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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Doesn't it seem like we are in a world full of drama? Twitter updates, Facebook statuses, reality tv ... oh my! We are all guilty of it in some shape or form. I DVR Real Housewives of EVERYWHERE and just finished watching Bad Girls Club and just set my DVR to record the new season of Tori and Dean and Real Housewives of NJ. Why? I can barely stand the drama in my own life let alone complete strangers. Plus hello....I hate people so why did I care about whether there is adequate space on my DVR for all this stuff to record while I was on vacation? Am I a drama junkie? I want to say no but I continue to watch. OMG I seriously just thought ... I wonder when the next season of Keeping up with the Kardashians will start.

Is there hope for me? I don't keep up with celebrity news ... I have NO idea what just went on with Sandra Bullock. Okay okay...I did google about Jon & Kate and I did watch that show so .... I think I'm digging a bigger hole here.

Is it the "trainwreck" mentaility? I just have to look?

Going back to the whole Real Housewives stuff, currently I am watching the Real Housewives of NYC. So far the season is all about Bethany and Jill. I HATE Bethany! Yo Bethany... you're first book SUCKED! I couldn't even finish that BS and believe me I tried so I could send it back to you with all my notes in the margins. Can I get a refund....PLEASE? So again ... why do I watch? I honestly can't even say that its the NYC appeal of the show. Believe me this season has even made fashion shows seem no fun. It's like really this is what you're around and have to deal with when you attend a fashion show during the coveted Fashion Week.

So tv drama is my vice. Some people have smoking and I have trips to to read these hags blogs. So can I quit? Honestly, I just thought NOOOOO...Tori and Dean just started. The shopoholic in me has given up shopping, can the inner drama queen in me give up Bravo, Oxygen and Style Network? Okay how about all but Tori and Dean? OMG I am out of control.

Also why do I watch America's Next Top Model? Have I ever seen ANY of the winners again? No! Yet give me a marathon on Oxygen or Bravo and I'm glued!

While on vacation, I did watch True Hollywood Story of the Kardashians and one episode of Real Housewives of NYC. So two out of a dozen...not bad right? Okay here is the deal...I was okay with only watching this two things because I knew all my shows were recording at home on the DVR. But guess what.....we unplugged the cable from the tv in case of a storm and cable hooked to the tv DVR so NOTHING recorded! AHHHH!! I admit I then turned to OnDemand to find some of my shows and have set my DVR to record all the repeats of the episodes I missed so no lesson learned.

My only excuse to this insane addition of mine is that I don't watch network tv but yet I'm hooked on the same sort of crap on cable channels. I'm weak!! I just have to watch. Isn't the first step to over coming an addition...admitting you have one? Where is my meeting? Hello, my name is Shia and I'm a dramaholic! HI SHIA!

Paul always picks on me about these shows. I, of course, have to watch them when he is not home and if I'm watching it when he gets home he promptly says ... why do you watch this garbage you are too smart for this stuff ... you are killing brain cells. Come on who doesn't learn from these shows. Real Housewives of NYC taught me that Jill thinks that there is sugar in diet coke. She once said that she hadn't eaten all day and that she just needs sugar and asked for a diet coke. Hello coke doesn't have sugar in it. THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT OF DIET COKE!! Also, come on I learned on Jerseylicious that one of the chicks on there was the first girl in Jersey to successfully mix leopard and cheetah print ... thank you for that luckily I don't know your name ... look maybe there is hope for me. Just a little?

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  1. LOL that was a good post, you and I have the weirdest vices...drama shows for you and diet coke for me. We so bad! ;)


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