Birthday Girls

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So I didn't get to post pics of Leah on her 2nd birthday because she hasn't had her birthday pics done yet....I will post them when she gets them done.  Also, I just realized I never got to post Marissa's bday pics because my sister hasn't given them to me yet...sigh.  So more birthday pics to

So anyways here are some birthday party pics....

Kaelyn's 3rd birthday
Nana & Papa got her a bike!

Leah's 2nd Birthday
Nana & Papa got her a bike too!

Leah's birthday party was at a water park
so here are some random pics of all my nieces...
Kaelyn & Leah

Marissa (isn't she tan!)


Kaelyn running in the back 
& Marissa with some friends.

Kaelyn & Marissa

Let me just say how funny these lil stinkers thought
it was to get me wet ... they would come up and hug
me so their wet bathing suits would soak my shirt =)


  1. what a fun party! i have unsuccessfully made barbie/princess cakes like that one twice now. luckily for me, my daughter loved them both!

  2. Thanks. They had a blast at the waterpark. My sister has a friend who makes cakes. She's made us two Barbie cakes now. This one was supposed to be Rapunzel from Tangled.

    Thanks for commenting!

    ♥ Shia


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