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Drama Queens

Doesn't it seem like we are in a world full of drama? Twitter updates, Facebook statuses, reality tv ... oh my! We are all guilty of it in some shape or form. I DVR Real Housewives of EVERYWHERE and just finished watching Bad Girls Club and just set my DVR to record the new season of Tori and Dean and Real Housewives of NJ. Why? I can barely stand the drama in my own life let alone complete strangers. Plus hello....I hate people so why did I care about whether there is adequate space on my DVR for all this stuff to record while I was on vacation? Am I a drama junkie? I want to say no but I continue to watch. OMG I seriously just thought ... I wonder when the next season of Keeping up with the Kardashians will start.
Is there hope for me? I don't keep up with celebrity news ... I have NO idea what just went on with Sandra Bullock. Okay okay...I did google about Jon & Kate and I did watch that show so .... I think I'm digging a bigger hole here.
Is it the &quo…

White Girl Fro in the North

Let me just say that I felt like I was on vacation from my hair woes. I only had 3 oz of shampoo, 3 oz of conditioner, 3 oz of Redken spray gel and 3 oz of Biosilk Strate (biosilk ghetto slang for straight) and I got away with using this simple amount. I seriously BARELY used any of the hair product. I wore my hair out of Florida curly (hello had to get up at 5:00 am). After the first wash in NH, my hair air dried and I brushed it out. Yes me and a straighter first and dare I say....NO FRIZZ!! Usually, if I brush out the white girl fro I end up looking like my mom in the 70s. No offense mom but you had some white girl fro going on. Are you sure you aren't jewish too...HAHAHA! So anyways, I also did a blow out courtesy of a hairdryer supplied at the condo. One day I even did the whole curling my hair with the straightener. Even the day of our departure, washed it, little spray gel, air dry and my hair looked GREAT! Everyday I had a new style with ease becaus…

Green Shoes

So Paul bought me some gel inserts for my tennis shoes before vacation. Yes apparently, this is what old people do to gear up for vacation. We get gel insoles. However, when removing my Asics' factory insoles the insole was pretty much super glued in and it ripped out the bottom of my shoe and even with the new insole, it still felt like there was a hole in my shoe when walking. So I had to get new tennis shoes on vacation and we went into a Nike Factory Outlet in Tilton, NH. At this location, Nike had a shoe drop bin to recycle old shoes. So you know me, I was thrilled to recycle my old shoes. Also, Nike took the box that my new shoes came in to recycle that as well. I'm not sure what the other brands are up to but Nike is now down in my book for being so green and face it folks the fact that this program made it to the SMALL outlet store of Tilton, NH shows that Nike is on the ball! (No pun intended) So if you have some old athletic shoes...please's …

Library Day?

This is the public library?!?!
Doesn't it look awesome?? So at least I know I'll still be able to get books on CD in NH and probably some of the original drafts written by Thomas Jefferson all in one stop. Who would be my library buddy though...I will have to find a NH Taller =(

Shia's house?

I'll take it!
This house is probably 120 years old. It sat across the street from the Historical Society which as you can see from the picture below was built in 1890.

Guess who's back?

ME! I'm back from vacation since it's back to the grind! I have TONS of blogs to post and TONS of pictures! Hopefully, I will get them all in by the end of the weekend. I can't wait for you to see them!


Okay followers...I've been pretty nonexistent on this blog for awhile. I've been gearing up at work for vacation and have had no time to devote to the blog.
So tomorrow Paul and I are leaving (on a jet plane) to NH!!! We're staying in a condo which says it has internet but just in case I'm bring a cute black, white and yellow notebook as my blog away from home and I'll fill it up and have tons of posts when I return and PICS!!!!
I'll miss you! See you in a week and a half!

Vacation Woes....

So...we are flying to New Hampshire in less than one week. Paul and I have committed to only bringing one bag and being able to carry it on the airplane. Sounds simple right? HECK NO! Apparently now I will be thrown up against a wall and deemed a terrorist if I bring perfume, hair stuff and or TOOTHPASTE! What has the world come to? I was literally sitting here thinking how can I put all my crap in one quart size bag? Then I had a moment of genius ... hello Paul's bag can hold one quart size bag as well. HOLLA! Well I'm going upstairs to see what I can come up with. Well I think I have done it. I got all my essentials down to the bare minimum and now have a list of stuff that we will have to pick up....hairspray, razors and shaving cream. So as for packing...our 10 day vacation is sort of a trial fun for packing light for our honeymoon to Europe. The condo we are staying in on this trip has a washer/dryer so that helps when thinking of traveling light. This is what my list co…

Forget Tradition...

I absolutely love this dress and this color!

Writer's Block

So I guess I sort of shot myself in the foot with the last blog entry since then I have had some MAD writer's block! Hopefully soon the wit and wisdom will come back to me but right now I am at a loss for words. I know me...SHIA with nothing to say...well at least nothing nice to say!

However, the NH trip is looming so I will officially be blogless from 4/17-4/28. Great news for the trip though...we are flying...YAY! So I'm hoping to get some good blogs in before then. Bare with me dear followers.