31 Ways to Eat and Slim #14

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

14) Build a fan club.

Basically this tip is to get support. Self says that whether it is in person or the virtual kind it is key to keeping the weight off. Then they give you the link to their website for their community board.

My skinny - Really is that it. Get support..go to our website and chat with strangers. Good thing you have me right. Okay so yes support is extremely helpful and we aren't talking so much about family, spouse, significant other, etc. because believe me these people care too much to give you the hard truth. This is where I will make a positive stand for Weight Watchers. If you really need a cheering squad or people that know EXACTLY what you are going through ... go to a WW meeting. You really can get a lot from the meetings. Each week the leader has a topic of discussion too so you learn a lot about what to do in situations, etc. Believe me I am all for saving money but if WW is the jump start and motivation to keep you going do it. Besides aren't you saving a ton by not eating all that fast food anyway?

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