31 Ways to Eat and Slim #17

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

17) Attack a healthy snack.

Basically this tip is to eat healthy snacks to curb ravenous hunger. Self says to stock up on 150 calorie bites that contain filling protein and fiber, such as lowfat cheese and whole-grain crackers, hummus and sliced veggies or nuts mixed with dried fruit then keep them in plain view in your office or at home so they're the first thing you see when hunger hits.

My skinny - Sounds great! Just make sure you measure out the portions, especially with's easy to eat more than one serving in a few seconds. Also, since you are now eating a lot of filling foods you might not be hungry for a snack. Eat it anyways because it will keep your energy up and you won't get hit suddenly with hunger pains later. If you have to set a reminder on your office computer that it is snack time! Something to look forward to in the afternoon. I mean if only there was snack time and nap time...ahhhhh.

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