Vacation Woes....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So...we are flying to New Hampshire in less than one week. Paul and I have committed to only bringing one bag and being able to carry it on the airplane. Sounds simple right? HECK NO! Apparently now I will be thrown up against a wall and deemed a terrorist if I bring perfume, hair stuff and or TOOTHPASTE! What has the world come to? I was literally sitting here thinking how can I put all my crap in one quart size bag? Then I had a moment of genius ... hello Paul's bag can hold one quart size bag as well. HOLLA! Well I'm going upstairs to see what I can come up with. Well I think I have done it. I got all my essentials down to the bare minimum and now have a list of stuff that we will have to pick up....hairspray, razors and shaving cream. So as for packing...our 10 day vacation is sort of a trial fun for packing light for our honeymoon to Europe. The condo we are staying in on this trip has a washer/dryer so that helps when thinking of traveling light. This is what my list consisted of last night when I was preparing to pack:
Gray Sweater
3 long sleeve ts
3 3/4 sleeve ts
3 short sleeve ts
1 dress jean
2 casual jeans
1 jean capri
black yoga pants & jacket
undergarments & socks
1 gray tank
2 white tank
fleece jacket (hello it is going to be COLD there)
tennis shoes
casual shoe

Okay well...first I thought about wearing the capri pants to the airport...then I checked the weather there for Saturday and lets just I have one less thing to pack.

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