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Monday, July 30, 2012

Okay so technically I am NOT Mellissa Rondinelli YET  ... I will be on September 20, 2012 ... is that seriously in like 51 days?  (but hey I am Mellissa aka Shia)  But come on totally not changing that later ... I'll have too many other things to change!

So anywho ... the email I had link to this account became corrupt ... so I am deleting it aka having to switch EVERYTHING.  So I went through all my followers and followed you on my new account.  Once I drop that other email ... you'll lose a follower but no worries ... I re-followed.  It's kinda like a tease ... I am quite aware.  If I missed you comment below ... and I will follow you - some peeps didn't have their blogs on their profile (tisk tisk ... naughty naughty).

Also, I am debating on changing my blog name and possibly moving to Word Press ... haven't had the courage to bite the bullet on these ... so for now I am still here at this address. 

To all the Blogs/Peeps I follow ....

Friday, July 27, 2012

If I was just deleted as your follower ... no worries I will be back ASAP.  I am changing around stuff and linking up new emails and stuff ... anywho ... I will get back on your list ... NO WORRIES!!!

Happy Friday!

GASP!  I know ... I normally don't cuss on this blog but this is totally
how I feel about the end of this week.  So sorry if the F word scares you!

I just feel like everything stressful that could happen this week ... has happened.
I know what you are thinking (GASP!) don't say that more bad stuff will come.
My reply is for you to defer back to my someecard!

Thank you all for your comments on my new header!
I am still proud and loving it!

I am thinking/working on more major blog changes.
I'll let you know once I get them in place.

Funny Sports Ecard: Let's show our national unity during the Olympics before returning to hating each other during election season.

I did it!

Friday, July 20, 2012

I made my own header and I love it!!!!

I am so freaking proud of myself!!

Now I need to make it a button ...
It keeps coming out too big ... any suggestions?

What's in your shower?

1) Hair remover - I get this at the dollar store for you guess it ... $1.  It works just as well as Nair and all those other brands.  I don't use the plastic scraper it comes with because let's face it ... those things don't even work with Nair so I use it with a razor and my legs are super smooth for days.

2) Netrogena Sugar Scrub (Citrus) - I love this stuff for summer.  It's a great way to exfoliate and it smells fresh.

3) Foot scrub and bar soaps - Paul says my "girly" soaps don't work on him ... so he uses Dove Men Bar Soap.  

4) Redken Blonde Glam - this stuff is awesome on my highlights ... see HERE for my past review.

5) Okay this one might be TMI ... but I love this fem wash. 

6) Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner - I love this stuff ... click HERE to see my past review.

7) Mint Julep Facial Scrub - I just recently started using this and love it.  I made the switch because what I used to use reduced the product size but not the price - see my previous rant HERE.  Back in the day I used to use a mint wash from Benefit.  I loved it and it was like $24 and I willing handed over my money for it because I swore it did awesome things for my skin.  Well now for a mere $3 to $4 I am getting the same benefits as the Benefit stuff.  Oh btw ... they discontinued it and I was devasted.  This was like eons before my blog so no rants to link to.
Benefit Mint Wash - Discontinued

8) Dial Body Wash in Lavender - I am obsessed with Lavender.  I totally believe it helps with stress plus it smells wonderful.

9) Biore Face Wash - said face wash that I will NEVER purchase again due to rant link on #7.  Ever since I switched to that Mint Julep I haven't even touched the old stuff.  I haven't had a break out in ages.  I really think mint is better for your skin than salicylic acid!

10) John Frieda Sheer Blonde - again - lightening my hair and have highlights - this stuff works great.

11) Can barely see - my razor peeking out behind the biore stuff.  
I really think this is the best woman's razor.
I barely get any nicks and I don't have to sweep over
the same area 100 times and one razor head lasts a pretty
good amount of time.  I buy them from Sams - much cheaper!!

Okay so that is what is in my shower.  Okay I lie there are some things missing ... I've added a few items since these pics were taken.  

I've been using the John Frieda color renew to get out some brassiness from my hair
and I love this conditioner ... right now more than All Soft ... see review HERE.
I know what you are thinking ... this is a lot of stuff.  
(In my defense the liters of Redken All Soft are used up and gone.)
Believe me Paul tells me ALL THE TIME!
But at least if I keep them organized he complains less.

So what about you ... what's in your shower?
Do you have a lot going on in there like me?

It's Okay Thursday #20!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's that time of the week don't forget to link up with Amber & Neely!!

It's okay ... 

1) to be super happy that I prepared and scheduled all the the posts for this week on Sunday!  Go me!

2) to get up early and exercise before work ... I never thought it was possible people but if Shia can do it ... anyone can. 

3) to consider taking the wedding countdown down ... I mean isn't the panic attacks it's giving me enough of a reason to take it down?  I am running out of time!!

4) that I have made a blog planner but I haven't put it together yet. 

5) that I am currently using office supplies to keep my ring on.  

This is post-it tape ~ basically used for when you 
want to copy a document but you want to cover 
the privileged stuff up ... works great for sizing rings as well
as you can see ... LOL

6) to be proud of my new found photobucket skillz ... my pics this week have looked amazing!!

7) to not care about Tom Cruise's pending divorce.  Do we really need like a min by min detail of what is going on?  Why would anyone besides them put any time into worrying about this?  I don't know about you but I have TOO MUCH going on in my own life to care about theirs.  Who knew Katie Holmes just needed to get a divorce to be "relevant" again ... oh right just like when she became "relevant" again for Tom declaring his love for her on Oprah ... are you seeing a pattern here?

8) to freak out when you mess something up at work - true story but thank goodness I was the only one freaking out.  

9) to be seriously bummed that I STILL haven't gotten a papercut to break out my fab Birchbox band-aids.  I mean normally I get at least 2 or 3 a week ... what the heck!

10) that this somee card totally represents how I feel EVERYDAY at work....
Funny Workplace Ecard: Let's go out into the scorching heat wave to avoid frostbite from our office air conditioning.

Finding Mr. Bright

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finding Mr. Bright came in a Here Comes the Bride Birchbox I received.

I currently use Posie Tint so getting this travel size was great.  I've used High Beam in the past and loved it so I was happy to see it in the kit. I'd never tried Erase Paste but this stuff is great for concealing ANYTHING!  But my fave item in this kit is Girl Meets Pearl!  I absolutely love this stuff.  This size lasted me for about 2 months.  I cashed in some of my Birchbox points to get a free full sized one.  I also pick up the same size as in the kit from Ulta on clearance for $5 - I was happy to put it back in my kit because I plan on taking this on our wedding/honeymoon trip =)

Girl Meets Pearl is great for on your upper cheek/eye bone and swept up to the side of your eye.  It gives a nice shimmer without too much.  It's like a pearl ... sometimes you see the glow and sometimes you don't.  It's a golden pink so it works well with a tan.  

It's a lot like High Beam but more subtle.  For example, when Paul and I first met he constantly was trying to wipe stuff off my face when he saw the gleam of the High Beam.  With Girl Meets Pearl he's not reaching to wipe it away ... it's a more natural glow.  Don't get me wrong sometimes you need more than subtle which is why I still love High Beam.  

What do you think?
Have you tried High Beam or Girl Meets Pearl?
Which one do you like best?

Organizing by Recycling

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So every month I receive a Birchbox ... seemed a shame to throw them away.
So I came up with a use for them.
Here is the top layer.
Basically this is the lid portion to the box.
One box contains all my eyeshadows and small 
Baremineral items.  The other box contains my brushes and my
Miracle Skin Translucent BB cream which I use as primer.
The upper area space left from the boxes fits all my nail polish two by two.
and the space in between the middle box and the back box 
fits all my lip stuff and Benefit Poise Tint and the
one in the back (hard to get to)  put all my skin items 
and my Finding Mr. Bright kit (love this - post to come)

So if you remove the top two boxes underneath are the bottom of the boxes...
The one to the left contains all my Bareminerals face products, 
foundation, warmer, mineral veil, etc, the box in the middle
contains all my mascaras, eye liners, eye brow pencils, tools, etc.

Since it only took 2 1/2 boxes I just save the new ones I get for when the boxes
get dirty or wear out.  I'll just toss (recycle) it and put in a fresh one.

On the other side of the bathroom there's another drawer 
organized pretty much the same way but with toothpaste, deodorant, Paul's stuff, etc.
These boxes are great to keep stuff from sliding all over the drawers and making
packed drawers feel organized rather than a big mess!!

How do you store your makeup?


Monday, July 16, 2012

So the other day I was standing in line behind a girl and noticed her outfit.  It was super cute.  She was wearing a skirt similar to this with a gold tank top.  I asked her where she got the dress and she told me it was a skirt from Forever 21.  So I had to go check it out!

On one of my lunch breaks I drove 20 mins to Forever 21 to find the skirt.  At this mall, the Forever 21 is two stories and it is just packed with racks.  I have no idea if the stuff is even grouped in any kind of rhyme or reason.  So after looking around for what seemed to be forever (no pun intended) I asked a sales girl if she could point me in the direction of this pleated green maxi skirt with a black elastic band.  Luckily she knew what I was talking about.  So I found it ... YAY!  Then I realized ... oh crap ... I didn't ask her where she got her top.  So then I was back at the mercy of the lack of organization to look for a gold tank.  I gave up at one point and tried on the skirt.  It was cute but you know how sometimes you try something on and your like sure it looks okay but .... so I went back to look for a top.  I asked a different sales girl about the gold tank ... no help.  So more wandering around and bumping into teenagers. 

Then ... I gave up and put the skirt back.  After all of that ... my obsession faded.  I just couldn't commit to a skirt that I had no idea what top I would wear with it.  I've been down that road before it wasn't pretty (click HERE).  Also, when I looked at the price tag I just couldn't commit to a $20 skirt from Forever 21.  Does that sound crazy?  I mean it's only $20.  But that day I was wearing my new skirt from Ann Taylor that I got for $7.99!  I pushed past others that were $20 - $30.  Why would I then splurge on a Forever 21 skirt?  I mean their stuff is supposed to be cheaper.  Also, we're midsummer here ... so limited amount of time left to wear at "full price" nah.  Lastly, I'm not that tall.  I'm only 5'5" so ... green and short ... would the cuteness I see translate as look ma there's an umpa lumpa??

Also, after I saw how much these "cheaper" clothes were being sold for I wanted to rush around to those said teenagers that I kept bumping into and grab them and shake them ... don't ruin your credit over "cheap" clothes ... don't do it!!  Yes that is when I realized that I had over stayed my welcome in the land of teen/early 20s.  Besides when did I leave work again?  Oh crap!  

So have you ever been obsessed by something?
What did you do?  Buy it/get over it?
Did it work out?

It's Okay Thursday #19 Part Two

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A light bulb came on and I realized I had more stuff to say...I know me Shia with more to say...NEVER!!!

It's okay ...

that I've had to walk around with my shirt soaking wet like all day because I've only gotten like a million things on it.  Hello this shirt is the right shade of gray for TWO skirts I can't be taken out of rotation. Okay I tried to take a pic and it was just a boob shot ... hello can't post that so just take my word that the wet spot I have been sporting all day is horrible.  

that I've just been giving all the old perves I work with ANOTHER reason to stare at my boobs.  Awesome!

that I realized last night the skirt I wore yesterday states Dry Clean Only ~ what setting is that on my washer?? ~ cuz I'll bet you like a million dollars it never goes to the this magical place called the dry cleaners ~ yep you betcha ~ hanging right back up in my closet for next time.

to use LOL and LMAO after every sentence even if you are the only one LOLing and LYAO at what you are saying WHO CARES!  Live it up!!  Laugh it out and out loud and heck even roll on the floor if you have too...ROTFLMAO!

It's NOT okay ....

that a Tide pen for the aforementioned shirt smells like vomit.  Hello?  Tide smells good so why the heck does the Tide pen smell like vomit?  Anyone?

that I KNEW from using it before that it smelled like vomit but man....I can't have this shirt ruined!

that I feel like Part Two is way better than Part One ... what can I say ... it's crazy day over here in the World According to Shia!

Do you have a piece of clothing that goes with too much to lose?
How's your Thursday going?

It's okay Thursday #19

It's that time of the week don't forget to link up with Amber & Neely!!

It's okay....

1) to be sick of being sick ... friends...I have had the worst cold I have ever had in my life ... seriously remember when Nicole Kidman died at the end of Moulin Rouge?  Well I seriously thought that your girl Shia here had consumption too!  I still have a lung that I still haven't quiet be able to cough up yet but at least I have some energy back.

2) that I didn't work out for 2 weeks.  I started back Tuesday night....YAY!

3) that I am not sure which one I felt more guilt over ... not blogging or not working out.

4) that I think it is totally awesome that last night I ran a mile in 11:40!  Shia's new record!!

5) that this weekend is my wedding dress fitting but I still feel like I have a bit more to lose.  I mean there can be a second fitting ... right?  Let's hope.

It's NOT okay ....

1) to let FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC, negative ads or whomever tell you what to think about candidates and issues.  Do some research ... gain your own knowledge and have an educated opinion based on facts and not hype...PLEASE!

2) to drive slow in the fast lane ~ need I say more?

3) to give someone the up down ... in case you have no idea what I am talking about ... it is when you are talking to someone and instead of looking them in the eyes like you should be you are scanning them up and down ... that is RUDE!  If you need to do an up down check ... check YOURSELF.

4) to let the up down ruin your day ... Shia is a work in progress towards people's crappy attitudes.  (sigh)

5) to go to a Daniel Tosh show and think that he is not going to say something horrible ... hello I spend 20 - 30% of the time covering my eyes when watching his show.  If he can't show you a disgusting clip he's gonna say something disgusting....that is his bit!  It's called a JOKE!  Also, 99.99999999999999% of his jokes are for GUYS!  Guys have sick senses of humor ... have you seen Old School, Anchorman, etc.  Those movies suck yet guys think they are hilarious. 

Okay getting off my soap box...LOL

What's okay and not okay with you this week?

Birthday Girls

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So I didn't get to post pics of Leah on her 2nd birthday because she hasn't had her birthday pics done yet....I will post them when she gets them done.  Also, I just realized I never got to post Marissa's bday pics because my sister hasn't given them to me yet...sigh.  So more birthday pics to

So anyways here are some birthday party pics....

Kaelyn's 3rd birthday
Nana & Papa got her a bike!

Leah's 2nd Birthday
Nana & Papa got her a bike too!

Leah's birthday party was at a water park
so here are some random pics of all my nieces...
Kaelyn & Leah

Marissa (isn't she tan!)


Kaelyn running in the back 
& Marissa with some friends.

Kaelyn & Marissa

Let me just say how funny these lil stinkers thought
it was to get me wet ... they would come up and hug
me so their wet bathing suits would soak my shirt =)

Beauty Bar Box vs. Birchbox

Monday, July 9, 2012

As you might remember (since I haven't posted anything about these in awhile) I receive a Birchbox each month.  It's a service where you pay a monthly fee of $10 for a monthly box of samples.  Well I heard about Beauty Bar Box basically the same thing but for $15 a month and I thought I would give it a try.  Well ... it was a bit disappointing.

a) Vincent Longo Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil

b) Borghese Tono Body Cream

c) vbeautévbeaute Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Creme

d) Jouer Cosmetics Luminizing Moisture Tint SPF 20

e) Sisley-Paris Hydra Globa Intense Anti-Aging Hydration
(sorry the print on the box didn't show up)

I guess it was just disappointing because I've already received (d) from Birchbox months ago and nothing seemed that great.  I mean a lip pencil...okay who cares and some creams doesn't seem like it is worth more than Birchbox.  
This Month's Box
This is my June box...okay nothing super spectacular
but I do love those band-aids.  

My June box had lip stain, bronzer, facial moisturizer with sunscreen and brightening masks.  The band-aids were a "treat" which each box comes with a special treat which sometimes is the best thing in the box.  

With Birchbox you receive points for reviewing the products and points when you order stuff. 100 points equals $10 and you get 10 points for each item you review.  Recently I cashed in 300 points and basically got a full sized product for free and only had to pay shipping.  

With Beauty Bar Box you receive a $15 off code for ordering stuff so each month you could save money if you want to purchase full size products you received and you can also rate the products with stars but you don't accumulate points so ... why rate stuff??

I think I will give Beauty Bar one more try ... if I think the next box is lame I am sticking with Birchbox.  Speaking of Birchbox my July box should be waiting for me in my mailbox.  I need to check my mail!!!

Have you tried Beauty Bar Box?
What did you get?  Anything good?
Do you like it over Birchbox and what do you think of Birchbox?
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