31 Ways to Eat and Slim #10

Sunday, January 10, 2010

10) Flip a fat switch.

Basically this tip is to eat healthy fats. Self says that eating fat helps you feel full, which means you munch less overall. Simply choose healthy oils, especially those from nuts, olives or fish.

My Skinny - So since we've talked about increasing the amount of fiber you need to eat to maintain fullness be careful to not cut out all fat or you have (ahem) personal problems. You can use olive oil when you cook however if you are going to cook at a high heat use canola oil instead. At high heats olive oil becomes a trans fat. Use a small amount of olive oil for your salads or maybe a pasta dish. You can also switch your margarine to a better source. We use Smart Balance, there's one with Olive Oil. Not only are you switching to a better oil source your getting Omegas as well. The Smart Balances taste pretty normal so there isn't a big taste difference between them and regular margarine. Pam Spray also now comes with a Olive Oil option. However, I think it's more for flavor rather than actual oil intake.

Almonds are a good afternoon snack. I can't say that I'm going to eat any olives. Sorry this is where I put my foot down. I ate the salmon but I have to definitely pass on the olives.

When I was doing WW they stated that you only needed like 3 tablespoons of oil per day so we aren't talking like you have to drink gallons of it because you don't want to over do the amount of fat you are taking in. (Another good reason to keep your food log in the nutrition facts so you can see how much fat you are eating on a daily basis because fat is important (ahem) for personal reasons)

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