31 Ways to Eat and Slim #24

Sunday, January 24, 2010

24) Spoil yourself.

Basically this tip is don't use food as a reward. Self says rather than indulging in cheesecake for a job well done, seek out a nonfood prize that rewards and inspires you.

My skinny - When I was doing WW I totally did this. WW is all about getting to your 1st milestone of losing 10%. So I had little milestones for on the way. Lose 5% reward myself with this. Lose 10% and get this, etc. Also, for every pound I was losing I put $1 in my savings account. That way I was saving up for my rewards.

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  1. I definitley justify a lot of things as a reward, you know like big bowl of ice cream for going to the gym all week. Trying to look at the gym as a long term lifestyle change rather than a punishment that I have "endured" and therefore need to be rewarded for. So I like how you put a dollar in for every pound!


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