It's Okay Thursday #19 Part Two

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A light bulb came on and I realized I had more stuff to say...I know me Shia with more to say...NEVER!!!

It's okay ...

that I've had to walk around with my shirt soaking wet like all day because I've only gotten like a million things on it.  Hello this shirt is the right shade of gray for TWO skirts I can't be taken out of rotation. Okay I tried to take a pic and it was just a boob shot ... hello can't post that so just take my word that the wet spot I have been sporting all day is horrible.  

that I've just been giving all the old perves I work with ANOTHER reason to stare at my boobs.  Awesome!

that I realized last night the skirt I wore yesterday states Dry Clean Only ~ what setting is that on my washer?? ~ cuz I'll bet you like a million dollars it never goes to the this magical place called the dry cleaners ~ yep you betcha ~ hanging right back up in my closet for next time.

to use LOL and LMAO after every sentence even if you are the only one LOLing and LYAO at what you are saying WHO CARES!  Live it up!!  Laugh it out and out loud and heck even roll on the floor if you have too...ROTFLMAO!

It's NOT okay ....

that a Tide pen for the aforementioned shirt smells like vomit.  Hello?  Tide smells good so why the heck does the Tide pen smell like vomit?  Anyone?

that I KNEW from using it before that it smelled like vomit but man....I can't have this shirt ruined!

that I feel like Part Two is way better than Part One ... what can I say ... it's crazy day over here in the World According to Shia!

Do you have a piece of clothing that goes with too much to lose?
How's your Thursday going?

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