegetables a day plus you get a long list of ones that are 0 points and come on points are precious. So when I was doing WW, eating the 5 a day sure I lost weight but the weeks when I had like insane numbers like -4.8 or more it was from loading up on vegetables. I would go to this store in Gainesville (Wards) where they had fresh produce and I would just load up on fresh vegetables. They are also a great in between meal snack to keep you from getting to that starvation point. I would love to find something similar around here. I've noticed that on Saturdays there is a Farmers Market so I am going to try to remember on Fridays to get some cash out so I can go check it out. I doubt they take

So not all the hype is just vegetables. Fruit can be very beneficial too. I honestly hate Florida summers but the thing I miss is the berries on sale. Over the summer I ate strawberries, raspberries and blackberries everyday for lunch with a small non-fat yogurt. The best lunch and very filling. The one thing you have to watch with fruit especially canned or applesauce is added sugar. Fresh fruit is always best over canned or even dried (you tend to eat more calories with dry fruit because it's condensed down and less filing i.e. 5 raisins compared to the size of 5 grapes). But some fruit isn't as good for you as others when dieting. Check out this website regarding calories in fruit, etc. Also the catch with fruit is the same as the downfalls of a white potato. Fruit has natural sugars which burn off fast and then leave you hungry for more. That's why vegetables get all the hype ... not a lot of sugar...but that's why fruit tastes so great. Either one got fat from eating a I say all fresh produce is a step in the right direction.


  1. So I am constantly thinking I need more veggies but this is soooooo hard. I always want to stick them on top of a huge pile of rice or pasta if I am going to eat them at all. Or I dip them in something. argh. But I will eat french green beans plain, so maybe I should start there.

  2. I'm pretty bad about it sometimes as well. It's seems to be easier in the warmer months to get excited about fresh produce. You should really try out the steam fresh veggies in the frozen food section. Some of them come with light sauces and seasonings that way you don't have to worry about over dredging them in your own sauce or dip.


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