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Monday, July 30, 2012

Okay so technically I am NOT Mellissa Rondinelli YET  ... I will be on September 20, 2012 ... is that seriously in like 51 days?  (but hey I am Mellissa aka Shia)  But come on totally not changing that later ... I'll have too many other things to change!

So anywho ... the email I had link to this account became corrupt ... so I am deleting it aka having to switch EVERYTHING.  So I went through all my followers and followed you on my new account.  Once I drop that other email ... you'll lose a follower but no worries ... I re-followed.  It's kinda like a tease ... I am quite aware.  If I missed you comment below ... and I will follow you - some peeps didn't have their blogs on their profile (tisk tisk ... naughty naughty).

Also, I am debating on changing my blog name and possibly moving to Word Press ... haven't had the courage to bite the bullet on these ... so for now I am still here at this address. 


  1. Oh is that what happened? Haha! I was like oh I thought she was already following me :-) Sucks about your email hon! xo

  2. Hi!

    So what went wrong with your email? Got pounded by thousands of spam? I know how frustrating it is to do it all over again :)

  3. Yes, I saw your new name on my followers list and wondered about that. When are you changing to Word Press? Doesn't that mean you lose all your Google Friend Connect followers? I thought about switching mine over to a .com but I heard you lose the GFC people. Let me know when you decide and how you went about it. Thanks!

  4. I was wondering about the name too...but it makes complete sense now and CONGRATS for almost being a Mrs.! :)

  5. I have thought about Wordpress... I thought about it before opening my blogger account but the designs and templates don't seem as easy as the blogger templates do.


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