31 Ways to Eat and Slim #13

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13) Fire up the Fiber.

Basically this tip is to eat a more complex and fiber rich bread. Self says for more fat-fighting power choose breads that feature flax. These seeds contain lignan (a phytoestrogen) that may be linked to weight loss.

My Skinny - Didn't we just discuss fiber? Like # 9 with the pasta...well the same goes for any white carb. If you eat a whole wheat high fiber version it will be better for you. But here is where I don't see a difference in taste. Eat regular old wheat bread (ok well not old) and then switch to a high fiber with some flax...any difference in taste? Not at all! Just make sure you look at the back. You don't want to waste calories and some of the "better" breads say MORE FIBER and it really means MORE CALORIES. There is bread out there that is like 100 calories for two slices ... I swear...LOOK. It tastes exactly the same as their 100% whole wheat. So whatever bread you eat...look around at that brand...flip them over and pick...fewest calories and the most fiber. Your sandwich/breakfast toast will keep you fuller longer.

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  1. yeah this confuses me...i typically just grab the first thing that says "whole wheat"...i guess i need to read the labels more.


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